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Why not?... i guess...

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My wallet sure is gunna take a beating...

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you would think even with friends would be an option? :\

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Im gunna say now before the haters flow in, even if this confirms the roster leak, i love this roster. its huge and diverse for the most part. This Smash is gunna rock even if there are clones. People complain about the clones in this game but Melee was clone central. Lucina for example is just the kind of clone i like where the mechanics actually change the entire playstyle for a character. I always loved Marth's playstyle but could never main him because of that "sword point" ...

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From what i gather AKB48, while popular, is a lot the Justin Bieber of Japan. You either REALLY HATE THEM, or REALLY LOVE THEM. So i think this is one of those "vocal haters getting attention" deals.

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This is amazing XD

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Now i havent played Titanfall... but wouldnt that be like... An Army-free Warriors game? Or a Persona-free Persona game? Or a Jump-free Mario game? <.<

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So is it gunna be a $20 DLC?

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Super Mario Bros 3? Sonic 3 & Knuckles? Crash Bandicoot? Ocarina of Time? Final Fantasy VII? TT Walking Dead? The Last of Us? None even come close to this. 11/10 would buy forever.

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The only oddity i see is the Duck Hunt Dog... But i guess if Sakurai's going all out...

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People are offended way too easily by things that clearly are not to be offensive.

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Preorder now for early access to the beta loading screen removal dlc!!! ($25 subscription fee may apply)

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thats a darn shame cuz PvZ2 is actually a good game. I'd be more than happy buying a PC version. its one of the only f2p thats well made and not a complete sham. And a $15 full version on PC? I'd buy it ina heartbeat.

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Works on PS3 too. I pre ordered so idk if that matters.

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idk what your talkin about. Completely worthy of the hype brah.

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that was just amazing...

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Im hoping for just more concrete info and pricing on amiibo. i doubt im going to use it all that much, and honestly im probably only going to get the characters i care about. But im just wondering if they are going to charge an arm and a leg like skylanders or less since these will obviously sell like mad.

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They havent really talked about the single player mode so i dont think thats out of the question. Im hoping they bring back the Melee Adventure mode, only super charge it to have more levels and what not.

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