Conflict: Denied Ops - Msxbox-World review

Msxbox-World writes: "It's true that not every game can be a AAA title, but when games are released that are as poorly crafted as this one, then the mind boggles as to what Eidos are thinking, and more important what the developers are thinking producing a game that clearly belongs in a time and place best forgotten."

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Whoooop3751d ago

I think LAIR might have a contender...


PS: Prior owner of LAIR right here... Just in case

MK_Red3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Lair was a stunning looking game with different gameplay but horrible controls and bad level design.

This Conflict is a horribly ugly looking game with gameplay like every other military FPS ALONG with horrible controls and bad level design.

Also, Lair was heavily hype and was supposed to be a huge killer app but failed while this game (Denied Ops) looked bad from day one and nobody was surprised by the low scores.
If anything, this is a contender for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.

Kleptic3750d ago

after trying the demo for this game, I literally thought it was not going to be released until 2009...the whole time I was thinking "I guess its cool that they gave us a demo of such an early build"...

then I found out it was shipping that week...worst game of this generation, bar none...assuming the demo tells the whole story, meaning there is nothing better visually, sound-wise, etc....

LastDance3750d ago

yeah I played the full game at a shop. Man i think you have to give it a shot just to see how ugly it looks. The gameplay is horrrrrible and the level design just adds to all the cons.

I wish they made another desert storm. Oh well.

spandexxking3751d ago

this game enrages me. conflict was never about graphics but this iteration has left me dumbfounded in how they went backwards with the graphics

kingme713751d ago

I didn't think the demo was that horrible. It looked rather mundane and forgettable, but not a 3.5. Oh well, wasn't really considering it anyway.

Lotto3751d ago

I wouldnt be surprised if this got a 9 from Gamespot

Kleptic3750d ago

haha funny you mentioned that...they have had a front page background ad for Denied Ops all week...

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The story is too old to be commented.