Hilarious trailer for Conflict: Denied Ops (Includes nudity)

Totally 360 have just come across this hilarious trailer for Conflict: Denied Ops promoting the release of the game...

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vortteexx3721d ago

that video was better than the whole game.

pwnsause3721d ago

so I guess thats the way to sell crappy games right?

wageslave3721d ago

Its just a funny joke.

In places outside the USA, the American Taliban doesnt keep women's nipples off Television.

Not a big deal. Oh, and she had nice guns.

pwnsause3721d ago

wageslave, this has nothing to do with nationality nor the difference between advertising here and advertising outside the US. look at the game, then look at the ad. something wrong here doesnt it? If you played the game, you would know that its trash. I know its a funny commercial, but as I said, it makes perfect sense why they had to resort to show tits and Ass there.


LOL ! Funny, but I still won't buy the game after playing the demo....

Unless the stripper is gonna make a personal delivery...

ravinash3721d ago

It wouldn't make any difference if she appeared in the game, the lack of textures, she would look like a pink blob.

Mr PS33721d ago

Found this funny
They have never seen a pair of Titties before

heyheyhey3721d ago

well porn is one way to entice customers

another is crying plastic babies...... oh no wait a second

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The story is too old to be commented.