This Months Official Playstation magazine UK reviews

How did Devil may cry and Lost planet fare in the march Issue of Official playstation magazine uk. Read on to find out.

Also reviewed

Condemned 2
Fifa Street 3
Conflict Denied Ops
High Velocity Bowling

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timmyp533507d ago

the reviews shouldn't be too bad either.

ruibing3507d ago

I'll get it as long as they did a good port. Else there are just too many other games available.

bOOmStiCK3507d ago

When is Condemned 2 coming out in Europe?

resistance1003507d ago

According to OPMuk 14march

MK_Red3507d ago

WTF!? Same score for both Turok and that crappy Conflict game? Seriously stupid and unfair. Turok is no BioShock or COD4 but it's a solid FPS with good graphics and controls which at least has dinosaurs.
Conflict is a ugly looking game with bad controls and absoluty nothing new.

bOOmStiCK3507d ago

Turok might be standard shooting but Conflict was really sh*tty. That game felt like a late nineties shooter. Turok is rather basic too but at least it looks and feels like a PS3/X360 game.

Relcom3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

Turok is at least fun. Conflict got deleated after about 5 min of gameplay in the demo. terrible game.

I didn't like there review of high velocity bowling either, its at least a 7 or 8. not a 6.

Ri0tSquad3507d ago

I didn't even know Condemned 2 was finished. I thought the game was still in beta.

bOOmStiCK3507d ago

That's why I asked for it's releasedate I thought this game was coming out in 2-3 months but not this soon. We hardly got to see any footage except for the footage blowout last week.

jackdoe3507d ago

Condemned 2 is coming out in March. So one month.

cokzilla233507d ago

when is lost planet due?

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