Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 Revealed

The March 2008 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine features Left 4 Dead on its cover, revealing the Xbox 360 version for the first time. OXM visited Valve where they played the Hospital and Cornfield scenarios on the PC and they also had the chance to see Cornfield running on Xbox 360 development hardware. This is the first time that the press has been able to see the Xbox 360 version, which still has some ways to go to match the PC.

The other big news from this article is that a third game company named Certain Affinity (in addition to Valve and Turtle Rock Studios) is also handling the Xbox 360 version. Certain Affinity is a small game developer in Austin, Texas, founded in November 2006 by a 10-year Bungie veteran, Max Hoberman. Their first product was Halo 2's Blastacular Map Pack for Bungie and Microsoft.

Finally, OXM states the following: "EXCLUSIVE: The PC and 360 versions of Left 4 Dead will ship simultaneously, but there will be no PS3 edition."

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pwnsause3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

exclusive isnt really exclusive if theres a PC version as well, its a valve game, wanted to get this on the PC anyway. Valve games dont mix with PS3 since they hate it.

ktchong3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

It's Microsoft's business strategy to put their "exclusives" on both Xbox 360 and Windows. They did that even for their crown jewels Halo and KOTOR, even when they did not have to. It's their CHOICE to put their exclusives on Windows. So, they're still Microsoft's exclusives because Microsoft secures that titles to make sure they don't go to Sony PS3.

On the other hand, if let say Microsoft loses a title because somehow Sony is managed to snatch it away from them, then you can say it's not an "exclusive."

For whatever reason, Microsoft seems to think of that as a good business strategy. I'm not about to fault Microsoft for a business strategy that they pursue because they think it's in their best interest to get their "exclusives" on both PC and Xbox 360.

It's the choice they make. It's within their control. Unlike, let say, Sony lost Devil May Cry 4 to Xbox 360, that's not the choice Sony made. That's out of Sony's control.

The main and most important point here is: If it's a Microsoft's "exclusive", that means Sony is not getting them -- because Microsoft makes sure PlayStation doesn't get them.

sonarus3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

@ 360 damage control above. A microsft exclusive would qualify as a game developed or published by msoft and promoted on vista cus thats the format msoft is pushing. On the other hand this isnt developed or published by msoft 360 is jst tagging along for the ride as valve isnt even developing for 360. So yes there are msoft exclusives like halo, and gears, and shadowrun and so and so but left for dead dosent qualify

But lets just give the 360 have pc/360 exclusivity if we didnt they wouldnt have jack. I still believe this one will end up on the ps3 especially since valve is only handling the pc version i am sure they will hand off the ps3 version to someone else sooner or later. Worst case scenario timed pc/360 exclusive.

power of Green 3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

When talking about Console exclusivity.

Saying games for windows makes the game not exclusive is like saying a game is not exclusive because its on PS3 and PSP or PS2 assumming Sony had two next-gen platforms at the same time in any given generation, still in differen't markets; still exclusive in the console market... who gives a rats ass if you play it on PC the trend suggest a growing liking for console games.

Its console exclusive and you'll buy one of MSFT's platforms, spiting the 360 not buying the title for the 360 by buying the title on Windows helps the 360, the hate doesn't even make sense, assuming you even have a PC and the software to run MSFT's Exclusives.

Its a figure of speech from a Console market perspective.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3831d ago

No, well then I guess you need Windows (a Microsoft product) to play this game. Unless there is some new Sony OS out there that will magically play this game. If your PC came with Windows, it don't matter you still bought the PC. Xbox + PC + Games for Windows + XP/Vista + Microsoft = exclusive. Microsoft Windows is "required" to play this game no matter what you tell yourself. There is no way on this earth that your going to play this game without having to pay Microsoft.

LastDance3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

haha oi oi oi .. oi..guess what..who cares?
Seriously your speaking technical terms on a point that doesnt even matter. waste of time seriously!

sonarus3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Just so you know games that are on psp and ps2 are not usually counted as PS3 exclusives and in such cases those games are developed by SONY. This one isnt developed by msoft. You can call them sony exclusives yes and msoft exclusives do exist but LEFT FOR DEAD IS NOT A MICROSOFT EXCLUSIVE. It is made for the pc and being ported to the 360. If the game was built for 360 and then was on vista as this is what msoft is pushing on the pc then i would let it go as a msoft exclusive. But unfortunatley valve isnt even developing it for the 360 the are passing the development along to a 3rd party. That already makes it not a 360 exclusive. By your reasoning any game that came out on pc would still be a microsoft exclusive just because it runs on windows. I guess spore is a microsoft exclusive as well since its not on a sony console only on microsft and wii, what else oh yea world of warcraft is a microsoft exclusive as well so is the agency oh that one is developed by sony but happens to be coming out on pc so i guess we cant call that sony exclusive:( Thats just stupid

power of Green 3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

The biggest waste of time is from fanatics trying to downplay the title , its not going to help Sony either way, why bother even coming in here?.

The biggest waste of time is filtering rubbish from anti MSFT fans when wanting to read some 360 news.

Its not just a few PS3 fans its a army of them in every 360 thead out numbering us by 4 to 1, its so bad they can strip 360 fans of their bubbles in 360 threads. lol

deeznuts3831d ago

Jason360, so they've figured out a way to prevent all Windows pirates from playing this game? Awesome.

