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Next gen consoles won't even surpass the witcher 2.

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An OC 680 4GB is more than enough for gaming at 1080p most of the time.

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This, the only exclusive I wanted to come to PC was Alan Wake, and it did happen :)

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MGS is a PS franchise, Metal Gear started on the NES

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PS3 was getting DLC late on most games or none at all, I think PS3 needs its fair share of exclusive content you know.

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Sure, there was a lot of aliasing and low res textures, but the shadows and lightning were amazing.

This game is probably the best graphical achievement you will see on current gen consoles, it looks impressive for 6 year old hardware.

Bad graphics or not, this game looks like a heavy GOTY contender.

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But amnesia destroys it in atmosphere and sound. I think Amnesia may be the better horror game, BUT TLOU is a lot better in the complete package(gameplay, graphics, story) which is what they're focusing on, not just another survival horror game.

Graphically, the lightning and the shadows are top notch and as a PC gamer I can say that the shadows are on par with any PC game.

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Wii, Kinect and move were welcomed by their target audiences, not core gamers
Sony's 3D wasn't innovative, 3D gaming was around before that.

An innovative project that fails can lead to an innovative project that succeeds.

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I'm pretty sure PC gaming will reach the pinnacle of graphics by 2015 a year after both AMD and Nvidia release their "next gen" GPUS which will be dramatically better than current GPUS

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Joel looks low res when compared to this model. Sure, the model may be better but the textures look like shit when compared with the ones used in the video.

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Demon souls 2* you misread.

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Uncharted 3 felt worse than Uncharted 2 both in SP and MP IMO.

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It's pretty well optimized, unlike the original Crysis. The console version was pretty bad tho, I would take killzone 3 or halo 4 over it if I was a console only player.

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Handsome Jack, Master Chief, Samus, Woods and Sam fisher made me smile.

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Just don't buy the DLC, if no one buys it they will drop that idea.

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Yeah, every handheld can play PC games on ultra. /s

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Not really, I think the poor graphical performance is thanks to the gamepad, the Wii U needs to render what's in there too.

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GTA V isn't a 10 hour linear game. Its an open world game with tons of different features.

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Dead space 3 and Fire Emblem for me.

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Looks clunky as hell

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