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Games should always have an option to skip the tutorial, when a friend of mine was introduced to gaming like 7 years ago he couldn't figure out the controllers because he had never played games, so yeah tutorials are always a good thing since there WILL be newcomers, just add an SKIP TUTORIAL option.

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Gears 1 IS a microsoft exclusive, he didn't say Xbox 360 exclusive

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I would say pokemon is the overrated game here, they're decent RPGs nothing more. White 2 was pretty good though, hopefully they won't lower the quality.

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I don't see any console game matching crysis' graphics on ultra.

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Full HDR, dinamyc God Rays, SSAO, SMAA, DOF, Shadows, Reflection, Tone mapping, lenz fx, vignetting and SSIL are mroe than simple shaders, once again you don't know anything about ENB, you can use it without color fliters if you dislike tweaked colors.

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Wrong, don't make statements on topics you don't even know about, ENBs are a lot more than tweaked bloom and colors.

Doesn't look that good, there are better ENBs out there with better DOF; better looking games too.

And personally I don't think next gen consoles will be able to run games at this graphical quality judging by DF's specs.

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The trailer was maxed PC gameplay, I'm guessing the game will look average by pc standards but it will be awesome looking in console standards (which is a good thing). Now lets hope for a good story and gameplay.

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@Your Reply
You're being such an hypocrite, you're telling him to let others have their own opinion when you said that your opinion is a fact.

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Shooters and racing games better on consoles? What are you smoking?
The only games that are better on consoles are fighting games

PC got an exclusive library many times bigger than Ps3's library, and the mayority of those exclusives are high quality, I'm sure that makes up for the lack of just like 10 exclusives.

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Take your ignorant statements somewhere else.

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Next gen consoles won't be able to reach that graphical fidelity.
Specially if it's bethesda were talking about, vanilla skyrim looks like garbage on all platforms

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^With mods

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Pokemon games never had anything to do with ash. You don't know what you're talking about

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A Civ 5 campaign can take you more than 24 hours

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Can you take your PS3 fanboyism back to the PS3 threads? You're not convincing anyone here, you don't know anything about PC gaming, let alone graphics.

Beyond: two souls doesn't look impressive at all, if low res textures in a small enviroment seems impressive to you and high res textures on an open world doesn't then you're in denial.

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Normal RAM wouldn't take a big hit, VRAM would. The GPU needs to render 8.3 million pixels which is more than 4 times 1080p (2 million pixels). I think he's using the 4k textures pack BTW.

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You don't know where to buy PC parts, mine got 2 gtx 670s and it costed me 1200$, 700$ would give you a high-mid end one.

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700$? You can get a high end PC for that.

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If you mean 2014, yeah, that's the year maxwell is released

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Using your metacritic logic ,
Forza >>>> Gran Turismo 5

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