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Shut The F UP! Gratuitous Swearing In Games Growing

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Myopic Publishers "outcry" "PlayStation Network Bandwidth Fee"

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Eurogamer's X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Ten

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20° Conflict Denied Ops Review

2717d ago - Conflict Denied Ops is the next installment in the long running Conflict series. Its quite fittin... | 1,2,11,12

OXM: Conflict: Denied Ops Review

2717d ago - The first Conflict game on Xbox 360 is indeed a Denied Opportunity, a shooter that hasn't made a... | 1,2,12

GameTap Thursday: The Fire Flower Fleet Command Denied the Ops

2718d ago - GameTap brings you into conflict and then denies your operations this week with Conflict: Denied... | 12

Game Informer: Conflict: Denied Ops Review - Puts The 'Special' In Special Forces

2723d ago - Denied Ops ditches the third-person perspective and squad-based tactics used in previous Conflict... | 1,2

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Gametap: Conflict: Denied Ops Review

2733d ago - While it's never in good form to dismiss a game just for being a budget title, it's games like De... | 1,2,12

Jolt Review: Conflict: Denied Ops

2736d ago - If ever there was a game that demonstrated perfectly the trouble that Eidos are having right now,... | 1,2,12

Conflict Denied Ops Developer Diary

2738d ago - Eidos has released a video developer diary for Conflict Denied Ops. | 2,12

Gamespot reviews Conflict: Denied Ops (PC version)

2739d ago - For the fifth game in a series, Conflict: Denied Ops sure doesn't show any signs of evolution. Th... | 12

European PS Store updates for 28th February

2740d ago - PS3 Attitude: "It's officially the worst update on the European PS Store ever."... | 1

XboxOZ360 - Conflict: Denied Ops Review

2740d ago - dkpatriarch (David Hilton) of XboxOZ360 Weblog says the game's co-op feature is a lot of fun, but... | 2,8

PX360: Conflict: Denied Ops Review

2741d ago - Just because the 360 is known as the 'shooter console' does not mean gamers want every plain-Jane... | 1, 2, 12

Totally360 reviews Conflict: Denied Ops

2742d ago - Conflict Denied Ops is the fifth game from the Conflict franchise and developed by Pivotal Games... | 2


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Conflict: Denied Ops PS3 gets 4.5, X360 5.5/10 from 1UP

2742d ago - One trend that is currently all too familiar in game development (and according to EGM #226, shou... | 1,2

Play Digital - Conflict: Denied Ops - Video Review

2742d ago - This is yet another next-gen first person shooter with what can be generously described as squad-... | 1, 2, 12

GamerNode reviews Conflict: Denied Ops

2743d ago - Conflict: Denied Ops is a cookie cutter FPS game which uses dough well past its expiration date.... | 1,2,12

CheatCC Review: Conflict: Denied Ops - Skip This Tour of Duty

2748d ago - CheatCC writes: "The Conflict series is on quite a long run. Developer Pivotal Games issued... | 1,2,12
10° reviews Conflict: Denied Ops

2748d ago - Conflict Denied Ops is a mess of a game in all senses of the term. Its gameplay is at least one g... | 1,2,12

Conflict: Denied Ops

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