Valve responds to L4D2 boycott

Valve responds to L4D2 boycott. Amidst the retaliation from gamers due to the hasty announcement of L4D2. Gabe Newell has issued a response to in an effort to ease the tension from many of the L4D supporters.

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prunchess3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Are milking this cash cow for every red cent they can get, while they can get it.

A petition with 25,000 gamers that have bought L4D saying they won't buy L4D2 is something Valve should take seriously.

iamtehpwn3323d ago

At This point, why is there a sequel to L4D? I mean,The first one just  came out not too long ago o_O

WhittO3323d ago

that petition has gone up 5 thousand in just a few days!!

Also people who are saying its just ps3 owners, erm - how when the people who are signing the petition have steam accounts meaning they can just play L4D on their PC's ?

IdleLeeSiuLung3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Most of those people are probably PC owners. We get a new CoD, Madden and a host of other games every year with not complaints, so what is up with the complaints?

I understand Valve supports their games longer, but still.... To be fair, Valve sold 3 million copies so 25k is a drop in the bucket.

Pistolero3323d ago

Out of the millions of people that bought Left 4 Dead how in the world would it be surprising if 20,000 of them very also PS3 owners? That's not hard to believe at all. Then of course some of them are also just PC gamers that are upset because they think Valve won't support it the way that they expect them to. It isn't that hard to believe at all that many of those boycotters are ps3 fans. Nobody knows how many though.

SuperM3323d ago

Lol why would a ps3 owner care if Valve doesnt make games for the PS3 if hes playing Left4Dead on his gaming PC. If you really think these people are PS3 fanboys then you are pretty frickin el s't'upido. And also 25000 is a conciderable amount. Sure you could say its a drop in the ocean compared to 3 million, but how many people will not buy Left4Dead2 but just wont bother signing up for a boycot? Im guessing alot, im one of them.

GarandShooter3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Any company that surveys their customers will tell you that only a very small percentage respond. They also tell you that the people who do complain are only a fraction of the people who remain quiet, possibly bad mouth you to other customers/potential customers and never give you business again. This is in no way insignificant.

DavidMacDougall3323d ago

Cause they games are complete!

Im sick of hearing the same old "...but EA do it every year why not valve..." .They can release L4D2 all they like, i'll probably buy it down the line but this petition to me is just making sure they don't just skip onto the next one and save themselfs some money by f**king their PC fanbase over.

This petition has already got Gabe to say there is lots of content coming to L4D

"In addition to the recently released Survival Pack, we are releasing authoring tools for Mod makers, community matchmaking, 4x4 matchmaking, and more new content during the coming months for L4D1..." (

If the petition wasn't their whos to say they could just take there ideas and put them in L4D2 and just forget about the first?

really duh3323d ago

Looks like PS3 fans are angry they are making another AAA so Soon.

evrfighter3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

I'm a pc gamer. If you've actively followed this boycott and read up on the steam community forums. You would understand that this is NOT the resentment of PS3 fanboys. If it were they would actually be helping the cause of 360/pc l4d owners.

You may think that 25k is a drop in the bucket but that's 25k refusing to pay full price for this game. I would imagine there are probably at least 20k more people that won't that havn't signed this. when you look at the numbers. That's a guaranteed $2 million dollars they won't have. A million dollars isn't a drop in the bucket to any company. Valve isn't EA, M$, or Sony. This is when serious decisions have to be made.

Like I've said many many times here @ n4g. PC gamers speak with their wallets unlike the console gamer, who eats up mediocre crap and spreads their buttcheeks for DLC all year long. Valve has acknowledged the boycott and will more than likely meet the group halfway.

Take notes console gamers. This is how you get more bang for your buck.

Jack Meahoffer3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

That's all this is.

We should boycott Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Madden, FIFA and many other games. There is no difference. Zero.

These whiney delusional self important idiots should be ashamed. I'd be ashamed to have my name on that list of douches. Don't buy the game if you don't like it along with every other game that releases every single year.

And the first L4D was "complete" so that reasoning is not valid in my opinion. I bought L4D. One of the major reasons the game is so great is the director and how the game has so much replayablity. It was built that way. Not to have 100 levels. And they're still giving content to the first game so people need to chill out.

