XBOX Live Marketplace Update (3rd February 2008*)

*It's a bit late but all the content is still available to download.

Here is Sunday 3rd February's XBOX Live Marketplace Update:

Conflict: Denied Ops Theme Pack 2
Price: 150 MS Points

Conflict: Denied Ops Launch Trailer
Price: Free

Conflict: Denied Ops Gamer Picture Pack 2
Price: 100 MS Points

Condemned 2 Game Trailer
Price: Free

All of the above are available everywhere except Germany. Will you be downloading any of the above content?

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DarkSniper3760d ago

With Playstation Home coming closer to it's release date, it seems that XBOX Live is becoming more stagnant and dull with their content. Has Microsoft finally run out of fuel to compete with PLAYSTATION® 3?

Dark Sniper thinks so.


DarkSniiper3760d ago

The PofS3 cant stand a chance to make it this gen and Home is so Homo.

Xbox 360 FTW!!!


Rocko3760d ago

Your pathetic, the droid version of Zhuk. At least hes funny, your just sad.

monkey6023760d ago

Will you be downloading any of the above content? Hell no it's all scrap.

Does anybody else think they ruined Conflict by making it another generic FPS? The past games rocked (except Vietnam)

sak5003760d ago

Good thing you're on ignore. I dont want to waste 10 secs reading ur idiotic rants.

DarkSniper3760d ago

99 other users feel the exact same way about you.


DarkSniiper3760d ago

wait what friends, I live under a rock with no friends. I want to be your friend, bubbles to you my new friend!


EastCoastSB3760d ago

Yay, let's pay for pictures of a horrible game!


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