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First party devs always output the best graphics on consoles.

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It worked on Dayz, it would work on the last of us a lot better even if its map is 1/6 of dayz', map it would have better animations and AI.

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PC versions are never taken into account and Crysis 2 looked worse than crysis 1, and it was a linear game while Crysis was more far cry like.

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They are must plays and there's a lot more high quality games coming.

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I run batman at 1600p 120fps on 670 sli, it looks better than 1080p I can confirm that, but next gen should be 60fps and 1080p if you want it to be -400$.

A TV that supports higher resolution than 1600p can play 1600p

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I don't see how it is like steam, it doesn't have half the features steam has

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I'm pretty sure a lot of steam's users with a PC that needs upgrading will buy it if it lets you play the games you bought on PC; since steam has an enourmous 50 million user base I'm pretty sure that it will give a good boost to its popularity and don't that steam got awesome sales and most new games are at 50$ instead of 60$.

If Valve does it right they might end up being the best selling console next gen, if they don't this may be another dreamcast.

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I don't trust his word, last time because crytek focused and "Maxed Out" consoles the PC got a lame looking game and the consoles got a mess too, even crysis 1 looked better.
Now crysis 3 looks amazing on PC and I'm expecting the console version of Crysis 3 to look like Far Cry 3 with a worse framerate since Crytek sucks at optimization.

Not buying this even if it looks like CGI, the gameplay looks kind of generic

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I can run the UE4 demo at 60 fps 1080p C:

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When you're in a small room with almost no interactive objects you can achieve really good graphics, btw those graphics don't impress at all, look at the lack of detail on the scars/wounds, look at the lack of geometry and low res textures on the collar. The character model is flawless but the textures aren't impressive at all. But the trailer of beyond still looks impresive especially the facial animations and the fire.

Now look at phantom pain/mgs5 screens all t...

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Get the PC version, no aim assist.

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They didn't list all the indie exclusive games on PC, just like the 5%

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Look at steam, valve made the big screen thing to make even more console gamers move to steam, every DLC on valve games is free, all valve games have constant support on PC even if they're old, etc.

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The point of linear games is giving you the best focused experience in an 8+ hour campaign, games like Uncharted, half life, Max payne, Alan Wake, Portal, Journey, Bioshock etc. Are made to give you and amazing gameplay experience or story that's why those series are so high rated because they have a focused well written story (thanks to being linear), keep you entertained, give good gameplay, have good graphics vs open world games and have better performance especially on consoles.

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I found VGA winners to be spot on this year even though all the other bullshit they always do sucked.
Even though I like how spec ops the line got recognized for it's narrative even though I TWD's narrative.

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Their games have always been kind of exclusive to PC, they constantly update their games on PC unlike the console counterparts, compare TF2 on console to TF2 on PC.

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I didn't see it raise the bar, it was another assasins creed with a little gameplay tweaks and awesome dx11 snow, the story was average and I found infamous to be a lot more fun.

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I'm pretty sure there will be another souls game next gen.

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Fanboy much? Dark souls wasn't as hard as Demon Souls but it still was really hard and to me, it's a much better game.

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Totally deserved, this game had such an impact in gaming and it was a totally innovative game just like its prequel, this is a must buy for every PC gamer and you can pretty much get the orange box on a steam sale for 5$ which brings half life 2 and all its episodes.

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