Left 4 Dead DLC Not Free on Xbox 360: Why?

Gamer writes: "This week Valve cames with the news that a new campaign is to come for Left 4 Dead. The content is for PC users free to download, but people in possession of an Xbox 360 should be pay 560 Microsoft points. The question that this news is obviously called for Xbox 360 users must pay for something while the PC distribute this DLC for free?"

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KionicWarlord2223085d ago

So it` all Microsoft fault...


TIKUP3085d ago

Microsoft when will you learn....

MGOelite3085d ago

i believe you are learning kionic

Hellsvacancy3085d ago

U can get ALL of the Call Of Duty dlc on the Pc 4 free but yet if u own a console u get charged an arm and a leg - i wouldnt expect anythin different 2b honest

-Mezzo-3085d ago

But DLC should always be free.

erathaol3085d ago

I'm sure Valve gets a cut of the profits made for the DLC sold, along with MS, so both parties share wealth in this sale. PC gamers got it made, free DLC and fun Mod's made by loyal fans.

gamesR4fun3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

doubt it if ur reading the comments here.

now if they gave something away free that would b news

Blaze9293085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

lets not all put the blame on Microsoft here. Look at Valve and releasing L4D2 just a year after L4D1 again for $60. You all don't think that maybe they have become money hungry as with anyone else now?

I DOUBT they actually had this new DLC planned for L4D1 but cooked it up in result of all the backlash and broken L4D1 promises meaning they interrupted a tight business schedule. When you interrupt something like that, that cost TIME and MONEY. Of course they can't charge on PC becuase there it would be pointless. Modding community would just pirate it or make a version themselves. On the 360, that's the only place Valve could recover losses for making this DLC.

I doubt Microsoft chooses the price for DLC for EVERY game like people think so. That's complete BS. Otherwise ummm, why are DLC that comes out on the 360 and PS3 both similarly priced? Or for instance look at Stranglehold, was like 1200 points for a MAP pack. That was ALL Midway's doing. I really doubt Microsoft sets a price for anything they didn't publish and Left 4 Dead is something they are not involved with. Only thing they set prices for is for XBLA games and things they publish, like Halo maps being 800MSP for only three -_-

Fox013085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Hmm... M$ isn't involved with LBP or Killzone 2 and yet both games DLCs aren't free.

cRaZyLeGs 933085d ago

Well when money can be made, why not? Those who don't get it will wait for L4D2. I'm getting this dlc.

Pandamobile3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Valve could completely stop making games for ever and still turn out a higher yearly profit than most game developers.

And it IS up to Microsoft to set the price for the DLC even if they didn't publish the game. They have to download it using Microsoft's service, so that's why MS charges for stuff that the developer wants to be free.

When Valve makes a new DLC pack on PC, they have things called "Free weekends". I know, that term might be hard to understand for a console gamer but it's true. During the weekend of the DLC release, L4D is completely free to play for 3 days. This, in turn creates a HUGE spike of people buying the game that easily churns out more profit than paid DLC on the 360. This is why Valve is so profitable. Because they know what their customers want - and they give it to them.


I don't give two sh1ts about Sony. We're talking about L4D and Microsoft.

raztad3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )


This is a bit off topic but I want to get L4D on PC, however my intention is just to play it alone, not coop. Is your teammates AI good enough?

On topic: Sorry to say this but MS got the costumers it deserves. Faulty hardware? check, Pay for playing online? check, Pay for free DLC? check.

Blaze9293085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

"And it IS up to Microsoft to set the price for the DLC even if they didn't publish the game."

NO it is not. You know how silly that sounds? So for EVERY game Microsoft sets the price? So DLC that also come out on the PS3 with a price similar to the 360's, it's Microsoft's fault since they chose the price on the 360? Call of Duty Map Pack 3 is $10 on PS3, that's Microsoft's fault for making it 800MSP on the 360? TMNT was SUPPOSED to come out for 1200MSP by UBISOFT...that price was dropped to 800MSP ironically soon after Ubisoft reported that they are at a 50% lost. So that's Microsoft saying "awww, lets help Ubi out"?

