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You pretty much confirmed it for everyone lol.

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Alan wake is no longer an xbox excluisive, milked franchises don't interest me at all.

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Every other game in the alien series was stellar, the demo looked stellar, it was made to be succesful, but they messed up pretty bad.
No one cares if you're losing hope for humanity, if you feel so disappointed why don't you do something to change it instead of bitching?
Pull your head out of your ass man.

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Killzone is a corridor shooter with muddy textures and graphics, the gameplay is less than stellar. When the first crysis was released it brought a lot of new things into the table other than stellar graphics.
Crysis 1 had enviromental interactivity, tons of ways of tackling a situation, free roam sandbox, real time gun customization, AWESOME physics, etc. What did killzone do? Be a call of duty with a better story and "fancy" graphics.

You're pretty muc...

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Another War Z case here.

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My pc can run the unreal 4 tech demo at 60 fps lol, it is nothing impressive

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Really? That's why UC3 a 2011 console game looks worse than crysis 1 on PC (a 2006-2007 game)?. My PC is 4 years old and it costed me 800$, the only thing I've upgraded is the GPU which costed me around 50$ since I sold my old one.
I run everything maxed btw.

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Killzone 2 and 3 look A LOT worse than crysis 1 on PC (a 2007 game), what makes you think 4 will look better than the third one?

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How? Killzone 2 and 3 look much worse than crysis 1 and crysis 1 is a sandbox.
I don't know why people overrate killzone's graphics so much, it's ugly color filter and low res textures must look amazing for console gamers.

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The enviroments on GOW are kind of low res, Kratos and the other characters are high res, it looks good because it's a fast paced game in which you focus on your character most of the time.

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Why not both?

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I think you get that, games are shutdown after 2 years on consoles, there's PC games that are still 10 years old with an online community.
What costly DLC? Most PC exclusives have free DLC

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Borderlands and Bioshock seem overrated to you?
COD, GTA IV, Halo, God of War 3, Gears, Minecraft, Assasins creed (2 and brotherhood are an exception)

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The artwork is top notch yes, some textures are good, look at joel's clothes for example. But yes there's some really low res textures, look at the ground, the planks at the left, some parts of the wall, the bottom and top of the table.

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True, a lot of people dismiss the fact that the Wii U needs to render what's on the controller too (that's why it only supports it). Being able to render console graphics at 1280x720 and 854*480
That's 1.33 million pixels which is a decent improvement over current gen. That's with launch titles, the console got potential.

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Read the fucking article moron.

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It's a GTA San Andreas mod.

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The PC version of DA origins got modded sex scenes and is an awesome game maybe not as good as the witcher. DA2 on the other hand...

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Cool story bro, send it to Bioware.

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