No Way3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

You hafta be frickin el s't'upido to not think PS3 fanboys are signing the petition..
As soon as it reached N4G, I knew a few 100 already signed up.

Seriously, would you be surprised? I sure as hell wouldn't.
Same can be said if it was a PS3 game, and x360 owners were signing the petition..

Struz3323d ago

It's alllllways about the PS3 fans.

pumpkinpunker3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

a 25k petition is nothing. this game will sell millions. Valve really doesn't care. Someone probably brought it up in an interview and they gave an answer. Besides the little b$tches signing the petition know nothing about Valve and probably just have sand in their vaginas because they should know that Valve still supports CS (a game released in the nineties) to this day even though CS: Source (its sequel) has been out for years.


mebob, you should change your name to kneel and bob. I've been gaming since the eighties and playing Valve games back when the original Half-life was less than a year old.

to be honest, most 360 fanboys really don't care about the PS3. we're happy you have a system and we're happy you think that you have games we want. notice that MGS on the 360 isn't really a big deal in the 360 community? 360 fanboys aren't living in the nineties, early 2000s when MGS was a top franchise.

Truthfully, 360 fanboys really just don't like having a bunch of sony fanboys trolling every 360 related topic with negativity or spreading a bunch of BS about the 360. it gets annoying.

mebob3323d ago

funny how most people who defends valve's decision on L4d2 are mostly xbox owners. Shows you the how how far they go just to be able to have half an exclusive games over the ps3. Here everyone is trying to get valve to make l4d2 more cheaper or even free by making it an expansion pack, yet their are still fanboys who are willing to pay the full price to be able to claim it as an "exclusive" full game for their system.

i'm a pc owner, and i don't really give a crap what valve charge or does to ld42 i usually buy the game once they go down in price anyway. Just sick and tired of xbox fanboys who regularly claimed game exclusivity even though its also coming to the PC.

SaberEdge3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Look, I bought the first one, it was a ridiculously fun game and was worth every penny I spent on it. Downloadable content came along and it was FREE. Valve is telling us they have more on the way. Honestly, what is there to complain about? I just don't understand it at all.

You say the boycotters are trying "to make l4d2 more cheaper or even free by making it an expansion pack" as if that is a good thing. Sure, wouldn't it be nice if every game was free, but of course that is not how things work. I would rather pay for it to be honest. Valve are one of the most talented developers in the world and they have given me some of the best gaming moments of my life with Half Life, Half Life 2, Portal, Left 4 Dead and others. I think talent like that deserves to be rewarded, not pressured to give away their stuff for free just because we have a society that thinks the world owes them something.

Edit @ mebob. Reading over your comments makes one thing clear: you are not just some concerned PC gamer. More like a PS3 fanboy with an axe to grind.

Consoldtobots3323d ago

I think anyone in here making dumb comments about Ps3 fans being behind this are trolling, should have their comment removed and spend a nice vacation in the open zone.

mebob3323d ago

"Edit @ mebob. Reading over your comments makes one thing clear: you are not just some concerned PC gamer. More like a PS3 fanboy with an axe to grind."

I can say the same about you after reading your comments that you sound like a 360 fanboy and i don't even have a ps3.........(although i would want one but the price for it atm it isn't worth it imo. and i don't buy a 360 for obviuos reasons. Most game on it i already played on my pc)

"Sure, wouldn't it be nice if every game was free, but of course that is not how things work."

Of course that is not "how things work" if we just sit and do nothing about it. Hence why there is a reason for the boycott to change "how things work" and to stop valve from turning into the next EA.

"Valve are one of the most talented developers in the world"

Thats your opinion, but imo they seem more lazy then talented. Seems to me they only made handful of good games and depend on modders to makes the rest (skins, maps, game modes etc...). And the fact that they can't make games for ps3 proves to me that they are just lazy. but this is just my opinion.

"I think talent like that deserves to be rewarded, not pressured to give away their stuff for free just because we have a society that thinks the world owes them something."

They don't have to give it away for free, like i said they could just sell it as an expansion. And whats wrong with making it an expansion since most people already owns l4d.

Until they can justify the price i will not change my opinion.

SaberEdge3323d ago

Look, it has the amount of content and new features as any full game should, so why do you think it should be sold as an expansion and not a full game? Would you ask for Assassin's Creed 2 or Uncharted 2 to be sold as an expansion? Because honestly, that's exactly what you are doing here. More downloadable expansions will be coming for the first L4D so don't worry.

