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Left 4 Dead: Who’s Ready for Another?

2h ago - In which the writer pines for a new installment of his favorite zombie-filled co-op shooter and s... | Culture

The changing face of death in video games

31d ago - VideoGamer: "Video games are growing ever more sophisticated, so why is the approach to digital d... | Industry

VGU Talks: Are Video Game Similarities Good Or Bad?

39d ago - "How many times have you looked at a game and felt like it looked liked another one? Have you eve... | PC

Top 12 Black Video Game Characters That Kick Ass

56d ago - To celebrate Black History Month, SheAttack has created a top 12 list of some of the most memorab... | PC

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The Survival of Horror

75d ago - GamingLives' Tim casts his evil eye over the survival horror genre and asks whether the introduct... | PC

Best New Horror of The Last Generation

87d ago - Over the past few years, several horror game hits have painted the gaming world red with intensit... | Xbox 360

4 Great Games To Play While High

96d ago - With new revolutionary laws being passed in states such as Colorado and Washington, I am lead to... | PC

Five Facts - Left 4 Dead

111d ago - Jack and Geoff talk all things Left 4 Dead in this week's episode of Five Facts! | PC

10 Most Psychotic Video Game Villainesses

113d ago - Arcade Sushi: "If one desires to descend into villainy, typically one must also lack a certain le... | PC

How Video Games Teach Valuable Life Lessons…Some Not Taught in School

115d ago - DualShockers writes: A dark quite room, locked away from the world. Empty pizza boxes thrown a... | Nintendo DS

What’s the Word? What is Your Favorite Game of the Last Generation?

122d ago - Rob writes, "My topic for today’s segment will be one that I am sure you all saw coming. With... | Wii

New Blizzard Game Led by Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead Developer

125d ago - Blizzplanet reports two new findings about a new Blizzard unannounced game. The new team is si... | PC

The 10 Greatest Horror Games Of This Generation

159d ago - Bloody Disgusting lists the ten greatest and most influential horror video games of this generation. | PC

The Best Zombie Games of This Generation

160d ago - While video games weren’t the sole contributing factor to the zombie craze that took over the pop... | Culture

Let's Retro: Left 4 Dead Demake

163d ago - Isaiah and Mason play the demake of Left 4 Dead | Retro

Top 10 Horror Games

163d ago - Always Go Left writes: Tis the season to get sh*t scared…tralalala la la la la. As a huge horr... | PC

Top 10 Zombie Games

165d ago - Alex St-Amour from 3GEM writes: 'Well, we here at 3GEM love Halloween and zombies so much that we... | Culture

Warp Zoned Rewind: Scariest Games

165d ago - Warp Zoned writes: "The newest entry in our Warp Zoned Rewind series, our look back at the sev... | PC

2013’s Best Zombie Is A Blind, Cannibalistic Fungus

165d ago - Reid would like a 10-year break from zombies. I’d like every developer currently planning their n... | PS3

Pixel-Fright-Us: Zombies and the walking undead

166d ago - (Editor’s note: In celebration of Halloween, the Pixelitis staff is outlining 31 of their favorit... | GameCube

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The Top 5: Scariest Video Games

166d ago - This week the members of the Gamer Horizon crew each list off their 5 scariest games. | PS2

Top Ten Scariest Video Game Enemies

166d ago - A top ten of the scariest enemies in Video Games | GameCube

Faces of Fear - Scary Stuff From My Favorite Games

168d ago - Mike writes, "In honor of Halloween coming up later this week, I was trying to think about a favo... | PC

Why Do Gamers Love Zombies?

173d ago - As a part of GamrMag's Zombie Week, Christian Orkibi takes a look into the psychology of gamers w... | Culture

The Ten Best Zombie Games

176d ago - GamR Mag Writes: "We have seen nearly every possible scenario of zombies featured in games, from... | GameCube
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Left 4 Dead

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Release Dates
PC Release Dates
EU 21 November 2008
US 18 November 2008
AU 20 November 2008
PS3 Release Dates
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EU 21 November 2008
US 18 November 2008
AU 20 November 2008
JP 22 January 2009