PS3 Shuts Up Gabe Newell

Gabe Newell stated that the PS3 is a bad console, a failure, and that Sony should stop making it and try again. He refuse to develop games for the PS3 console because of its hard-to-develop-for cell, or so he says...

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HoangLow3307d ago

look at killzone 2, it cant be that hard

sonarus3307d ago

Gabenewell is dying to make PS3 games but microsoft won't let him. He is still on microsoft pay roll. He used to work there before he formed valve. He is depressed that he can't make PS3 games and he eats cus he is depressed so now he looks like a donut

TheHater3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Please tell me you are joking. From several interviews I read from this guy, he truly hate the PS3 and Sony.
Edit: @the disagrees.
The man actually came out and said he hates the PS3 and Sony.

PataponKnight3307d ago

Lol Hater its sarcasm, and Gabe is seriously a fat slob, just look at the pic lmao.

sonarus3307d ago

lol i am in a really silly mood. Guage the seriousness of the stuff i say with your own discretion

Cryxen3307d ago


pardon the caps =D

Why dis3307d ago

We'll be saying that about other titles soon whats your point?

LoVeRSaMa3307d ago

Gabe-a the Hut: "Kaz han-SOLO "

eagle213307d ago

he should be mad at the grocery store or call his local gym a failure. He probably thinks the RROD is caused by someone other than microsoft.

Why dis3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Don't kid yourself Resi 5 looks better than KZ2 I give KZ2 some lighting effects edge *not* the textures and detail,sharpness and a more photo real edge.

RememberThe3573307d ago

Your eyes suck...

On topic: I remember reading an interview he did with Game Informer where he flat out said he hated the PS3 and said Sony should scrap it a start over. It was one of the dumbest things I have ever read.

no-spin3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

oh no i think the world stopped.
that fatso hates Sony and PS3, wow what a life he leads, awesome
so he is so full of $hit that he hates a company and a console
what a loser, i think the PS3 is better off without his greasy face


man i truly dont give a fck about what three chins monster thinks

TheHater3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Did you just said RE5 look better than Killzone 2? Why dis, I believe you need to see an Optometrists for your vision because apparently they are going bad. Killzone 2 is the best look Console game release this generation by far.

I believe the Killzone 2 demo comes out at 2AM EST time tonight on the UK PSN store. Well that what I was told by a guy on my buddy list. He is also up wait for the demo. I will be up until 2, if it isn't on the UK store, then I am going to sleep

RebornSpy3307d ago

You just went there!

Honestly, I don't care which game has better graphics, as I will be getting both.

And I could also care less about Gabe's feelings towards the PS3. I have both a PS3 and a 360, as well as a PC, so as long as he keeps putting out awesome games, I'm fine with whatever he has to say.

TheHater3307d ago

I believe the reason he hates Sony and the PS3 has something to do with the Playstation 2. He complain that the Playstation 2 was hard to program for, and it was worthless also. Look what happen to the Playstation 2.

MURKERR3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

your upset that ps3 has raised the bar for graphics but why? thats the question that you need to ask yourself

guess what?..ill be having fun on the kz2 demo later today to experience the unmatched graphics for myself :)

doG_beLIEfs3307d ago

Killzone 2 says hi
Heavy Rain says hi
God of War 3 says hi
Uncharted 2 Among Thieves says hi
Gran Turismo 5 says hi

every one or those games are not out yet...but they all or nearly all will be by the end of the year. Each and every one...chits all over any exclusive 360 game just in terms of graphics. The size of the games levels KZ2 specifically CANNOT be done on the 360.

I am NOT dissing the 360, I am just stating the case that Gabe is full of chit...and he knows it deep down past his Bill Gates Underoos. hard to develop for hard to develop for hard to develop for

hmmm, me thinks me sees a pattern here.

The PS1 and PS2 too hard to develop for stage lasted 2 years. The PS3 too hard to develop for stage lasted...TWO YEARS.

Gabe, insert foot in know you can do it, you could put the planet Earth in your mouth if you wanted too.

PataponKnight3307d ago

Poor why dis, your not supposed to look directly at the Red ring or you'll go blind :O.

Rock Bottom3307d ago

Ever been to kindergarten?

Cause that where they teach the meaning of "better" and how to make a "better than" comparison that makes sense.

3307d ago
Why dis3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Those pics I posted show the real reason why RE5 is attacked.

I only doing this so "my opinion" has some backing from my point of view.