Another problem is, if they sold it as an expansion how would new users be able to buy it and enjoy it?

It has all the qualities of a full sequel and should be sold as a full retail sequel.

blackstuff3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

I thought the arguement being put across was that the L4D community was going to be split and thus affecting the quality of the multiplayer gaming quality? But instead we have the console war debate going on, again. Either way, I don't see how the content Valve has laid on the table infront of us at E3 warrants reason enough to release a whole new stand-alone game. Like when BF2142 was release everybody cried it was just a glorified mod, which it was and it did stop me from going out and buying it. As far as I can see, L4D is still selling strongly and the servers are still packed with gamers, so why do something that might be counter-productive to that? Who knows, by the time L4D 2 comes out, all that might have died down.

I'm not really fussed, I'll prolly buy the game anyway. Valve do a great job, they are constantly on the ball and I can't fault them in any way, shape or form. If there was a gaming service i'd recommend to a friend, it would undoubtley be STEAM for their high level of quality service. Adios!

edhe3323d ago

No, it's not something they should take seriously as it's just a bunch of silly people that feel entitled to more than they have.

They bought a game, and are complaining there's a new one? P!ss off.

All it means is that if all of them don't buy it, they'll only sell 25k less of millions.

skottey3323d ago

If you believe any more than 5% of these petition signers will actually boycott the game, I have a bridge to sell you!

They will be standing next to me the Tuesday the game is released, buying their copies too.

L4D2 will outsell the first game. It is your loss if you don't want to buy it. I'll bet you change your mind though.

Grandizer3323d ago

Bring me sequels quick.

I get tired of shooters quick because I have a short attention span and I am glad when developers feed me with more as fast as they can.

Welcome L4D2. Quit whining!

They deserve to milk my piggy bank, at least, they milk it way less often than MMO devs do.

poopface13323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Because these complainers are sad losers. IF you dont like it then keep playing L4d1. If you think that all the modders will move on to L4D2 then get off your lazy azz and start making some mods yourself. Its not valves problem if they want to release a sequel a year later, it a problem for the sad sacs who want to complain like little sissys.

Regardless of L4D2 I guarantee you that valve will support L4D1 more than any other companys support their games.

A few months after release youll be able to buy L4D2 for like 20$ on steam anyways. L4d has been offered for only 10$ on steam a couple times already. The sooner L4D2 comes out, the sooner youll be able to get it for 10$.

ANd NOOOOOO: valve sure doesnt need thes money form theese 25,000 people. Not at all. The own Steam which more than likeley brings in way more money than XB live.

Im surprised these people who paid full price are complaining about this but didnt complain the few times valve sold the game for 10$.


MABY YOU THINK IM AN XBOT but, Ive been playing valve games much longer than there has ever been an xbox, and valve are the best FPS makers ever, regardless of what butt hurt ps3 fanboys like to say about gabe.

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skatezero2463323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Microsoft was lacking games?

SumRandomDude3323d ago

I am a PS3 owner, but I also have a good PC. It sux that they're releasing a sequel so quick but what can we do to stop them. IMO, L4D got boring after the first few months. :\ As long as they keep up the work with TF2 i'm happy. ^_^

JsonHenry3323d ago

The people complaining are just used to valve giving them free content after free content. I mean, just look at Team Fortress 2! Two years after release they still give free stuff away to people who bought the game.

Whatever. A new sports game is released every year with minimal content except updated rosters and people have no problem spending money on this.

We all know the people who bought L4D are gonna buy L4D2 regardless of how much they whine about not getting it as free content.

Kushan3323d ago

I completely disagree. There are two extremes to this argument: 1) L4D2 should be a full priced game and 2) L4D2 should be free content.
I don't think either is correct. L4D2, to me, screams "expansion". It takes L4D and adds a few new bits and pieces here and there, but nothing to really warrant a full sequel.

What Valve should do is offer it as an addon for L4D (aka DLC for the 360 version) and release a special edition of L4D that has all the content as a full priced game. L4D may have been a full priced title when it was released, but a year later it should have dropped in price anyway. That way, if you've already got L4D, it's only the price of an expansion but if you don't have L4D, you can pay one full price to get the original and this. This isn't anything revolutionary, it's pretty much how all PC games with expansions have worked for years now.