That is just stupid to think Microsoft choose the price for everything that gets put up on XBLA. Yes, they DO set the prices for some like the games they publish and XBLA games as well as Indie games. Also themes and gamer pics and avatar clothing now I would guess. But as far as games from third parties, that's complete non sense. Like saying Infinity Ward comes to them with a map pack they want to charge $10 on but Microsoft says "no no no, only $5, take it or leave it", riiiiight, thats what happens.

I'm not attacking you or defending Microsoft becuase alot of what they do is from them being the notoriously greedy fools that they are. But like I said on your other comment, show me proof of everything you are saying, where Microsoft sets the price for the DLC even if they didn't publish it because hey, maybe I AM WRONG.

cmrbe3085d ago

if most if not all DLC on live is paid for?. MS is just setting standards. As some of you said. MS setting standards for xboxlive is better unlike PSN which we got mods for UT3 for free offcourse.

Its free on PC. This fact alone most likely means its not Valve behind this.

Pandamobile3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

The proof is that Valve doesn't want to charge for L4D DLC. Microsoft is forcing the price. So yes, Microsoft controls DLC prices.

Also what cmrbe said.

Blaze9293085d ago

"The proof is that Valve doesn't want to charge for L4D DLC. Microsoft is forcing the price. So yes, Microsoft controls DLC prices."

ROFL GREAT response. Thanks, I'm threw.

Eddie201013085d ago

Microsoft just will not give DLC away for free even though the PC equivalent of the games almost always gets the DLC for free. They had this problem With Epic games and Gears Of War, Epic wanted to give the DLC away for free but Microsoft made them charge for it. Its a common practice for game developers to give PC game customers extra content for free (Epic, Valve, sometimes Activision, Atari with The Witcher).

Microsoft is greedy.

HolaTarola3085d ago

Blaze929 reminding me the womans that take a beating from his drunk a**hole wife-beating husbands and still defended them, "wa-wa-wait officer, it's not his fault!!"

LOLTZ, pathetic fanboy is pathetic.

likedamaster3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

and charged us for it on Xbox live AND PSN but no one complained. It's the same here.

NCAzrael3085d ago


It is actually a known fact that while Microsoft does not control the price of DLC, they do strong arm developers into charging for the content. Sony is guilty of the same thing. Valve doesn't need to charge PC customers for content since they own the distribution method that PC gamers get said content from. Since they have to use Microsoft's and Sony's servers to supply the DLC (obviously not Sony in this case, just making a broad example), they are charged for the files, and both Microsoft and Sony pressure developers into passing that cost onto customers.

As for your comment on whether or not Valve had any plans for additional content for L4D, I think you need to review your history. Valve has always been about supporting their games, regardless of what new titles they have in the works. Look at Counter-Strike. While they may not be making maps for it anymore, they still release updates for it all the time, despite the fact that Counter-Strike: Source has as many if not more people playing it. L4D will be no different.

Shepherd 2143085d ago

Yep, using all that money from mowing a lawn really is kinda worse than an arm and a leg.

cmrbe3085d ago

Panda wasn't talking about Sony. What is this you don't understand?. It's about ms and valve and who is to blame for charging for x360 l4d dlc. I blame MS and if l4d was on PS3 and this dlc is not free then I also blame Sony but this not about Sony. Do you kids understand now?.

All-33085d ago

> Microsoft just will not give DLC away for free even though the PC equivalent of the games almost always gets the DLC for free. They had this problem With Epic games and Gears Of War, Epic wanted to give the DLC away for free but Microsoft made them charge for it. Its a common practice for game developers to give PC game customers extra content for free (Epic, Valve, sometimes Activision, Atari with The Witcher).

Some DLC for Gears of War --> was released on Xbox Live for --> FREE.

Hidden Fronts and the Flashback map pack, as well as the gold hammerburst were all offered for free.

"Epic thinks the way to maximize the return on Gears of War is to give the maps away for free and Microsoft thinks the way to maximize the return on Gears of War is to sell the maps," said Rein. "So what we've agreed to do is to put these maps on sale at a reasonable price then make them free a few months later. They did this with the original Halo2 map pack and it was a huge success. Lots of people bought the maps and lots of people downloaded them when they became free. That's what is going to happen and it seems like a fair compromise for both companies and a win-win for Gears players."

