Conflict: Denied Ops Demo now available on Xbox Live

A demo for Conflict: Denied Ops is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for your downloading pleasure. Below are the details concerning the demo, brought to you by Major Nelson:

Content: Conflict: Denied Ops Single Player and 2 player Co-op Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Germany and Japan
Dash Text: [ESRB: M (Mature) BLOOD,DRUG REFERENCE,STRONG LANGUAGE,VIOLENCE] Play the single player and 2 player co-op demo of Conflict: Denied Ops! Conflict: Denied Ops puts you in command of two hardened CIA paramilitary operatives in intense missions set across South America, Africa and Siberia. Experience ruthless real-world action. Go loud, go stealthy. Switch between your two-man squad under intense crossfire or join a buddy in the 2 player online & split screen co-op campaign. Take cover as your surroundings are blown to pieces in massively destructible environments featuring Puncture Tech.
Size: 736.21 MB

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MK_Red3824d ago

Anyone tried it yet? The earlier previews were rather negatives and some said it's gonna end up like a bad combination of Soldier of Forture Payback and Kane & Lynch (Both not so good games).

eLiNeS3824d ago

Don't waste your time with this one people!

MK_Red3824d ago

Thanks for the answer.

Looks like a must try for me, I love trying crappy games like Vampire Rain and Hour of Victory. A lot of them turn out to be unplayable but few turn out to be good for a laugh or two (Like Vampire).

mesh13824d ago

cant be as bad as devil may cry that game looks and plays terrible

antoinetm3824d ago

IMO its better than turok.

its like COd4 meets Army of two on the PS2

but i was expecting it to be worse than it really is.

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mullet3824d ago

Don't even bother downloading this trash, people. It is truly awful.

VaeVictus3824d ago

I thought I was playing a bad launch PS2 title.

Ju3824d ago

The visuals are bad, I agree, or lets say not on todays standard. But the game is fun to play. I like the weapons and the cooperative mode is nice. The whole environment is destructible, you can shoot pretty much everything. Teamwork is nice, too. You can switch the player and can heal each other. The coop multiplayer mode works nice in the demo, lag free. It should not cost more then $29, though. The cut scenes are like a B movie :) Gives you some good laughs.

mighty_douche3824d ago

Got it off PSN yesterday, its cack!

But, hell, might as well download it anyway, you paid for it.


i don't know, from what i saw of the vid docs and interviews, i don't even know if i want to waste those minuets of my life downloading the thing.

they were horrible. it just looks like another rubbish fps, like all the other rubbish fps popping up every month.

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The story is too old to be commented.