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Stop defending this shitty ass dev, their poor excuse of a game is pretty much a war inc. mod, they make fake promises, have you seen the gamespy interview? These devs really crossed the line, they should be sued and this shitty game should be shut down.

You already have to buy this game, but you have to PAY more to respawn faster, what the hell?

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Valve already apologized for what happened and is giving full refunds to anyone who asks for them.
I think it's the fault of this shitty dev, their game sucks and they always make fake promises, heck they stole the terms of use from LoL

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Next gen would be lucky if it looked half as good as these games, Uncharted 3 is plagued with aliasing, low res textures, it's running at 30fps, 720p.

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I've gotten refunds from steam, if you're insistent enough they will give you the refund

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Persona 4, Amalur, GW2 and BL2 are better than the winner.

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Castlevania or Bayonetta 2 for me

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For me, the PC version is the only one deserving GOTY, the downloadable console version had stuttering too but on a lower scale

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I think that ammount of ram was overkill, 16 GB is overkill for every game, 12gb is optimal, 8gb is enough and 4gb runs short on some games

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Xbox 360 can have good looking games that are good, but the PS3 got a lot more of them. 10 to 1 maybe

Games on both platforms use smokes and mirrors.

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There's a lot of PC games that are as fun as console games and have better graphics than everything consoles will ever have

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A GTX 685 doesn't exist and the game doesn't look that impressive lol.

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I don't think so, because metro 2033 was unoptimized as hell it was the new crysis, you need to have an SLI setup or you wouldn't be able to max it out, I'm pretty sure metro 2033 is a lot more demanding than crysis 3 will ever be; hoping last light won't be another metro 2033 or worse

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Console subscription, you have to pay 60$ monthly to use your console or just pay 1000$ a year and save (not) money!

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They should increase level cap to 100 at least! Halfway through playthrough 2 I hit lvl 60.
I love Hammerlock! Even if he was an underdeveloped character.

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To me it is a great game but this xbox 360 games would be the best ones
HL2, Batman AC or AA, Alan Wake, Bioshock, Borderlands 2, Assasins Creed 2, Mass effect.

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I don't know what you're talking about, there are no crysis 3 console videos/screenies out.

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They did the same thing for UC 2 and it delivered both in SP and MP.

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D3 got ruined by the community, torchlight 2 all the way

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Current gen like graphics? PC games look better than next gen console games will look.

Killzone 3 Console

Battlefield 3 PC


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