GarandShooter3323d ago

@ Kushan

Completely agree.

evrfighter3323d ago

L4d2 IS an expansion. I'm sure the younger gamers out there expect this to be free. But any gamer with a head on his shoulders knows they should dish out at least $15-$20 for this.

omni_atlas3323d ago

I don't buy sports games every year. You're a moron if you do.

JsonHenry3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Again, it all amounts to people wanting to pay less (or nothing at all) for the sequel. You haven't played the game. At most you have only watched the E3 videos.

The game has a campaign (according to Valve) that is longer than L4D. It has over 22 new weapons. It has ALL the game modes including the the DLC game modes that came out for L4D. All new characters. New monsters. Melee combat (totally new to the series).

Sounds a lot like a full sequel to me.

** EDIT - I agree, anyone who buys sports game every year is wasting money in my book.

No Way3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

How do you know it doesn't warrant a full sequel when you know almost nothing?
Sure, they said some things but I'm positive there will be hidden goodies.
Besides, there is enough new content known to warrant a sequel.

I don't understand why this is such a big deal, anyway..

Kushan3323d ago

Oh that's easy, it takes more than 1 year to make a full sequel these days. Especially with Valve.

Grandizer3323d ago

People are whining with their belly full of Zombie chunks.

No Way3322d ago

It'll have been a year by the time it releases, will it not?

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Gamer_Politics3323d ago

so i guess call of duty doesnt come out every year?people need to stop bein so foolish Valve will continue to support L4D even though part 2 is coming out this year

WhittO3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Call of Duty is developed by an entire different developer and is an entirely new game, Infinity Ward dont release a MW each year do they ?

L4D2 is developed by the same devs and the changes could prob be implemented in a patch, but they are putting it in a new game and charging $60 instead.

Think of GTA DLC, that was huge but they didnt price it and make it GTA 5 did they?! (even though they prob could have because was large DLC), but thats what Valve are doing..

iamtehpwn3323d ago

You may get a new Call of Duty, or Final Fantasy spin off every year, but each one is a new game, with its own Individual Spirit and theme.

L4D2 is simply too early. No one's mad at them for beginning development as soon as the first one was done, most developers do this for popular sequel but in reality...

Whats STUPID of Valve is revealing and releasing the title this early with Practically no changes to the original--An Expansion pack more then anything.

Gamer_Politics3323d ago

so your saying if another dev company was making L4D2 it would be alright long as its not coming from valve?MW2 is nothing accept call of duty with differnt name.....

WhittO3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Actually yes thats part of it, it would be like Insomniac releasing a Resistance each year or Naughty Dog releasing an Uncharted every year, there is simply TOO LITTLE time for development of the game for it to have any real differences/improvements etc (think Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2, big difference its an ENTIRELY new game and not Uncharted 1 with some new environments - 2+ years of development).

Good games take time to develop, usually 2+ years, 1 year to develop and complete an entire game is way too short! (if the game was going to be any good that is anyway, and not some DLC which is being shown as a new game?)

Gamer_Politics3323d ago

why dont you wait until the game is finished?then you can pass judgements about whats been improved or not...none of us on these game forums really know anything about the game yet...but are quick to judge something we havent played or seen real gameplay of....

XxSpiiKeZxX3323d ago

whats the difference between modern warfare and world at war??
a huge difference...sure the gameplay is about the same but the experiance is different
L4D2 is being released way too early but the problem is, is that it lookz the same even halo:odst didnt come a year after halo 3
teh thing is is that pple dnt want to spend 60$ ona game that can be easily patched

GarandShooter3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Isn't defending a game we know nothing about just the other side of the coin that criticizing a game we know nothing about is?

irish-leprecaun3323d ago

same with cod6. if lfd2 was developed by a different developer starting 2 years ago it would be ok and would have time for it to be a proper sequel instead of a an update!

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Troll-Killer3323d ago

...the squatting black dude looks like Charles S. Dutton. :D

skottey3322d ago

You racist SOB!!!!!

Just kidding... didn't even know who you were talking about until I googled his name... then I recognized him. Similarly looking but all blacks look alike. Just kidding!