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lets get this trending.

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Someone not picking Dragon Age Inquisition?! Clearly these guys are biased...

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Wow i can only imagine the licensing needed for this game. So glad its coming stateside.

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You can't build a shelter was listed twice...?

#20 - You can't build a shelter.

#23 - You (DEFINITELY) can't build a shelter.

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CBS did a fine report despite obviously not knowing much about gaming. They relayed information very well. Major league gaming, I feel, has just taken off and within the next couple of years, will become the next NFL or FIFA.

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CDi virtual console please

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Fake. It was just a twitter joke. "(tweet 1)F%$# it- it's less than a week away&I'm allowed to confirm it anyway at this point: we ARE making a new God of War (tweet 2) Inspired ice sculpture for my kid's birthday party!!! Kratos ice sculpt is so gonna rock!!!!!!"

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Surprising that a game with a somewhat portly man who can jump six feet and breathe in space is scientifically inaccurate.

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Well thats cool... Its not like Square to go back on something and "fix it." I say "fix" in the sense it wasnt necessarily broken but wasnt as good of a product as it could be.

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>shots fired
Can't say i disagree with him though. A lot of games now a days just kind of blend in with one another.

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Project Spark add-on...?

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I hope this gets a June or July release. More games need to be spread out throughout the year. Im always sick of summer being dead for the most part when it comes to gaming. Nintendo seems to have established a 1 or 2 big game release every month for the upcoming months. My wallets gunna be hurting after all these games!

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Same day as Smash from what i understand. Nov 21

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If the petting zoo isnt called Lon Lon Ranch i will cry.

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Based Sakurai Confirmed.

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my body is... ready?

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After the awesome launch Pokemon XY had last year you'd think they'd do it with their other bigger franchises. But in the end i can't complain because i live in US.... soooo.... AMERICA! [email protected]#^& YEAH!

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hopefully this doesnt spiral into another "Killager" meme XD

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Im not even going to use sarcasm. This looks like crap and shouldnt exist.

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Day -1 Edition for me. 20/10.

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