I tried to match time of day, locations and color of environments.

You can see that KZ2's visuals are actually over hyped and that the character models are actaully on par with early games of this generation, never mind the textures and detail and photo realism of RE5.

Danja3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Seriously does the PS3 even need a game from the fat prick ?..I think not

L4D is on par with the quality of PSN games.....

just make sure we get Half Life 3...on the PS3..though....XD

@Why Dis / POG

no one is attacking RE:5 we all know the game looks good but you now damn well it doesn't look better than KZ2...

I understand that you are trying to prove that the 360 can produce good graphics like the PS3 can...

But guess what RE:5 is also coming to the PS3 stop acting like it's a 360's a shame when you have to draw for a multi-plat game to prove how powerful ur console is...when the game looks the same on the PS3....

Uncharted 2 says already looks better than RE:5

Vecta3307d ago

Look at Killzone, it cant be that hard?

Are you kidding? No of course its not hard, it would just cost them 60 million dollars to make...

Maybe a better example would of been a lower budget but still amazing game like Uncharted.

cayal3307d ago

Looking at that gluttonous pig makes me sick. He'll never get my money.

solidsnakus3307d ago

wow... just wow. this isnt news or even has anything to do with gabe newll. this dumbass fanboy just wanted to get back at him after gabe showed his dislike for the ps3 like 2 years ago.... its just so sad this guy has been keeping this anger in him all this time only to come out with some stupid craap about killzone 2 looking better than anything on 360. its a pretty stupid example cause killzone 2 has taken over 4 years to develop now. yea im shure killzone 2s 4 year dev time clearly points out the ps3 is the best console...*looks over at how amazing crysis looks* and it came out 2 years ago

Spydiggity3307d ago

with both this valve guy and the guy who wrote the article.

you can't compare valve games currently to killzone because they are running along different time lines.

the source engine was developed from like 2001-2004. and it still a very nice looking engine. of course it doesn't touch killzone. but killzone 1 didn't touch the source engine. and when half life 3 comes out in like 2'll be the next best thing. so please don't bother comparing. valve is a great company and i don't think we should be saying anything against them cuz they have been an amazing developer for years and years.

either way, the valve guy is gay for saying that about ps3, but the guy that wrote the article is gay for trash talkin valve

smturner683307d ago

Uhh. Gabe isn't GAY at all, or you wouldn't be able to tell because of his opinions on a game console.

If he was gay it would mean he is attracted to men. Not liking the ps3 doesn't make anyone gay. For you to suggest that, or use the word gay in the same way that a fifth grader does, DOES make you look stupid.

I am gay, and I love my ps3. So suckit.

Alvadr3307d ago

He should go on a diet

solidsnakus3307d ago Show
masterg3307d ago

Somebody submit that picture to

I remember him bashing the PS3 before it was out.
I little more time at the gym a little less time bashing.

anh_duong3307d ago

ps3 shuts up gabe but a carefully positioned donut can do the opposite

LinuxGuru3307d ago

@ Whydis

Try posting some pics from the most recent build of KZ2 at FULL RESOLUTION.

You seriously are slow, aren't you?

Antan3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Res 5 better gfx than KZ2?................rriigghhtt ....Do me a favour POG, send me some previews of RES 5 claiming gfx superiority...............what s that? oh you can`t. Not to worry. Hey, hows that Ferarri project coming along though?

JoySticksFTW3307d ago

The only thing that can shut him up is maybe a doughnut... or a cupcake... maybe a twinkie

Keowrath3307d ago

Ignore Why Dis, It's so blatantly apparent that HE is Power of Green after his old account got destroyed for being such an ignorant fanboy. Nice going PoG, your Female tag isn't fooling anyone, you still respond to every graphic comparison article and your green goggles are still clouding your judgement. New account and already ignored by 80 odd people, nice one! I'm sure there's so much more you can do with your life than waste it by spending so much energy bashing the PS3 and any user that has one. Move on man, seriously.

Back on Topic, it's really nice to see this guy (Gabe) put in his place, Other devs have managed to program some great titles for the PS3 since very early on, just cos he can't get his head around the architecture. Oh well I'm one PS3 gamer that doesn't miss your titles on the system, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

(ROFL at his picture)

cayal3307d ago

"If he was gay it would mean he is attracted to men. Not liking the ps3 doesn't make anyone gay."

Don't think any gay guy would go for that fat turd.

