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It was selling like hotcakes at a local store today, kids and adults were buying it. Congrats to nintendo.

I'm laughing at the people saying the PS3 and Xbox360 had "launch issues", most of the consoles have issues on launch.

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People think this game looks too amazing for current gen, it doesn't, the gameplay trailer was filled with low res textures. The rain and lighting effects made up for it, giving an amazing showcase which made it look a lot better.

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Turd Z.

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No, more like a victim of the growing PC gaming industry, we won't let ourselves get ripped off by shitty devs.

It's not our problem if you're a sheep.

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Man, it's your opinion so... I don't give a fuck about it, and the millions of people that enjoyed it too.

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20 fps isn't an exageration, that's exactly what analysis say, and 20 fps IS a really bad framerate.

We're jealous of? 20 fps with ultra low settings when we have 60+ on ultra?

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nope, don't say halo because it's on pc. Xbox is the only platform without an ign GOTY

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uc2 deserved it, but journey's lenght killed it for me. Didn't disagree tho

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What the heck are pokemon, me 3 and diablo 3 doing on that list? GW2, Persona 4, BL2, xenoblade, torchlight 2 > this list

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The PC version of Metro 2033 got one of the best post-apocalyptic atmospheres, those games' atmosphere is meh.

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They forgot to mention the war z, oh wait... it's a kotaku article, they always suck

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It was on the ropes and the auction house killed it

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AC3 doesn't have the biggest scale: Planetside 2, just cause 2, far cry 2 and 3, Bethesda games to name a few

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They don't, look at far cry 3

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They raised it with the third dlc on the first bl, I wait till they raise the cap to play the DLC.

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Ignorant comment is ignorant.

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Paying 600$ at release for a ps3 which had outdated hardware out of the box (excluding Blu-ray) seemed lame to me.
PC's are getting a lot more accesible, Valve made a steam UI for people that use their PC on the TV with a controller, building a PC is really easy now and you can get a mid-range PC for 400-600$ and a high end one for 1k, which isn't expensive because you get what you pay for.
PCs fleshes out more money than consoles and that has been confirmed, even EA s...

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Get better at trolling, don't make it so obvious, borderlands 2 humor isn't for pre teens

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Bad troll is bad.

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Because there is fake information in the description, it lists a lot of good features but none of them are in the actual game

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