Blankman3831d ago

POG is such a hypocrite. He jst came from ps3 news spewing negativity all over the place. Get a life dude. Seriously.

mark093831d ago

youre wrong... i can promiss you that everyone that has a ps3 or 360 also has a PC, and ALOT more people as well. Thats why releasing a game on a PC as well as the 360 is not the same as releasing a game on the ps3 and psp.. not the same at all

mikeslemonade3831d ago

All console exclusive magazines are usually less up to date than the EGMs and the Game Informers. What do they have to lose by saying it's still a Microsoft exclusive. They're obviously going keep saying that until either Sony or the developer or publisher of Left for Dead say it's coming to the PS3. We all know it's coming to the PS3 eventually.

Bombomb3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

ports from the 360 have been one of Ps3's strengths or something...

This was actually a big game for 2008, I was just reading about it yesterday, actually. just didn't expect this..

wageslave3831d ago

The game is *exclusive* to consoles.

That is a universally accepted industry convention, that PC market != Console market.

You are splitting hairs to undermine the terrific exclusive for Xbox 360.

Just buy a Xbox 360 and you'll be able to play Left 4 Dead.

sonarus3831d ago

My point is not to take away microsoft exclusives but how can you call a game a microsoft exclusive if the developers arent even taking the 360 seriously enough to develop it themselves. They developed orange box for 360 but they are sending it to some 3rd party to develop for the 360 and you are calling it a microsoft exclusive thats jst being desperate for exclusives. Sony makes games for pc but sony and msoft arent necessarily best friends when it comes to gaming. By the reasoning of pc being a msoft console is extremely stupid and short sighted. Like it or not the pc is a NEUTRAL platform.

Left for dead isnt necessarily a title i see myself buying in 08 i own a 360 a pc and a ps3 but i dnt need it cus there are so many other games i am looking forward to playing. But i guess if all you have is an xbox i can understand how this is a great xbox exclusive. As far as i am concerned the only great xbox exclusive confirmed for 2008 is ninja gaiden and thats the only exclusive i am getting. if fable makes it in 08 i'll check it out, same as alan wake and gears. Will be getting a couple of multiplats on 360 and some on ps3 depending on my preference.

Bombomb3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

"Left for dead isn't necessarily a title i see myself buying in 08 i own a 360 a pc and a ps3 but i dnt need it cus there are so many other games i am looking forward to playing."

ya know if I got $1 for every time it was announced, sony's platform was not getting a game, that was talked "well" about beforehand and actually see what you just wrote, written by fanboys, soon after the announcement or breaking story , id be a rich man sonarus.

now this game may as well hit the ps3 and we will come back to this article and see the flip flops as well. nothing new on n4g

antoinetm3831d ago

Not that i cared about that game in the first place but now i care even less. Meh $ Goes to Somebody Else


sonarus3831d ago

trust me bomb bomb u wnt see flip flops for me. Well enjoy the exclusive then if its a game you are excited about then fine. I simply have better games to look forward to than this "GREAT EXCLUSIVE" rejoice 360 fans you have your exclusive watch everyone who dosent own a 360 weep cus they want it so bad

solidt123830d ago

This is a Xbox360 publication so of coarse they can say what they want. they have already mentioned that this game will be on the PS3, PC and Xbox360. Not confirmed but not denied either.

robbo9183830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

You are one of the worst about seeking out PS3 threads and spewing junk so you have no room to be pointing any fingers. Hypocrite.

As to the thread topic it technically is a Microsoft exclusive as its on PC and X360 not Mac, Linux, or PS3. Now the key here is that the "exclusiveness" was not confirmed and the story says so. I personally believe it will be exclusive but currently its not known for a fact.

Mu5afir3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I am going to play this on my SONY VIOH PC, darn it seems it's also a Sony exclusive after all. What is a "Microsoft exclusive", games should be exclusive to the "hardware" it is running on. If I don't have to own a Xbox 360 to play the game, it's not an exclusive to the system.. PERIOD.

As for playing the game on Windows, Linux can now play any games released for the Windows platform.

wow143830d ago

There are many videogame markets.

The Computer Market (Unix, Windows, Mac)
The Console Market (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)
The Handheld Market (DS, SPS)
The Cellphone Market (Windows Mobile, Symbian, Java)

These are horizontal markets. They aren't directly competing with one another, but within their own horizontal market.

Please, you cant possibly be so obtuse as to pretend like you disagree or dont understand.

Consoles dont directly compete with PC games.

Dannagar3830d ago

There are always ways to put spins on stories. As for myself, I've been looking forward to this game and I'll be buying it for my 360. Its as simple as that.

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ngg123453831d ago

I can't play the superior pc version.

Da360sucks3831d ago

o well i wait a cracked pc version
i dont need a 1+2=_60

darkside3831d ago

Can't wait for the PC version! it's going to be great!!

jack who3831d ago

but there will be no PS3 edition." 4 teh dumb assess

Clinton5143831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Valve already said it wasn't going to the PS3 after B. Intihar of 1UP started the rumor.

No biggie.

lol @ the disagree. Disagree because I know better.