Crysis 2 PS3 Demo - Crytek Has Only Itself To Blame

There are now two immensely visually disappointing demos for the game available, a sad state of affairs for a game that not long ago was the benchmark for shooters on a graphical front.

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RudeSole Devil2591d ago

They sure do, hope they delay the PS3 version and at least make it on par with the Xbox 360.

Pandamobile2591d ago

Yeah, cus they're going to delay it after it's gone gold and shipped to retailers...

MaxXAttaxX2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Improved performance? Yes.
But visually, why would they want to make it on par with the 360 version???

The PS3 version resembles the PC version a lot more closely than the 360.
PC and PS3 are very similar in brightness and contrast levels:
Exhibit A: http://www.videogameszone.d...
Exhibit B: http://www.videogameszone.d...
You'll notice that the 360 version is overly dark in shaded areas, hiding detail, and overly bright on certain light areas.
And I'm not just talking about Crysis 2.

Over-saturation and dark contrast ≠ better graphics. They're not really good visual attributes. But many people tend to not understand this when comparing.

milohighclub2590d ago

I'm enjoying the demo the graphics are pretty good, game plays awesome and the 3d is better than millions. people need to stop checking out screen comparisons and download the game.

Lich1202590d ago

Our eyes are fooled by high contrast colors. They seem better, even if they tended to be less realistic. Although, I am curious how the PC version would look more like the Xbox one since the PC and Xbox run will be running on the same graphics core (directX) with PS3 running on OpenGL. Not necessarily disagreeing but I find that odd.

Dee_912590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

the hitmarker is shit
that is all
its a fun game tho
mos def. buying
only graphical gurus ( seems lik this site is full of them)
can notice the graphical issues

but my god
its not that serious people

DaTruth2590d ago

Wish I could get in a game to see, but the damn servers won't let me!

Oh well, that's one $60 they lost!

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Aussiegamer2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Didn't they just show videos before that the ps3 version looks the same as the 360, that was of the release version of course not the demo.

We shall see though.

Am I the only one that hastes these pos opinion articles?

Inside_out2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

What a bunch of BS floating around right now on this demo looks beautiful and runs fine, assuming you have a good connection. This is the PS3 demo right here...

Just look at the details in this environment. Twisted metal, beautiful water effects, crushed boats, splintered wood and great lighting...seriously, what is wrong with the PS3 community...O_o

Pier 17 IMO looks better than Skyline BUT everyone wants to play Skyline because of the close quarter action...doesn't matter, they are both great.

richierich2590d ago

Please tell me you are joking

helrazor3432590d ago

Agreed, I tried the PSN demo myself and didn't think it looked bad, in fact I thought it looked pretty good. Can't comment on gameplay much, (cause frankly I got owned alot, what can I say - exploring) multiplayer demos don't do much for me. When available I'm more likely to be sold on the SP experience, cause to me if a game can't stand on its own, I won't bother (cause to me all MP feels roughly the same regardless of game, any difference from one game to the next to me are negligible).

xAlmostPro2590d ago

Honestly it's really not as bad as people are making out, people just kinda snowballed from the fact that somebody said it was sub-par HD by like 100 pixels or something..(i too was guilty of this before i even played the demo)

However the only actually downsides of the ps3 version are that the orbital strike causes major framerate issues, and a few connection issues here & there(sometimes it's tricky to find a game but not to bad i've had longer waits playing COD)..

Other than that it's pretty solid.

Graphically it's still good and has great lighting effects, however like the title says they only have themself to blame for the hate.. because they still said one thing and did another.

Rynx2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

ENOUGH with these Crysis articles.

So the first game was a graphical beast ON PC. ON PC!!!

Is anyone really surprised that they weren't going to deliver on consoles? ESPECIALLY on the PS3???

Honestly if you were surprised just stop gaming for this gen and wait patiently for the next one. Because obviously you haven't caught on to how it works this gen.

360 is easy to develop for, very similar to PC and PS3 is something different altogether. That's how this gen works! Come on people!

Crytek is not the first multiplat dev to claim to have optimized/maxed the PS3 and FAILED, and they sure as hell won't be the last. Stop given these guys attention already.

I mean seriously Crysis 2 news is dominating the top stories in the 24hrs section! And not because it's a great game or because it's revolutionary... noooo. It's only up there because gullible naive gamers are SURPRISED/UPSET that they can't get the PS3 version up to par, a PC dev for crying out loud!

Guys get it together, they aren't Naughty Dog, GG or Santa Monica Studios. If anyone of them made a game that wasn't better looking than a 360 game NOW THAT'S BIG NEWS. Not some inexperience dev on the PS3. It's sad how much attention this is getting.


This should have easily been looked as

"Crysis 2 doesn't deliver like they promised... oh well, moving right along. What's next in the release window for PS3.. Brink? Rage?"

RonRico2590d ago

At least you guys can get on. I've been trying to play this since Tues afternoon but there are connection issues.

ABizzel12590d ago

I for one knew this was going to happen.

When I went to GDC I saw the 360 version, and the PC version side by side, and they looked almost identical. The PC version has superior lighting effects, but other than that, there's little to any difference between the 2 version graphically. Of course you can run the PC version at a higher framerate and resolution, but that doesn't make the game look better.

But at GDC the PS3 version was missing, and now looking at it I see why. It's clear that the 360 was their platform of choice when designing Crysis 2. From a business standpoint that's fine, since shooters sell best on the 360, and the PC version had the leak and pirates were going to download the game anyway.

But as a developer you should put your best into all your work. Obviously CryEngine 3 isn't as multiplatfrom friendly as CryTech thought.

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plb2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Get rid of motion blur/bloom. Btw does it really look that bad on ps3? I haven't tried it yet but blops is pretty ugly too as are many other games. Is all this hate just because of high expectations from crytek?

BrianG2591d ago

I played both, and I'll tell you that they both looked and felt very similar to me. Both felt really unpolished.

But obviously if you play them side to side you will notice differences. But again, regardless of version, they both have pop in, texture loading, etc... Just not very solid demos.

Soldierone2590d ago

How the hell do i get online....It never finds a damn game and I want to play lol

milohighclub2590d ago

Yeah but the pop ons aren't really a problem it still looks beautiful and plays awesome, I was instantly hooked on it. People need thlo stop complaining its gonna be a brilliant game

xAlmostPro2590d ago

PS3 demo(played last night) was very nice looking.. still hasn't reached killzone 3 in console terms but as for the crysis 2 graphics they were actually good and the lighting effects are fantastic more so when you swim under water, you can see the ripples and rays etc.

SimplyKok2591d ago

This is the same comment that I have posted over at the other post. Firstly, I have to say that the PS3 demo disappoints me. It is below my expectations.

However, I have the privilege of playing a near final (or perhaps even final) build of crysis 2 last week at a EA showcase event. The build consists of the entire campaign, and I have played parts of it on the PS3 with 3D. From what I remember, the build that I have played in the event is MUCH better than the demo that I am playing right now. Even with the 3D, the game looks nowhere as blurry as what the demo now is. The framerate is also quite stable, didnt see much screen tearing as well.

I also have the chance of playing the Xbox 360 build at the event, and compared to the PS3, graphically wise, I think they are pretty much on par. However, with the 3D on the PS3 set, it is hard to give a clear comparison. One thing I noticed on the Xbox 360 set is that the framerate drops more frequently than the PS3, especially when barrels or cars explode.

I am still going ahead with my preorder, and I am somewhat confident that it will turn out better than the demo. If not, I will be selling it after playing through the single-player.