NCAzrael3085d ago


Yeah, Microsoft ended up giving away the Gears DLC for free, but it was widely publicized that Epic fought with Microsoft for a long time to get it that way, and even then they tried to make money off of it first. Face it, most developers do not want to charge for their DLC, and thanks to the fact that no single entity holds the reins when it comes to releasing content for PC games, developers aren't forced to charge for it. Thanks to all the file hosting sites out there as well as peer-to-peer (when used for legal file sharing), a developer doesn't have to worry about paying the overhead for all the bandwidth that gets used to download the content.

Microsoft, as well as Sony, have to pay for all of that bandwidth that they use to get that content to their consoles, and they pass that cost to either the developer or to the consumer. If the developer really wants to be financially responsible for the bandwidth they could probably get the content up for free, but most developers don't want to pony up the cash, especially if the console manufacturers charge them a bit more than the bandwidth costs in order to gain a bit of a profit. So really the developer is forced with a decision between spending a lot of money to get extra content to their customers or charing their customers a little bit of money and making some profit. In a business world it kind of makes sense to charge for it.

evrfighter3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

This has been an issue for Valve. They would like to give away their map packs for free but it is NOT up to them

"We contacted Valve to clarify and their VP of marketing Doug Lombardi informed us that, "The platform holder owns the final call." So just as we'd suspected, whether or not we see these maps for free is indeed up to Sony and Microsoft"

so there you go. Straight from the horses mouth

Raoh3085d ago

Read the article again people as well as compare your statements and look back at other free and paid dlc.

there is no other platform for killzone 2 to compare.

microsoft also has stated that publishers should charge.. but thats not only because they feel publishers should get paid (you know microsoft is actually selfless and thinks of developers and gamers first before thinking of themselves right?) LOL, it wouldn't be so that that they can charge a backdoor fee.

when it comes to multiplatform console games, microsoft cant charge DLC against free ps3 DLC for the same games, especially in the middle of a console war, but pc to console where the 360 is the only console with L4D they can make that decision. Epic games even spoke out about this.

Maintaining LIVE aint cheap?.. it would be free to gamers had MS used their money for the servers/service instead of buying out dlc that was actually a removed level that gamers were charged for. (tomb raider anyone?)

again the point is that if the developer wants to charge.. they should do so at their discretion. But if they don't want to charge, microsoft should not interfere.

please stop comparing sony exclusives by first and second party developers that are not on the pc to 360/pc games by a third party developer, its a terrible argument and comparison.

All-33084d ago

> Yeah, Microsoft ended up giving away the Gears DLC for free, but it was widely publicized that Epic fought with Microsoft for a long time to get it that way, and even then they tried to make money off of it first.

What about FREE Halo DLC?

Who fought with Microsoft about that? Microsoft owned Bungie and the Halo franchise.

What about Killzone 2 DLC? Who owns Guerrilla?

What about DLC for LittleBigPlanet... why isn't it ALL FREE?

The Console business isn't the same model as the PC business.

Blackfrican3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I seriously believe that Microsoft allows for the blame to be put on them, while the companies choose to sell their content. Numerous games have had entirely free content. It is difficult to believe that Microsoft charges 560 points to the developer per download of content, especially considering that this price is higher than a more standard 400 point value. Therefor, some of that money has to be going to Valve, which I believe is the majority of this money.

vhero3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Wow fishd your late GOW was the first one when they wanted to release their map packs for free and MS forced them to charge for them. Sure they made that stupid deal to get them free at a later date but they knew ppl would pay up to play them early as there was nothing worse than getting kicked off a map cycle mid way through a game every hour as you didn't have the latest maps.

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Pandamobile3085d ago

Microsoft will charge for anything. And they do. One thing I do know however is that there will be a number of comments in here that blame Valve for this.

Just to clarify: Valve does not want you to pay for DLC. This is strictly Microsoft's doing.