SL1M DADDY3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

If he let's his personal feelings about hardware get in the way of him expanding his company and making more money. Too bad too, since he has some great games. Perhaps that is the problem, he has made some great games and now feels his opinion is worth more than your's and mine?

MasFlowKiller3307d ago

My Take On this:

You learn to program in a computer, the 360 architecture closely resembles that of a computers so

let say u used to work for BK and you wanted to transfer to wendy's or Dominos becuase they were close to your house so which one would you be more countable transferring too, the one similar to wat you currenly been doing or the one that requires more learning?

prunchess3307d ago

Well MS are Gabe's feeder.

MS - I feel so insecure and I'm worried Gabe will leave me, so I'll just keep filling him with pies then no one else will want him.

Gabe and Co. just don't have the smarts to develop for the PS3.

prowiew3307d ago

This hiphopgamer is hilarious.

Pennywise3307d ago

Why Dis you are even embarrassing the most hardcore 360 fans.

ChickeyCantor3307d ago

Killzone2, not that hard?
No of course not if SONY is supporting you 24/7 to help you on the development.

And can someone please QUOTE the exact words? seriously.

UltimaEnder3307d ago

N4G has jumped the shark with this article. It's not even news, it's an angry rant by an immature sad excuse for a journalist. Disagree all you want with what the guy from Valve said, by all means make your points, but this childish name calling is just sad. A sad day for N4G.

Tony P3307d ago

I have to agree with UltimaEnder, this is just sad. It's not news doesn't present any kind of argument. I've only read three articles from this Hydro1x guy, but they have all had the mark of immaturity and inexperience. This leads to comments that have absolutely nothing to do with gaming like insulting Gabe Newell's weight when it has nothing to do with Valve's (which is an entire corporation of at least 160) ability to make games.

This isn't the PS3 shutting up Gabe Newell. It's the ravings of a butt hurt gamer who thinks Valve doesn't work hard to make games. That's ignorance in the extreme. This guy needs to be kicked right out of reporting if he can't do so with competence.

This article is reported.

xwabbit3307d ago

Dk y he would hate a company....

ChampIDC3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Well, Valve doesn't really "make" games for 360. They do it for PC and port it. Regardless, Gabe just needs to shut his mouth and just say they didn't want to make it for the PS3 because they felt it was too difficult to be worth their time. No need to bash a system that's obviously in pretty good shape. Some people really need to learn how to talk to press without making a fool of themselves.

Also, I agree that this article is pretty pathetic.


and here i thought only a giant garbage bag full of donuts can only shut TUBZ up

Homicide3307d ago

Valve is a small company, and they don't have money to invest on developing for the PS3. And after the bomb on The Orange Box on PS3, I can understand why he doesn't want to make a PS3 game.

xwabbit3307d ago

lol Why this i cant believe u have so much bubbles when u have the nerve to say R5 has better graphics than kz 2 lol. I mean wow LOL, r you getting paid or something by M$ ? Cus dam you if your not you should get the fan boy award of 2009

JHUX3307d ago

What's sad is you always try to say your not a fanboy... "re5 looks better than kz2".. haha. Seriously stop trying, RE5 looks good, but when I compare gameplay videos (yes even the gameplay videos from the almighty xbox 360), there is really no contest. KZ2 definitely has it beat, you are the only person who thinks otherwise, well you and every other 360 fanboy that hates the ps3 as much as you do.

XxZxX3307d ago

somebody gonna have multiple by pass soon.

solar3307d ago

waaaaaaahhh! Gabe hates the ps3!!! waaaaahhhhh! he is fat and lazy!! waaaaaaahhhhh! kz2 looks better than crysis!! waaaaaaaaah!! RE5 looks better on ps3 than 360 at 720p! i swear!!

oh sorry, for some reason i turned into a Sony fanboy for a second there.

im sooo glad im a PC gamer. we dont argue like lil babies over stupid things like a developer not liking what i like or one jaggy in a game. you ppl need to grow up.

Bubble Buddy3307d ago

Well, looking at Gabe, he doesn't seem the type that's NOT lazy.. :P. Lose some pounds and be less lazy.

IcarusOne3307d ago

The true mark of maturity is when you attack the guy for being fat.

Half-Life 2. Portal. L4D. All genre defining. While they might not be the prettiest girl at the prom, they're the ones you can have over with your friends and drink beer and scratch yourselves and eat fart-inducing-nachos all night long.

I'll take anything from Valve over KZ2 any day.

