European PS Store updates for 28th February

PS3 Attitude:

"It's officially the worst update on the European PS Store ever."

Two videos are all that have appeared on the PS Store thus far - surely that can't be it for today? Can it?


The PS Store still only shows two videos - looks like this is it for the day.

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paul_war3943d ago

There has to be more comming .... there just has to be...

Winter47th3943d ago

Whoever's responsible for those EU PSN updates should be fired, and shot..not particularly in that order, but something has to be done, the latest updates were nothing but shameful.

pandabear3943d ago

No, surely not - not possible - thats it???? Nooooooooooooo

That is just horrendous - just ruined my day - c'mon USA cheer me up :-)

EHILL3943d ago

This is firmly why I believe Sony should scrap the whole weekly update idea. People will cry and moan every week when they don't get what they're looking for. The PS store is basically a wasteland for the remainder of the week seeing theres no point in visiting it if theres no new content.

Sony could benefit from releasing videos one day, demos other days, theme packs..etc...other days. In my opinion it would slow down the intense criticism of the lack of the content. Once Sony gets a balance of the online content world, they could then switch back to the once a week updates.

Neurotoxin3943d ago

Lol... Looks like i`ll be waiting and hoping for something worth downloading on the US Update..... AGAIN!

Fishy Fingers3943d ago

Another usually week, im UK but pay more attention to the US.

Hapimeses3943d ago

That had better not be it. Utter pants as far as new content goes. Not cool.

TheHater3943d ago

What the hell? How come the European store is updated so early? this has to be fake. Can anyone check to confirm this.

Sangria3943d ago

I checked, and it's right. A Haze video and a Conflict Denied Ops video :(
I really hoped something good for EU store 'cause i'm so boring and... nothing.

DolphGB3943d ago

1. We don't do rumours, fake stories or nonsense at PS3 Attitude
2. The European store is regularly updated around 11:00 - 13:00 - I saw these updates around midday, which is consistent with recent weeks.

TheHater3943d ago

thanks dude. Well that update sucked. I hope the US one is better

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The story is too old to be commented.