Lou-Cipher3085d ago

Valve has said some silly things in the past, but they are not thieves.

Greed at this level only comes from a company such as Microsoft.

STONEY43085d ago

Yup, same goes for most companies who give PC gamers free DLC and make the console owners pay for DLC, Microsoft makes them charge for it.

-Mezzo-3085d ago

i agree M4 is the one to blame no VALVE.

mastiffchild3085d ago

I remember a similar argyment when PC and PS3 llowed keyboard and mouse support and mods for their versions of UT3 and the 360 got less support.

I got L4D for 360 and PC and the treatment you get for them has been very different with many of the promises Valve made not materialising on the 360-not yet anyway.

Tehdaza3085d ago

Well what do you expect. PC versions of games always get better treatment because the devs have better and a more intimate interaction with the players. Especially with Valve games.

Blaze9293085d ago

Can you show me where Valve said they do not want to charge for this DLC? I want to see that becuase apparently you read that somewhere.

cmrbe3085d ago

this alone shows that Valve is not behind this as they would have charged for the PC as well if they wanted to.

Pandamobile3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

“The platform holder owns the final call.”

So there's your definitive proof that Microsoft is in charge of DLC pricing.

Blaze9293085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Of course they hold the final call. If EA wants to charge $20-$30 for some Fight Night Round 4 content you think the platform owner would allow that? I still dont see where Valve says, WE WANT THIS CONTENT TO BE FREE ON THE 360. What's so hard in saying that if thats what they really wanted? Going against rules that you cant speak on what Microsoft does? Mmmhmm sure.

Aaron Greenburg directly in THIS article just clarified they DONT do what people are thinking, set the prices. The "regulate" yes and put the content in a price range if they think the publisher is out of line. But he JUST said they dont set the prices. Apparently he's lying and the only way to believe them is instead coming from someone directly at Microsoft, we gotta hear it from a 3rd party to say it so they as a company won't look bad for trying to nickle and dime.

Perfect example, EA games. You HONESTLY think Microsoft/Sony are the ones setting the price for 256KB-1MB DLC "unlocks" for $10? Like NFS Prostreet for example, had DLC for $10 which was 426KB. REALLY think Microsoft/Sony were the ones behind that?

All those other games that are just unlocks already on the disc and come in like 500KB in size for $10 and above, really Microsoft's and Sony's doing? I think not

The Hunter3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Also the article stated that Valve doesnt want to charge DLC..

"It would be striking when Valve decided to make the content on the Xbox 360 at a cost to you. Especially after the recent deluge of criticism that the company has spread following the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2, which some fans too so soon after the release of Left 4 Dead is. It is also consistent with the philosophy of Valve, has always indicated that no money would charge for new content for their games."

So, especially also by the many criticisms regarding Left 4 Dead 2.. :)

Ravenor3085d ago

Valve has always been about free DLC, if it were entirely up to them I'm sure it would be free on the Xbox 360 too. 560 points is probably the minimum for a map pack/achievements.

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Gun_Senshi3085d ago

COD Maps for PC are free and on Consoles they cost Cash

rob60213085d ago

But all in all Sony gives the option to give it out for free or have it paid for, Microsoft doesn't. So because InfinityWard/activitision has to charge for the maps on xbox live, they would have a huge backlash if they didn't charge the same price on PSN - so they charge (I wouldn't be surprised if MS has rules that in order to offer dlc on xbl you cannot charge less on a competing console). It's that simple. Microsoft kind of screws both consoles over in this way for multi-platform dlc.

MetalGearBear 3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

that shame for Xbox360 owner.
I own PS3 and PC. tought luck.

edit: blame M$, not me.

Pandamobile3085d ago

No you idiot. Valve has no control over this. Microsoft is forcing the priced DLC.

Gamer11113085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

me to...but only difference is i play my 360/pc more than my ps3...


@ dechapesgt its "I own a ps3 and pc" not "i owned ps3 and pc" ...i guess your not gaming at all.. sorry for you man

The Hunter3085d ago

U didnt read the article, thats a shame for u!

Xistan3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

MS never learn.