PSM3 reviews Conflict: Denied Ops - 'not even for Conflict nuts'

You know something has gone properly wrong with Denied Ops during the level in which you're mowing down swathes of terrorists in Rwanda. They're black and, if you're playing as Lang, so are you - but this doesn't stop them yelling "I will kill you, whitey!" Oh, dear.

That's only a small flaw, yes, but this new Conflict is ridden with small flaws that eventually come to define the experience. Denied Ops, as you may know, dispenses with the four-man squad shooter dynamic, replacing it with an FPS in which you control two army blokes - Graves and Lang - and near-enough does away with the strategy of old.

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Rama262853838d ago

I wonder how developers feel when they've spent all this time and money on a game and it turns out like this. Surely someone, at some point, must stop and say "this aint good, we need to do this...and that".

Exhaust3838d ago

I don't understand these developers that strip away everything that made the franchise unique then wonder why it flopped.

This game and Turok are great examples. Lets take everything that made Turok unique and make him a generic space marine with dinos. Generic FPS these days equals DEATH. This isn't 2001 anymore. The bar has been RAISED by games like COD4, UT3 and Halo3. If you don't offer something unique its automatic pass over for me.

mighty_douche3838d ago

Anyone who played the demo will steer well clear of this...

Im surprised that people even get funding to make crap like this.

Skerj3838d ago

Yeah that continues to elude me, maybe they go in with the game proposal like con men or make it sound like the best thing ever.

LastDance3838d ago

I lovvved the desrt storm games. especially 2 players that was awsome.

This game SUCKS so bad you actually have to play it to see how absolutly terrible it is.

Horrible game. They messed up real bad. T

This goes right next to Empire earth 3.

blacsheep3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

is a sad flaw in society and we dont need it in games!

bumnut3838d ago

at least its better than earth defense force and hour of victory

Silverwolf3838d ago

more time downloading the game than playing it. Three minutes with the demo was enough for me to call it crap and delete.

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The story is too old to be commented.