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"Bloodborne, Last Of Us (Remastered) and The Order : 1886... all three titles are worth playing."
hahahahahahahahahah They think The Order is "playable." The correct phrasing would be "You get two great games a semi-okay movie too!"

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Get hyped. Or in SE's words: "Please be excited."

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Since Monolith is making it... maybe Xenoblade?

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I sense some saltiness. Seeing as how the gameplay looks identical to the previous game and seeing as how the boxart mockups only show "3DS" I think it's safe to assume you have nothing to fear.

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I was hoping they would get Konami or Square to join in on PXZ2 if they did it. Oh well. I'm just hoping for non-humanoids to join this time. No PacMan or Sonic in the first PXZ was disappointing.

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I like the cheesiness but stinkin' Lowenthal... I don't have a problem with his quality but... does he even have range? I feel like I'm just listening to more Ben 10 and Yosuke...

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I think dirt has better lore than Destiny.

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Oh... Okay.

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Shantae or Shovel Knight. Those're my personal hopes for the third party DLC.

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The problem is that his Mario Party 10 video was technically a transformative work. He made edits to the video, he had a camera with him and his buddies while they were all chatting and having a good time. He didn't upload raw gameplay and demand money in order to view it or claiming ownership of it. And like Joe said, they can only benefit from a bit of free advertisement. I would like to say though, I'm not even a fan of Joe's. I don't watch any of his content other than wha...

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Looks really fun though. Definitely will give a demo or something a try. Disappointing that Goro's a pre-order bonus. I'll wait for a "GOTY" version so I get the full game.

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First off, Joe didn't buy the console since fans donated for it. I feel it is safe to assume he would not have bought one of his own accord. So saying he bought all this stuff like the controllers and games is voided since he wouldn't have bought them without fans giving him a console to begin with. Basically I'm saying he chose to spend that money on those things because he just happened to get a WiiU. I'm not trying to say he doesn't have a point.


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Another remaster...? Regardless if GoW3 is a good game, which I've heard it is, I'm so tired of remasters...

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That's what I'm saying. Why announce a localization if you knew you couldn't license some of the characters? Clearly they had most of, if not all, the deals worked out to get the roster at the time they announced the US/EU release.

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I dont get why people were freaking out about this. I thought it'd be obvious? Why localize the game at all if half of it can't even be implemented into the game? Now an expanded roster... Let's start talkin bout that, Bamco.

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"Tatsu not poultry!" I laughed way harder than I should've.

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Fingers crossed for gritty reboot of My Street.

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Been staying as spoiler free as possible. This game can not come soon enough.

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Personally i don't see any reason for any gamer to buy the Shield.

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Im so tired of retailer exclusive crap. Im no business major but i dont see how this helps anyone. This is Walmart so their reach is pretty far spread but limiting people on where they can buy it doesnt help the consumer in anyway, especially with this being a limited run. It doesnt help Nintendo because they're limiting the outlets on where consumers can buy this, and it doesnt help Walmart since people who are going to buy these are most likely only going in to get this and nothing else...

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