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They need to drop the ugly color filter on BF4

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I would say eat something to prevent hangovers and get a higher tolerance.

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Only characters I really got invested with were lee, carley and clem.
Last of Us, if performed right, will be a masterpiece.

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Don't get delusional, those specs you said won't run bf3 on anything higher than med at 1080p. I think 1080p and 60 fps is enough to be better than this gen since that will dramatically improve the gameplay, BUT framerate drops will be a lot more noticeable

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I think he was talking about the console version
"I don't think Crytek can do more on current generation consoles than Crysis 3."
"I actually think people will be astonished that next gen launch titles from other companies might not be much different from Crysis 3."

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You can't be more wrong, have you looked at dev blogs? They make games on a PC, consoles are too shitty to run modelling and visual programs.

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It worked for Dark souls, it's not our fault if you console gamers don't care when someone screws you over because you treat your console as a god.

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They've always been obsolete when compared to PC, since PCs don't "launch". They're made for the gamer that wants to "plug and play"

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A 260$ 660ti is already better than next gen consoles

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If it's lower than 500$ I'm sure I'll buy it at launch, I didn't buy the ps3 at launch because it's price tag was atrocious

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PS3 launch price begs to differ, if they sell it at 400$ I'm sure the PS4 will crush everyone else on sales, the ps3 started with poor sales because it had an ugly price tag.

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Hoping they do PC version first then focus on consoles, that way both versions will be awesome, just like the witcher 2

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PC gamer and 2 year experience on Animations, Visual Effects and character modeling.
I can spot most graphical flaws on games.

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They seem to be concept art, and they're going for a 2014 release it's pre-alpha footage probably.

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They actually said that the story felt "forced" not that it was bad.

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I'm playing it and it isn't "a generic action game". For me, both Ni No Kuni and DS3 are both 8.5+, but I'm not going to start crying like a fucking fanboy because someone gave those games a low score.

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It didn't look like CGI to me when I saw the trailer, the geometry was bad in some areas and the textures weren't that impressive.

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Next Gen will be lucky if it looks like the witcher 2 on MED or High.

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They should do the PC version first, then release it on consoles, it worked for the witcher 2.

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The Xbox version of witcher 2 was good, maybe not as good as the PC version but it wasn't an ABYSMAL difference, maybe the gameplay was affected a little bit because of the framerate.

They should go for 60 fps on next gen consoles, the graphics will be behind PC but the gameplay will be on par with it.

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