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@wonderful What about Black Ops 2? That released nearly same day as other platforms and still sold abysmally on WiiU. I'm not really blaming Nintendo fans. It's just a fact that a lot of them don't buy or play CoD. It's outrageous expectations from devs that I'm blaming. They expect the same sales from WiiU as PS3 or 360 despite those clearly had established sales and brand recognition in homes before WiiU was even a name. Along with almost no marketing for the WiiU versio...

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Real talk: Very glad they're doing this and incorporating fan feedback.

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This guy over here thinks he pulled... a fast one.
(Pun entirely intended I regret nothing.)

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I was saying that length for the sake of example. You're taking it a bit too seriously :P Gameplay can develop just fine in three hours, Shovel Knight comes to mind. And story can too, To The Moon comes to mind. Both are a little less than 3 hours (in my experience) and are both good for what they do. I don't know any specific game that has a really great mix of both in that time span.

Story length is entirely separate from game time anyway. The story of Super Smash...

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Never understood how story length matters. If it's an amazing story isn't that good enough?

If a game's story is only 3 hours long but the story was the most amazing thing in my life, did I really get the short end of the stick? I'd like to think not.

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Devs probably get leery of the WiiU because of the lack of support Nintendo fans give games like Watch Dogs or Call of Duty. So other 3rd parties see that and say "Ehhhh no AAA game for this kid console."

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I swear to god I hate the internet sometimes... The fact that people are driven to that point by idiots on their keyboards is absolutely baffling.

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Jesus christ that was quick.

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I actually think Nintendo has a very strong line up as well. Xenoblade X, SSB4 DLC, the new Club Nintendo replacement, Woolly World, Fatal Frame 5, SMTxFE, and whatever Retro has been teasing. They already announced the NX and confirmed that won't fully be revealed until 2016. Regardless, WiiU still has a lot of great games in the pipeline.

That's why I'm saying I think E3 2015 will be so great. Xbox is going to have Halo, Gears, New IPs, and new Battletoads just ...

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To be fair... Sony ended their press conference on concept art for a tv show unrelated to video games. At least the CG trailers were about video games. I do agree that less CG and more gameplay would be nice.

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I feel like E3 2015 will be one of the best E3's of all time. Microsoft had a great showing last year so I'm super excited to see what they got this year.

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Wow October? He must be planning big things for this one. Interested to see what he does with it.

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I really hope this sort of reaction dies quickly. Video games have just as much right to be a sport as football or basketball.

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Wow. This roster is opening to be pretty damn diverse. I'm liking that they're not just picking all of the obvious ones and are mixing it up with Gardevoir, Suicune, and Gengar.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Neptunia ReBirth 1 needs PSTV support in the west so i'd totally be on board with this.

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I don't know... I'd buy it too, and it's extremely dumb to not let them put it onto the VC. But I think just claiming they're done with SNES is a bit rash right now.

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I'm sure they'll come back to it at some point. I think it's a bit early to jump the gun and say they're done with SNES VC just because one company doesn't have their games on it right now.

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Persona 2 EP would be tight. I hope Atlus and Gaijinworks could work on something to get that into the states.

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Dat Persona hyyyyyyyype

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But it's a bit strange when by the end of FF7 he was not anything like that, and then bam he's suddenly upset again seems really odd. I wouldn't mind if he had always been like that but it's the really strange and out of nowhere change that is what made me not like that "version" of Cloud.

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