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I actually like the change they made for her. I always loved playing as Marth but could never get the "sword point" thing down. Guess i'll be maining Lucina.

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What emotion am i feeling...? Its a mixture of sadness, anger, confusion, nausea.... and heart break...

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im curious as to why they are hyping this one...? Most of the time theres no hype, it just happens. Cant wait to see who it is. My money is on Shulk or Chrom.

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you misspelled ULTRA PATRIOTIC!

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Would buy twice.

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Hoping for a US release. Would definitely pick up a PS4 with this.

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God that blonde one is annoying... Kudos to Rick though. You would think because pro gaming isn't physically involving like other sports he'd have the opposite view. Glad to see the opposite is true.

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Need some Zant love up in this biz.

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seriously?.... shows how well it did i guess...

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wait when did this come out?!

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Im expecting this E3 to be just one of the best damn E3's ever...

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I dont know what to feel about HL3 anymore.

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I'd be more than okay with that.

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Im getting the game, any Nintendo game with a reference to the Virtual Boy as a deity is a game that needs to be added to my list. But why would you not release a demo shortly BEFORE the game launches? Tomodachi Life is a very unique game. It doesnt even have a genre really. Even Nintendo's been having a heck of a time explaining exactly what the game is about. Idk.. I dont really care cuz im buying day 1 anyway but still... It'd make more sense to me to have a demo come out before th...

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i swear my local stores always get shafted on these things...
i dont mind the drive but... UGH...

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It kind of is lost since The Tales series official facebook page confirmed a while ago on facebook that they have zero plans for localizing it..

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Dat stache

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SUPER elaborate or SUPER real... Super pumped regardless.

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The only issue im seeing here is Ice Climbers since Sakurai said theyd be an issue to pull off on the 3DS. But hey,since Rosalina & Luma seem to be a much more technical version of them, maybe they are in. Also since this is the "Japanese version" of the game, shouldn't they just be called "Ice Climber" like in Brawl and Melee.

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