Conflict: Denied Ops Preview - Gamer 2.0

Joshua Schwartzman of Gamer 2.0 writes, "Conflict: Denied Ops is a tough game to judge. On one hand it creates a fully realistic warfare situation with tactical espionage action, but on the other it looks and feels like a game fueled by naughty language and bizarre shooting mechanics, something you would not normally witness together in a well defined shooter. It's an unusual concept, and one that surely may not work in the eyes of many people."

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sak5003721d ago

Jeez, with games like Gears, COD4, RFOM, Bio etc and we still get turds like this. I would suggest to publishers to make it mandatory for devs to play atleast COD4 if they are to make any fps game.

This game would have looked good in early 2000 on ps2 and xbox.

Cartesian3D3721d ago

aweful animations and sound effects.. poor lighting and character models..

anyway I like distructible environment.. but its not enough to pay 60 bucks .

completely agree with u .. they MUST PLAY COD4,Gears,RFoM,Bioshock or atleast COD2 lol ..

AnthonyPerez3721d ago

Well at least in that sense the writer addresses it instead of being optimistic.

"Denied Ops looks to create a futuristic style of fighting, but much of the game seems to be stuck in the past. The concept is great, but the lack of weapon management and structure coupled with uninspired visuals might turn some fans of shooters away with its generic style of gameplay."

marcindpol3721d ago

this game is pure crap, deleted it within few minuts of playing!


MattFoley3720d ago

Totally agree. this game is horrible. Frontlines on the other hand looks really good. Then again there are far to many war games out.

mistertwoturbo3720d ago

Sometimes I ponder, do some of these developers live under a rock? Have they not ever in they're life heard of Halo or Call of Duty? And what I don't get is why do the publishers approve of such crappy games like this. Do they really think "Yes this is the next big thing next to Call of Duty. Approved!"