How to Find and Kill Factory Strider in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 image of a walking Factory Strider

A huge Automaton machine started protecting bot bases and it is called a Factory Strider. This article will explain how to find and kill Factory Strider in Helldivers 2.

Arrowhead Game Studios are known to secretly add more content to Helldivers 2. That is how we got flying Terminids, sneakily added with the Patch. On April 02, we saw the release of Patch 01.000.200 which mostly dealt with weapon balances. But that was not all. Since then, players fighting on high-difficulty missions on Automaton planets started seeing a new threat in the form of a giant quadripedal walker, named Factory Striders. On that note, read on to see how to find and kill Factory Strider in Helldivers 2.

How to Find Factory Strider in Helldivers 2

Factory Striders are protecting the Automaton bases and, naturally, can only be found on Automaton planets. You can find them on the western side of the Galaxy map, in the red sectors.

What Difficulty Does Factory Strider Spawn on?

You’ll start seeing Factory Striders on Suicide Mission difficulty and higher. So, choose difficulty seven or higher, and drop on any Automaton-controlled planet and if luck is on your side, you may encounter a Factory Strider.

What Are Factory Striders

Factory Strider is a huge four-legged walker, undoubtedly inspired by the Imperial AT-AT walkers from the Star Wars universe. As already said, they have four legs, large bodies, and a smaller head. The Strider’s head has a lot of laser Gatling turrets and it has a huge cannon on its back. They are currently dubbed as the most durable enemy in Helldivers 2.

And that is not all. It has a “door” on its belly from which more Automaton Devastators are spawned.

Where to Find Factory Strider

Factory Striders are found protecting some larger Outposts. But, since the latest update, a Dropship can also deliver them during a Bot Drop.

How to Kill Factory Striders in Helldivers 2

Factory Striders are a fairly new addition to the game, and how to deal with them effectively is still a mystery. It is safe to assume that it will take a lot of direct hits to destroy one, and only the strongest anti-tank weapons will be effective. Weapons like Quasar Cannon, Expendable Anti-Tank, Spear, etc.

Helldivers 2 image of a destroyed Factory Strider
Image via N4G Unlocked

Weak Spots

On the subject of weak spots, the community found out that there are a couple of them. The first one is to shoot “between the eyes”. There is a small, horizontal gap on the front of the Strider’s head, that can be damaged with Medium Armor Penetrating weapons. Another weak spot is the leg joint, ie, the space between the leg armor and its knee. Blast this spot to make the Factory Strider topple over, destroying it in the process.

Destroying Its Weapons

The Gatling lasers and the cannon on its back can be destroyed. The Spear is quite effective in destroying the cannon, as it will lock into it from afar while keeping you safe. The Gatling lasers on its head can be destroyed by Medium Armor Penetrating weapons, as well as heavy Support Weapons. Destroying the cannon will deal some damage to the Strider itself.


As for orbitals, the usual batch of Railcannon Strike, Orbital Laser, and 500kg Bomb will do. But, it will take more than one hit from those to destroy the Factory Strider. Make sure that the whole squad uses their strongest orbitals since there is hardly a better target for them.

The Autocannon and Missle Sentry are also effective against Factory Striders.

As a bonus, dropping a Hellpod on it will do some damage. If you are being reinforced and you drop on it, it is a great way to be on its back. Then you can drop orbitals directly on the Strider, or maybe shoot at its head or neck. Just remember to jump to safety if you call in an orbital, although it is a long way down.

Factory Striders are a new addition to Helldivers 2, and we will update this article as more info is revealed. For more on HD2, check out How to Get and Use the MP-98 Knight, How to Get and Use the AC-8 Autocannon, and What Is the Current Major Order and Reward.


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