Helldivers 2 Best Secondary Weapons Tier List

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the loadout screen with secondary weapons highlighted

Wondering what pistol is the best in the game? Check out our best Secondary Weapons tier list for Helldivers 2.

There are so many options for your mission Loadout in Helldivers 2. The game revolves around your Primary Weapon, Support Weapons, and Stratagems, but sometimes, a good Secondary can keep you alive. Sadly, there are not many pistols to choose from, at least for now. But, despite that, we have compiled our tier list of the best Secondary Weapons in Helldivers 2.

Best Secondary Weapons Tier List in Helldivers 2

Secondary Weapons are predominantly used to dispatch wounded or weak enemies quickly. Also, due to all of them being one-handed, they are perfect for shooting while running away. For this list, we have focused on their ability to do all of that. For a gun to be ranked high, it has to be able to dispatch enemies quickly and keep you alive until you’re safe enough to switch back to your primary.

S Tier

There is no S Tier, for now, because not a single Secondary Weapon fulfills the criteria without at least one serious drawback. 

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A Tier

  • P-19 Redeemer
  • GP-31 Grenade Pistol

B Tier

  • P-2 Peacemaker
  • LAS-7 Dagger

C Tier

  • P-4 Senator

A Tier

P-19 Redeemer

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the Redeemer pistol
Image via N4G Unlocked
  • Damage: 60
  • Capacity: 031
  • Recoil: 011
  • Fire Rate: 1100
  • Weapon Traits: One-Handed, Light Armor Penetrating

The Redeemer is an “uzi” of Helldivers 2 and arguably the best of all Pistols. It has the same damage as the standard Peacemaker but with less Recoil and a huge increase in the Fire Rate. It will mow down weaker enemies in no time. But, this is also a drawback, as the high rate of fire means you’ll empty your clips pretty fast, and may end up with an empty Secondary before you get the chance to regroup.

GP-31 Grenade Pistol

Helldivers 2 image of the Granade Pistol
Image via N4G Unlocked
  • Damage: 600
  • Capacity: 001
  • Recoil: 043
  • Fire Rate: 900
  • Weapon Traits: One-Handed, Explosive

The Grenade Pistol is the new favorite. Your secondaries are last resort weapons and it is likely that you will never even use one during a mission. It is more often that you will be out of grenades when closing Bug Holes and Bot Fabricators, and are lacking some explosive weapons. This is where the Grenade Pistol shines. You can happily use your Grenades during a fight, without worrying that you’ll have no way to close those spawning objects. Where the Grenade Pistol is lacking is the ammo capacity, making it less than ideal for dealing with constant enemy waves.

B Tier

P-2 Peacemaker

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the Peacemaker pistol
Image via N4G Unlocked
  • Damage: 60
  • Capacity: 015
  • Recoil: 023
  • Fire Rate: 900
  • Weapon Traits:  One-Handed, Light Armor Penetrating

Peacemaker is the first Pistol you get in the game but that does not make it any worse than others. Rather, the Peacemaker is an awesome “middle ground” Secondary. It is good for placing those accurate shots pretty quickly, but the high recoil means you have to control it better than the rest, especially while running away.

LAS-7 Dagger

  • Damage: 150
  • Capacity: 005
  • Recoil: 001
  • Fire Rate: /
  • Weapon Traits: One-Handed, Light Armor Penetrating, Beam, Heat

LAS-7 Dagger is the only energy-based Secondary in the game, available for purchase in the Cutting Edge Warbond. But, practice has shown that it does not deal enough damage quickly enough to make it a great choice. It has a short “heat up” period, making it less than ideal in a pinch. But, it’s almost limitless ammo and the beam makes it great when shooting while retreating. 

C Tier

P-4 Senator

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the Senator pistol
Image via N4G Unlocked
  • Damage: 150
  • Capacity: 006
  • Recoil: 043
  • Fire Rate: 200
  • Weapon Traits: One-Handed, Light Armor Penetrating, Rounds Reload 

The Senator is a revolver, available in Steeled Veterans Warbond. It deals great damage with every shot, but, its low Fire Rate, clip size, and reload time are why it is at the bottom of the list. Rounds Reload is great for conserving ammo, but horrible if you need to change your clip fast. 

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