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It disappoints me that Warfighter will probably see millions in sales, while a great story-driven campaign like Spec Ops: The Line won't see the light of day for gamers that desperately need it. #6
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I believe he's referring to the PC version, which I also think is one of the most atrocious ports I've ever, ever seen. #9.1.1
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This is what you call 1st tier development, people. A team like Irrational or Valve or Naughty Dog that produce content at such a high level, that they simultaneously inspire and blow away those that are beneath them. Who else would have taken a concept as rich as Bioshock, maintained the feel, but created an entirely new, masterful design? None too many.

If you can't already tell, this trailer has made me change my underwear. #7
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I can assure you unequivocally that Borderlands 2 blows the original out of the water. I legitimately HATED the first game for the same reasons. Borderlands 2 has so much variety. It's the perfect sequel and well worth checking out. #2.1.2
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Edge don't mess around, but neither do Criterion. Can't wait for this bad boy to drop. #4
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Re-playability will vary. It's a huge game with a heap of side-quests. I finished it just over a year ago, but I didn't do absolutely everything. I must have logged about 35 hours in all. With that said, I'm willing to play through the Director's Cut in a second. The driving and the map screen are probably the worst things about it from memory, but I imagine they will have fixed both. #5.1.2
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It shouldn't be too highly priced, given the original game was about $20-30 bucks. Quite frankly, the game is well worth a full price release. It's staggeringly weird and wonderful. #5.1
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This exact thing happened to me. Comes down to poor game design. You'd think the area with the most light would be a safe-haven or the key to survival, but you'd be wrong. For the sake of theatrics I had the car slam into me twice as well.

Surely RE6 has some of the cheapest attacks/"scares"/dea ths in recent memory? I've never seen anything like it. Another part that bugged the hell out of me was the mine-cart section in Leon's campaign. You're... #1
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FOV is set to 90, hence the screen stretch. You can alter the settings because it isn't a mod. It's careful tweaking done to the color palette to make it look different. #3.1
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I think it's important to give any new IP its dues, especially when it turns out as good as Dishonored. The game is far from perfect, no doubt. I think the soundtrack could be better, the controls a little tighter, the AI smarter, and the story more involved etc. but I don't think it detracts from the core of the game, which is excellent.

Consider the fact that this game doesn't even have a map, that's a developer that has confidence in its own level design,... #5
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At the very least, this guy is decent at the game. Usually you get some absolute mugs playing the game for cam footage. #8
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It is VERY reminiscent of Bioshock and Deus Ex: HR, both of which I feel are some of the best this generation has to offer.

Very deep, exemplary level and art design, numerous takedown options, what's not to like?

In terms of The Witcher 2, it doesn't really remind me of it, but it's similar in the sense that you have an open area with all sorts of cool little objectives that you can do at your own pace, but again, it's much closer to Deus Ex. #2.1.3
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Rooney's head in PES,

God help us. #5
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Max Payne 3 was a frustrating game for me. Level design that inhibited diving, the camera, the lack of enemy types, the horrendous and repetitive cutscene filters. I really felt that the game got a pass because 'Rockstar' was attached to it. Really though, aside from nice production values, it was about as generic a shooter as I've seen this generation. #8
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"It's bad enough that the game -- at its very best -- is so pedestrian, but to screw up in areas that even third-rate shooters manage to get right is something Capcom should find degrading. It's not enough to say that Resident Evil 6 is poor as a Resident Evil game. That alone implies there could be a quality experience if fans can get past their preconceptions and feelings of betrayal. No, Resident Evil 6 is poor by the standards of any game, not just the high ones set by its ow... #9
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Oh wow, cool to note. I just checked his profile so thanks for the heads up. The avatar is a hip-hop artist called MF Doom, who dons a mask at all times. I'm a big, big fan. Useless trivia I know, but it's good to know that there are more out there on N4G. #3.1.1
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Oh wait, you mean the game that was written by a woman and thus has no actual misogyny?

How is this even still an issue? #3
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I don't think Cliff is unfounded on his criticism for Uncharted 3, but I was disappointed by it for entirely different reasons.

He was even forced to make a note for N4G because he's so well aware of the rabid, entitled Playstation gamers that frequent this site. I'm a huge Playstation buff and have been forever alienated by the other fans on this site for being close-minded.

I'm sure this post will be riddled with disagrees, such is the natur... #21
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I'm still having performance issues with the game. I honestly didn't think it would trouble my GTX 670 at all, but once I'm in view of larger areas and towns, my frame-rate chugs. I have PhysX set to low and it doesn't seem to have changed at all. Is the game bottlenecking like this for anyone else? It's by no means game-breaking, but I think the game looks phenomenal at peak performance and I want to keep it that way.

Might have to wait for a driver updat... #1
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I pretty much accepted their apology when Vanquish dropped. Superb job on the PS3 version and a phenomenal game. Loved Bayonetta too, despite to the poor port job. #4
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