Someone really needs to stuff a sock in Hip Hop's mouth and wrap his face with duct tape. Sony fanboys: find yourselves a new deusche-bag spokesman.

callahan093307d ago

Homicide: You think Valve is a small company? Ha! They own Steam, you know. The majority of PC games are purchased via Steam. It's a huge business and they are at the forefront of it. They also develop their own games, all of which sell in the millions. They've got the resources to develop for the PS3 if they so desired. Also, they didn't have anything to do with the Orange Box on the PS3, except that they provided the basis for the game. EA developed the PS3 version in-house, not Valve, and that's one reason why the game wasn't as well done on the PS3. For one, the developer had no connection to the original code of the game (in the sense that none of them had any hand in creating the original code, or designing the game, etc.) They were handed assets and told to make somebody else's game. No wonder it wasn't as good as if Valve had made it. The reason the game sold poorly on PS3 is because every critic in the world made for damn sure that everybody knew it was inferior. Some even called it unplayable (which is a farce, because it's perfectly playable, just not flawless in comparison to other versions of the game).

Homicide3307d ago

Gabe Newell isn't the only who agrees that PS3 is hard to develop for. Valve lost all its PS2 profits with the PS3.

I just love how hiphopgamer compares KZ2 to any Valve game. VALVE DOESN'T HAVE $40-60 MILLION TO WORK ON A GAME!!!

callahan093306d ago

"Valve lost all its PS2 profits with the PS3."

Care to explain? I don't know what you're talking about (seriously).

Spydiggity3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

i'm sure you are a very smart homosexual. and being that you are a very smart homosexual, i'm sure that you are aware that for very many years the term gay didn't have anything to do with sexuality. it meant happy. today YOU and other ppl choose to use the term gay to describe your preference for penis rather than vagina. i am okay with you having that preference but since we're discussing the use of language, we should probably make it clear that words can be used in place of other words that don't have much to do with their original intended meaning. for example. you called me might also call me dumb. but dumb is actually a word that describes a person that cannot speak.

please don't bring my intelligence into question because you took offense to my use of the word "gay". it's about context, not word choice. I, in no way, meant to imply that newell is a homosexual. and you know what i meant. i am sorry you took that personally, and i cannot help you deal with your insecurities. i'm proud of you for admitting that you are 'gay' and i would like to admit that i am 'straight'-- another word that has nothing to do with sexuality...and yet i choose to use it that way just as you and many others would. now please, don't address me with your nonsense and try to single me out unless you have some valid points to make.

@solar: i completely agree. nobody in the pc community gets into this kinda stuff. i own ps3 and 360 and i rarely play either now that i've built my new pc. plus have 10 dollar cheaper games, free updates, and limitless user-made content is a huge bonus.

edit: if it was hiphopgamer who started this thing about killzone 2 being the best looking game ever...i've spoken to hiphopgamer quite a few times on xbox live and he's admitted to me that he knows nothing about PC gaming. he speaks only on behalf of console games. and he's also bias. so don't put a lot of credibility in claims that it's the best looking game ever. it is a very beautiful game and does rival most console games. but on pc, it would be about a generation behind.

Lifendz3306d ago

seriously HHG, if you want to be on an "IGN" level, you have to at least proof read your stuff.

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Huh3307d ago

you know i think microsoft are giving gabe newel papajohn coupons so thats why left 4 dead is not on ps3

BattleAxe3307d ago

@ Chasegamez

You said that so....eloquently.

cactuschef3307d ago

I second the papa johns coupon idea.

LoVeRSaMa3307d ago

and by coupons you mean Food stamps right?

Dino3307d ago

it looks like his head is swallowing his ears

Consoldtobots3307d ago

while I do agree that Gabe is a fanboy first and developer second.
DO we have to hear it from these guys? They are just embarrassing.

Condemnedman3307d ago

"he's a fat peace of [email protected]"
coming from someone who cant spell that must really worry him !!!!!! USE SPELL CHECK you Thick Piece of [email protected]

Bubble Buddy3307d ago

IcarusOne: Ok fine. He's fat and he can't find new ways to develop for games because he's too lazy and fat eating everyday. Happy?

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rucky3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

He hasn't develop a game for the PS3 at all so that alone should be enough reason for him to shut his mouth.

tocrazed4you3307d ago

this article wins, it is true valve this generation has not created a shooter like killzone 2 to match it. left 4 dead? come on its fun but no way in killzone 2's quality.