Most Anticipated First-Person Shooters of 2008 for Xbox 360

It's easy to look back on all the great games that have come out in 2007-and there were so many topnotch titles this year-but at a time when we're about to take down the current calendar and put up a new one, the staff at TeamXbox also likes to look ahead to what's upcoming for the different genre categories in the next 12 months.

Games include:

Battlefield: Bad Company.
Conflict: Denied Ops.
Frontlines: Fuel of War.
Legendary: The Box.

And Haze?.

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Sez 3877d ago

i looking forward to most of the games on the list. except haze. let the ps3 keep that sh*t.(IMO)

karlostomy3877d ago

i hope you are right dude.

Lately they have been spending time making CGI movies and touching up screenshots rather than finishing the game... and before you disagree, that is actually true!

Can we expect KZ2 in 2008? i hope so

ry-guy3877d ago

I do not understand why Killzone 2 is being touted as this awesome AAA FPS that is going to redefine the genre and kill any FPS before it.

Killzone 1 was a mediocore game at best receiving mixed reviews (Metacritic: 70). I would be extremely surprised if Killzone 2 makes a solid (Metacritic 80+) game. Perhaps until we get that open Beta we'll know a bit more before we start placing the crown on its head.

Out of the games listed I'm most excited about is Legendary: The Box. However, "Project Offset" has just jumped onto my 'watch list'.

richie007bond3877d ago

yEAH just in ur own little world

TheXgamerLive3877d ago

As much hype that sony and company have been saying about KZ2 for almost 4 years now, when it finally does come out, it sure as hell better be a top notch game or think about this.
If it's not matching up to all the hype they've placed upon it, then sony and the PS3 will suffer great ridicule and become a great laughing stock, so yes it sure as hell better be tops.

Saying 200 plus people on it, and $$$$$$$ dollars being spent on it, it better be what you think it will or else sony goes down.

ravinshield3877d ago

what makes you think the Killzone 2 will be any good, the first one sucked balls, the graphics were terrible and omg there hundreds if not millions of jaggies in that was just annoying.

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predator3877d ago

most of these games look good, i have high hopes now for turok after reading some of the previews and watching some of the videos.

boi3877d ago

but Turok im most looking forward to on the 360. Hope it brings back memories :D

predator3877d ago

agreed, i might buy haze for the ps3, depending if it comes out ok and its deffenly not coming out for the 360 but turok really has my eye at the mo.

MK_Red3877d ago

I don't have much faith in Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Conflict: Denied Ops and don't consider than "Most anticipated". Rest is solid though.

predator3877d ago

to be honest mk, this is only a 360 list, beside all that is mentioned i dont think there is any other FPS for the 360 unless Rare suprise us and brings out Perfect Dark 2 (which i doubt), next year is the year of platform and rpg for the 360 which is a nice change,

Alan wake leading the way

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