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I don't think it would be unfair since most JRPG localizations take more than a few months to release after their JP release. I'm not really doubting them, but history shows that typically it takes a while haha. Regardless, excited for the game and can't wait to play it.

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I'm okay with this actually. I'd rather them talk about mobile and NX closer to their releases. The WiiU and 3DS have some awesome games coming out this year. Localizations for Bravely Second and The Great Ace Attorney as well as some english gameplay for Xenoblade X would be nice.

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2015 for US too?! Awesome! I was expecting April or May 2016.

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Yeah seriously. The game had some very interesting ideas but every time they talked about it after the initial announcement I was like "Eh."

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NO! OPINIONS ARE FACTS SO MY OPINION MEANS THAT YOU MAY NOT DISLIKE THIS GAME!... Really though different strokes for different blokes. Not everyone is gonna like everything :P I actually think controls take a bit of getting used too but are actually pretty solid, especially the motion controls. They felt way better than I thought they would.

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The list goes on and on...

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Well it's good to see that they have no problem profiting from MGS despite all the recent Kojima and Silent Hills issues...

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I mean... maybe Doom 4? But even still, Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2 are pretty high on people's hopes lists. Maybe just show off a logo or something and just be like: "We don't have any gameplay or trailers ready to show you but it's happening and it's being worked on as we speak."

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Vesperia's PS3 version coming to the west, and on PC, would be amazing. But Bamco US has been pretty "NO VEPS3RIA FOR AMERICANS OR EUROPEANS!" so I doubt that'll be showing up soon.

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That's a good and bad thing. Bad cuz I want one for Call, and good because my wallet couldn't handle it.

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Kinda wish the 4-friend online team mode was available at launch but near-weekly updates is really cool. Excited to see all the new stages and weapons.

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The absolute scariest [email protected]$(ing thing...

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Top comment. So perfect.

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Oh man I totally forgot about the direct. Assuming this rumor is true, no Inkling for Smash 4 DLC? What a 'squidered' opportunity.

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I know I'm getting a WiiU version because money is hard to get so I only have a WiiU :P

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a WW release for every game ever would be great haha. The spoilers the internet spews out when a game launches somewhere first can ruin a game. Especially narrative games like FF.

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Hey guys let's take it easy on him. Everyone is entitled to an opinion... Even if it is wrong.

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Well that's good. Then I guess some info about the game is all I'm hoping for now.

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Burn baby burn! Conspiracy Theory!

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That's kind of disappointing. I hope we at least get a small trailer and a small bit of new info like a new location or something.

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