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The time and resources it would take for such an engine to run on consoles is enourmous, it would make the game lower in quality, not worth it.

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Audio and video are always better on ps3 since the disc size allows uncompressed files

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It wasn't when it was a PC only game, crysis 2 is a mediocre game and not even a graphics benchmark without the dx 11 patch

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I'm pretty sure they will launch it on PC first, just like the witcher 2

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Far cry 3?

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Textures aren't as big on consoles, that's why it's only one disc, PS3 version will probably have better audio and video.

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I don't know but telltale said we have to keep our saves.

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PC gaming tiny in asian countries? Nope, PC is the most popular platform there, RTS games tournaments are aired on TVs.

Steam got as many users as Xbox 360s sold. Steam is well known. And Valve has been growing really fast. It doesn't matter if Valve doesn't have a big budget, PC gaming didn't need marketing to reach 50m+ steam users.

Also all valve games are better on PC, Mods, free dlc and never lose support.

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Look closely, there's a lot of jagged edges and low res textures. Doesn't look bad tho, it's an open world game, with a good draw distance.

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2 of these games are on PC running much better and looking miles ahead of Console exclusives while giving a better and smoother gameplay experience. PC got a lot more exclusives too, most of them are AAA quality.

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All the wounds are low res and the clothing too, specially the collars. Nothing impressive.

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Really? I think it's the other way around. Sony is a good company, but it doesn't compare to microsoft AT ALL; The fact that they're even on consoles doesn't mean sony is a company as big as microsoft.

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I liked the subtle boob physics used on catwoman in batman AC

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He didn't say
"By far, IMO"

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By far, no, it's purely opinion

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They will give out some kind of pre order bonus e-items for the pc browsers, nothing special I guess.

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A real woman would cost you more than $355, specially if she's just looking for money.

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Well, I liked the FPS style but what they did to harold was atrocius. I liked fallout NV more because the story felt like Fallout, not like a spin off

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The character models are top notch, but everything else seemed normal for current gen, but considering it's an open world game it is looking pretty.

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