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Totally deserved Gearbox!

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It looks like ps3 and 360 will go out with a bang next year, so many good games next year!
I'm pretty sure I will love The Last of Us, the graphics are an improvement over uncharted 3 they improved the textures, meshes, shadows and some effects from what I saw and the art style is awesome; still needs some Anti-Aliasing though. But the gameplay looks amazing and it looks like it will be really gory.

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PC gameplay, I'm pretty sure a next gen game will be announced tho, since last of us is may 7 next gen consoles will probably release Q4 2013 or Q1-3 2014

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Not really, they didn't have experience with PC and the frame rate lock was justified because the animations were made for 30 fps.
I'm pretty sure they'll make a good PC version, I would prefer 1080p with locked 30 fps rather than sub hd with unstable framerate which was fatal for my ps3 playthrough since I died some times because of the lag. Dark souls is worth playing at 30 fps.

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The story, gameplay wise it was good.

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If it was a sony or microsoft story you wouldn't be talking shit, you keep trolling in nintendo articles, that's why you lost all your bubbles.

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Wait for steam winter sale, 45$- guaranteed.

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Bioshock 2 didn't feel like an action shooter at all, it was easier than 1 but it added interesting stuff, it wasn't bad at all just the MP.
I don't see any action shooter stuff in any of them, infinite still looks fresh but it keeps looking like bioshock..

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There's a lot more games coming next year that are at bioshock's level.

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Oh, well theres always a spinoff of their franchises then.

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I would focus on my studies, I quitted gaming when I was in college.
It will improve your grades and it will be worth it in the long run, you'll have a lot of time for gaming later, I found my job a lot more easier and flexible than college.

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It seems like naughty dog always have to make a spinoff their franchise after the third game.

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Killing him wouldn't make you any different, also you don't even know if it was his fault or if he had a mental disease.
Anyways he will be in prison paying for what he did.

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Most of the bullshots are PC footage, sometimes the final PC product looks better, but you can expect a decent jump if they don't realease next gen consoles too soon.

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Far Cry 2 sucks.
Far Cry 3> Far Cry 1 >>> Far Cry 2

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If you survived far cry 1 on normal or higher, this game will be a breeze for you even on the hardest difficulties. This game is what far cry 2 should've been.

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Journey deserves other awards but not overall game, it's too short.

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Totally deserved. One of the best FPSRPG ever.

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Don't know why people disagree, it's true.

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