Conflict: Denied Ops PS3 gets 4.5, X360 5.5/10 from 1UP

One trend that is currently all too familiar in game development (and according to EGM #226, should change soon), is leading development on the Xbox 360 and porting the title over to the PlayStation 3, resulting in unsatisfying visuals. Screen tearing, dropped framerates, poor antialiasing, and muddy and sometimes nonexistent textures plague the PS3 version so heavily that 1UP knocked off an entire point from the score. Aim down the barrel of Lang's LMG in the 360 version and you'll notice the numbers on the calibration dial of his sights. In the PS3 version, they're merely white smudges, and what's worse, parts of the gun glitch out. To compensate, it looks like the developers turned up the PS3's bloom lighting effects to 11.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3947d ago

Why do PS3 games always have bad lighting?

Here comes the anti 1up squad.

Bathyj3947d ago

Because a game that crap on Xbox isn't suddenly going to become good on PS3. Photocopy a blurry photo and you'll only get a worse version. How come 1st party on PS3 are the best looking games around?

godofthunder103947d ago

all this talk about the ps3 games are worst then the ps3 games is because it's ported from a (crapy system) like a ps3 fan calls the 360 is just plain stupid.
it's people like him that just doesn't understand a damn thing all he understand is that the ps3 is the greatest thing on earth because he have one,hell he can't even admit what the programers said,hell the programers already said that the 360 does some things better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some things better then the 360 and that's a fact not some fanboy talk like he's posting.
i like to know why does a system that a person doesn't have has to do with them.they act as if they will get paid or get free games just to act like kids saying my system is better then your system,hell it's just like when i was in 2nd or 3rd grade when we use to say that my daddy can beat up your daddy,it's the same damn thing and it's just childish.
the truth is that the ps3 and 360 are both damn good systems with good games.the 360 and ps3 both have good exclusives and bad ones but about %95 of the games are on both systems. i know that the ps3 hasn't reached it's full pertention yet but the 360 didn't either and that's a fact,the only thing that the programers said was the disc space on some games are problems.
fanboys are also saying that that the 360 is last gen because it have a dvd9 drive in it.the truth is that microsoft was smart when they didn't put the hd or br drive in it because it would've been to expensive.i know that some 360 games need more then 1 disc but i'm not that damn lazy that i can't get up and change it.another thing the 360 been out going on 3 years and about %97 of the games only need 1 disc,so why should i pay an extra $200 to $300 for something i don't really need now.
like i said the 360 been out going on 3 years and microsoft said that in it's 5th year they will release a new 360 and it will be more powerful then the ps3 and then all the people that talk trash and act like kids will have to eat their own words.fanboys from both sides like to claim that their system is stronger,but i've read some magazines and they said that the ps3 is stronger but not enough to make a big difference they also said that some people want even be able to tell.they said that the reason for it is because of the way they were built.
ps3 fanboys are already saying that sony want let microsoft use br or they will charge them a lot more then other companies to use can't say who could or can't use br because they have companies that all own an equal share but sony is the one with the name to push it another thing just think about when sony went to war with vhs when they came out with beta and all the other format wars that they lost,sony still used the winning formats.just look at dvds and cds their isn't one company on them that say they own it the only thing that's written on them is the name of the company that put the cd or dvd out,hell i bet that the majority of people can't even name the company that pushed the formats when they were at war with sony.
what ps3 fanboys doesn't understand is that microsoft is a software campany and they could just do with out hardware and it want even hurt them.on the other hand sony is a hardware company and almost all their products have at least 1 of microsoft programes in it,for exsample computers,camers and most of the other products that sony puts out,so stop and think who needs who more.
i don't understand why people get mad when a game come out on both system,hell they want lose a damn thing but every one will be able to enjoy the game,hell i wish that every game was on every system so every one could enjoy them.the people that gets mad over this is just acting an ass because it doesn't concern them one bit,the only thing that they should worry about is if the game is on their system and if it's on the othjer system it shouldn't bother them one bit because it want do them a damn thing,it will just let every one play the game.
fanboys from both sides need to stop all of this stupid,childish fighting over who have the better system because they are both damn good systems with good games.the truth is that microsoft and sony doesn't give a sh*t about them,hell they will lie just to sell their products to them,hell they both lied already to us.all the fanboys need to stop worring about the system they don't have because it doesn't concern them.they need to just enjoy their systems and games and not even worry about the other system because they are here for people to enjoy not fight over them like kids and like it or not the ps3 and xbox is here to stay as long as people want to play video games.

cRaZyLeGs 933947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

lol! The PS3 is the greatest thing on earth! There is more to life.
The game sucks anyway.

SUP3R3947d ago

You kind of contradicted yourself in that extremely long unnecessary post, but I guess having one bubble is like taking a deep breath and saying everything you want in one go.

However, early in your post you said that Microsoft doesn't need HD drives in their systems because most games still use only 1 DVD, but later said that the next xbox will have BD.....sooooo if Microsoft doesn't need it, then they should stick to DVD's for their next system right? This is according to you of course. I'm just seeking clarification on that and how will it work in the future.

I know you can't reply, but I just wanted to point that out.

Capt CHAOS3946d ago

Sheesh, what a waste of time..

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prunchess3947d ago

Another sh!tty port I wont be buying. You would think that game developers would have copped on by now. How well did Devil May Cry do? Proof that if you put the effort in you'll get the cash back.

mistertwoturbo3947d ago

uhh, crappy port or not. it's a crappy game to begin with. so a crappy game with a crappy port = super crap game.

ravinash3947d ago

Its obvious that the people who made this game were running a bit short on talent, so why be surprised if they couldn't port it either.

BeaArthur3947d ago

I played this demo for about 5 minutes, it doesn't matter what system you play it on the game is garbage and the developers should be embarassed.

Fishy Fingers3947d ago

Not surprised, having played the demo on both systems its obvious that the developers are very unskilled so it makes sense they'd have trouble with the "more difficult" system.

But please fanboys, lets not act as if this game was the second coming, its crap on either machine and your money would be much wiser spent on anything else.

Animal Mutha 763947d ago

Totally agree.

We know both systems can do great multi such as COD4. This is not a reflection on the hardware of PS360 just another illustration of devs not investing the time and money on PS3.

If the game was identical on both formats at least you could say - well its a crap game but at least the dev made the effort to programme the PS3.

The fact its crap makes it all the worse.

You can't polish a turd...

diatom3947d ago

The developer should have put all the waisted effort porting the thing to make the game at least decent on one platform. They made a half ass game then a half ass port. I guess that makes the PS3 version quarter-ass.

Anyone who buys this game needs to be beaten, but then if you buy both versions and glue them together you will have a perfect 10!

LocustGR3947d ago

This game sucks on 360, as well on PS3.


On future games, PS3 will be lead platform and this is a good thing for both consoles.
More $$$+More efforts = better games for us.

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