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If I recall, and I could be wrong, one of the producers or directors or someone said that the idea to make Cloud all emo and broody was because he read a lot fan stories where he had that demeanor and took it to heart. Fanfics are like.. not the right place to incorporate fan feedback dude.

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Thank god DLC is an after thought right now. As an aside, is there any quick way to go back and play the previous games? This game being announced has me interested to go back and try em now.

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Quick someone call Nintendo! TAKE IT DOWN! #NoStealing #NinlluminatiBeWatching

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"The voices for the game are all being recorded from scratch. Both Terra and Cloud are going have positive personalities this time around (goodbye, Emo Cloud)."
That was always one issue I had with Cloud outside of the original FF7. He came across as a "depressed emo anime cool guy" which is a horrible character type in my opinion :P I'm glad they giving them some actual emotion this time.

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I just can't wait for the inevitable port and localization. Dissidia Duodecim was like the perfect FF crossover, and this looks like it could be much better from what I've seen so far.

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And? Can people who work at Burger King not eat McDonalds?

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So ready to play this again.

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I know it's not always a trusted source but Wikipedia says that reception is pretty mixed. about 50/50 whether people like it or not. I haven't seen it myself though so take that information for what it's worth at least.

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Really disappointed about Codename Steam potentially bombing :/
I was totally uninterested in the game until i actually tried the demo. The game is super fun. Especially with that Alien Turn Patch.

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Bayonetta 2 represent.

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So clearly this is gonna be the Roy Returns Reveal. So I must ask, and I'm not trying to bring anyone's personal favorite down, a simple question, why is Roy so popular? What makes people want him so badly when, as far as I know, we in the States have never even gotten a FE with Roy in it, other than the DLC for FE:A if you count that. Where does this Roy love come from?

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I just think getting more of these games in general would be pretty sweet.

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Incredibly disappointing.

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I kinda want the Yoshi amiibo for the cuteness alone. Not interested at all in Woolly World but... dat desu ass amiibo.

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I've already said I'm not supporting this game on other articles but god damn. The launch isn't just shaky but just... done. Whether the game is good or bad doesn't even matter at this point when so many issues are happening with just the launch itself.

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100% agreed. I've never played any Witcher game (or own any platform that can play the new one) but the more i hear about CD Projekt Red, the more tempted I am to just buy the new one just to support the devs and just play it whenever I get a PS4.

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yyyyyyup. Not buying this game. No reason to support such asinine practices like this.

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Almost every new thing about this game makes me less and less interested in it. I'll just buy the GOTY edition with all the content when that comes out in a year or so. Most likely pre owned. WHEN WILL DEVS REALIZE THAT $60 GAMES SHOULDN'T HAVE MICROTRANSACTIONS?!

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The Order is a terrible video game plain and simple. Me and a buddy trudged through it and the only redeeming quality was the visuals and the POTENTIAL for an interesting story and characters.

What we got was an overpriced movie that only works on one media device and has about 6 different >PLAY buttons.

I honestly feel like if Sony wanted to push their "PSN Shows" thing like Powers, The Order should've been one of them. Would've made a...

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