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I figured it would. Im just hoping that the character roster is expanded as well. They've been very dodgy when people ask about character roster growth. Hoping to get some YuGiOh and Shaman King love up in this.

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Wasnt that obvious? (insert obvious GameStop Joke)

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hellothere is correct.

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I really hope we see SMTxFE at E3 or in a Direct. I know it was mentioned to still be in development last year but I dont want this to become Nintendo's Duke Nukem Forever or FFvs13.

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I hate "retailer exclusive" crap :\ I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY NINTENDO! My local Target won't have these apparently.

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First Bamco and now Sega.. My wallet is emptying...

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I dont need a life anyway... thats fine.

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oh for the love of god... can we go 1 month without zombies? im so tired of them...

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Oof... dos PLvsAA sales... I know its pretty niche but i thought it'd do better than 73k...

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For the love of all that is gaming... not Mario please...

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I love the WiiU (i think its possibly the best system own this gen, CURRENTLY) to death and Nintendo has definitely been turning around lately but it's very apparent that until recently, the Heads in JPN were clearly delusional until they realized that the market outside of Japan is more than willing to open their wallets. Now about Fatal Frame 5...

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definitely interested in watching Sm4sh!

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Square we need a sequel to TWEWY yesterday. Get on that.

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I want a gritty reboot.

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Hoping for it! Need some release dates for some games and the New 3DS.

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half of these are on PS3 too....?

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i know (with like 4 million % certainty) that we'll see a trailer or two before E3 but does anyone else feel like this game is just being thrown out really fast? It was announced and in very early development last year... idk. im glad its happening but i just dont know how it'll turn out being cranked out this fast. Its not in the "Nintendo norm" to have this kinda thing for major first party console titles.

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Oh my god i am.... what is my life coming to...

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Exclusive boss is the question. Kratos for PS version is gnarly. I know the game isnt the most recieved but the main character from Ryse would kinda fit. Or someone from Bro of Brody: Advanced Brofare.

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