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I feel like I'm the only person in the boat that absolutely despised Dead Space 2 and somewhat enjoyed Dead Space 3, but without a doubt, EA really shot themselves in the foot by taking the series in a far more generic direction and missed a golden opportunity to create a classic horror series.

Alien: Isolation, Amnesia and Soma all go to show just how successful this kind of game can be. #37
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If you'd read the original comment, you'd know that it wasn't even something that constitutes criticism, simply an observation of Spector's desire to make a game where the PLAYER is enacting all story events. It's a very even handed comment. #1.1.2
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100% incorrect. However, Soma is a great, great game. Bioshock just happens to be generation defining. #9
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I personally felt that Whistleblower was much better paced than the main game. Whether it's "darker" is subjective, but it's certainly messed up. #7.1.1
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In my humble opinion, the greatest video game ever made. #1
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Final Fantasy IX is a fantastic game and one of the best in the series, but VII paved the way. VII takes the cake on the basis that it was so genre defining. It made the Playstation what it is today. No comparison in my book. VII is the best in the series and the greatest video game ever made. #1.1.4
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This is EXACTLY what I thought would happen with this game. Almost a carbon copy of the situation with Ryse, except N4G is predominantly PlayStation orientated news site.

The preview impressions were shot down because "it was story orientated and they're wrong".

The length of the game was criticized and the argument was "quality not quantity".

These articles got more and more prevalent closer to release, making people... #11
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I've owned every format of Playstation since '96 and I've loved it. I'm a realist, not a twat. No game is free from criticism and you are undoubtedly in the column of people that eat up any garbage they're served as long as it has a specific logo attached.

I haven't played The Order 1886 and I'm only going off previous experience with black bars, so before you get salty over your precious brand, understand that if you're over the age of 16 and... #2.2.2
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Screen size means absolutely nothing. Did you play The Evil Within prior to the patch? I can understand it for a cutscene, but it is absolutely intrusive when you're playing the game. I'd imagine it's in there to keep performance stable. #2.2
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The most common misconception that gamers have nowadays is that an iOS game can't be considered one of the best of the year, which is obviously rubbish.

Hell, Hotline Miami was probably my favourite for 2012, along with Super Hexagon.

Look at some of the games Ken Levine picked as his favourites over the last few years, or David Jaffe.

The vast majority of triple-A titles are a lot of flash with very little substance. 90% of this "n... #3
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From memory I believe it did. I think it goes hand in hand with frustrating sections of the game.

There are still things that weren't mentioned here that Mikami is known for. A lack of a dodge mechanic for one, or getting stuck in an animation and killed (including the ludicrous "catching breath" animation after sprinting).

With that said, I still really enjoy The Evil Within and like any great survival horror, it's divisive among players. O... #6.1.1
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I agree with a lot of these issues and more, but I can't imagine Tango Gameworks would change too much the next time around. If you've had any experience with Shinji Mikami's previous games, you'll know that they pretty much all have frustrating elements in them. More recently, Vanquish and Shadows of the Damned. Both great games marred with difficulty spikes, single hit enemies, camera issues etc. Everything that makes up a Mikami game. #6
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I'm surprised that people still try to convince others that 30fps is better than 60. The doubled frame-rate doesn't just allow for smoother visual representation, but controller latency is cut down to almost a one-to-one motion. It FEELS better and doesn't strain the eyes in action sequences. There is no comparison, cinematic or otherwise that justifies a halved frame-rate. #5
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I still think pound for pound, Uncharted 2 is the best game Naughty Dog has ever done. The Last of Us, is VERY, very close to that. Best game EVER made? Opinion varies, but as far as weight of industry impact goes, I don't think it belongs in that echelon.

Let me put it simply, Final Fantasy 7 made the Sony Playstation what it is today. It broke sales records, sold consoles and ignited big competition. In its own right, a ground shattering gaming achievement for its time.... #27
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This is why I hope console gamers will stop suggesting 30fps is better and more "cinematic" than 60fps. Playing on a controller with the latter is one of the best gaming experiences imaginable. Impeccable response times, gorgeous visuals without any eye strain. This is what I've had on PC for years, and I hope PS4 owners warm to the experience, because even a doubled framerate makes all the difference. #11
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Great story focused campaign without tacked-on multiplayer to deter from the actual meat of the game. Fantastic characters, immaculate mechanics. Sometimes, getting the core of the game right can mean everything. Wolfenstein doesn't aim to break down barriers, but it nails everything it sets out to do.

I honestly feel it's the best game I've played thus far in 2014. There's no DLC, season pass or garbage time multiplayer here. It reminded me of some of the cla... #19
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Screenshots are one thing, general performance is another.

Yeah, the PS3 port looks pretty good all things considered, but there will be no doubt that the PS4 absolutely obliterates it from a performance perspective, from resolution to framerate. #28
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To everyone that thought this would be better than The Evil Within,

I laugh heartily. #5
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This article is ridiculous beyond reason, and the idiots in the comment thread are eating it up as fact.

Firstly, Shinji Mikami, if you aren't aware, redefined and revolutionised the survival horror genre. Secondly, the article cherry picks scenes taken from a TRAILER completely out of context and writes a critique on it with no basis for argument. Lastly, he hasn't actually played a minute of the game? That virtually refutes any stupid pre-conceived notion he might h... #37
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xBigxBossx, it is evident by your name and your avatar that you are obviously a big fan of these games. If you are any kind of fan, you shouldn't consider a package this weak to be a product of "integrity". As good or polished as this could possibly be for the amount of time it offers, it is in no way worth the price, nor the satisfaction of its die-hard fan base. People like you should be the angriest that they would release this and expect fans like yourself to eat it up witho... #1.7.3
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