Boycotters respond to Valve's reponse

Administrator of boycott group says: "While we are excited about the idea of new content, we are still in the dark about it..."

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qface643392d ago

lol its probably 1 new gun that's it xD
no seriously i doubt its anything big though maybe something they came up with last minute to calm the angry fans down

3392d ago
Pixel_Addict3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

fermcr11, Left 4 Dead was released only a few months ago. That fact is made worse because the game's single player campaign (if you can call it that) is criminally short. It takes around a little more than 4 hours to beat. The only thing L4D fans have left is the multplayer and even that portion of the game isn't as robust as it should be.

What L4D fans are angry about is the notion that Valve would make such a content starved title, then promise to release DLC to make up for it then suddenly announce a brand new L4D game, and just to add insult to injury, L4D2 looks to be exactly the same... only it will cost 50 dollars and it will split up the L4D online community. Sounds like Valve has been studying the old Microsoft strategy of business. Release a product without proper support then suddenly release a slightly different version... at full price no less.

I really could care less and I don't feel one bit sorry for the fans, because all the while Gabe and company have been giving millions of PS3 owners the shaft for years.

That doesn't mean that don't have a legitimate gripe with Valve.
So to sum it up for you, you are not clever and Gabe and Valve are complete jerks.

cyberwaffles3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

good job sack boi. you are what most people would call a tool. valve most likely thinks, "hook line and sinker."

how can valve go from one of the most appreciated game developers of all time (still are in a lot of ways), to just lackadaisical ones?

valve honestly hasn't brought anything special lately, except maybe portal and the half life episodes. everything else has been extremely standard from them, no matter what you think. same FPS, different paint job. i was expecting valve to really separate themselves from the competition this generation since they did it extremely well last gen, but now (imo) they're just average developers pushing out titles for the sake of quick cash.

that's the bad thing about resting on your laurels i guess.

Pistolero3392d ago

I don't care about the boycotters. I'll be playing a great game while those crybabies are missing out. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh or insulting, but I absolutely despise people like that. They are the same kind of people that sue for the littlest things. In countries like Japan where people take personal responsibility and don't walk around thinking the world owes them something the number of lawsuits is a fraction of what it is in the U.S. and many other countries. And they are better off for it. This boycott is motivated by the same sense of entitlement that you see in those lawsuit-happy countries.

Lifendz3392d ago

With the new game coming out? Maybe Valve will prove me wrong but I don't see them releasing anything substantial for the old game. How could they? They want to sell copies of L4D2. I'm still shocked they're going to release the sequel a year later on the day from when the first came out. I wonder if EA will have Valve crank out L4Ds like EA does Madden.

Speak with your dollars gamers. I guarantee this won't happen again if you show EA and Valve that you're not going to buy the game.

IdleLeeSiuLung3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Nobody b!tches about a rehashed differently numbered sports game, so why complain about L4D2?

There are plenty of games that get the same treatment just worse. See CoD series, Guiter Hero, Rock Band and most sports games. This is a case of spoiled customers. Heck they even got a FREE DLC not too long ago! Let me repeat that, FREE FREE FREE! There aren't too many games that get free stuff (especially on the 360).

Heck, they are even lucky Valve is willing and promised publicly to continue to support the first L4D considering most other companies just plainly ignore it. Other companies would probably respond to you with the equivalent of laughing at you for asking.

So don't give them a hard time, let them release more information as pertinent and vote with your wallet!!!

Finally, if you are going to b!tch about this game, don't be a hypocrite by NOT boycotting other games.

Blaze9293392d ago

this is becoming too funny

The Lazy One3392d ago

Doesn't anyone understand how game announcements work. They don't announce every feature at once. They announce it over time to build anticipation.

petitioners: "whaaaaaa you need to tell us more features now, or you guys suck..."

Valve: "you need to grow a pair of balls while we hit you with some truth..."

Grandizer3392d ago

I still want more L4D and I don't care if I have to pay every year.

The day Valve publishes a bad game my money will speak. I doubt L4D2 will be this bad game though.

_____________________________ _______________________________ ______-
Multiplayer base split on 2 SKUs ????

So what? you can't fit all the players on a single server anyway, I fail to see the point in that argument. And XBOX Live AND Steam can tell you which game your friends are playing, it's up to you to load the correct game.

I will whine when Valve stays years without releasing games, not when they do.

Leathersoup3391d ago

What gives? Valve does free DLC and if they say a new game is required, I believe them. Heck how many people buy a new freaking Madden game every year when all they do is update the teams. It's still football. Give me a break.

zagibu3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Why are there still people comparing L4D with sports games? The first iteration of a sports game doesn't come only with half the teams. L4D is lacking content. PERIOD. They have to fix this first before they can demand money for a sequel.

BTW: Even if the situation was the same with sports games (which it isn't), weighing bad up with bad doesn't make good.

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jessehaysfl3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Yeah fans respond...

Valve is full of $hit. L4D is an awesome game but come on guys. It's been a year. Half life.

StanLee3392d ago

You know what, detractors need to shut the hell up about Left 4 Dead 2. They're a very, very small minority and no one cares. These video game sites and blogs need to stop giving their opinions credence. They're less that 1 percent of the Left 4 Dead fanbase.

mastiffchild3392d ago

So if you think you're(and everyone else) is being conned you're a crybaby? And should let Valve(or whoever) get on with it , shut up, fall in line and take it? Is that why we like our democratic freedoms so much?

Fact is most games that are basically online only reflect that in the price. Fact is the SP in L4D is just a very weak, tacked on training for the MP so why was it full retail price? If L4D2 contained a real SP as well as the other content(though improvement in such a short time is very doubtful, imo)they promise then noone would have much of an issue-esp if the mod support for 360 and other promises from the first light package are upheld-or even if they just price the second game as an online only offering.

Socom and Warhawk were priced correctly for what they are(Socoms faults notwithstanding!)and Valve were happy, on the PC, to reduce the L4D price for weekends in order to make the slack up with extra sales(and were rightly lauded for this move)but they haven't done this for the 360 version yet. Why not? It clearly shouldn't be the full price of games that offer a full package both on and offline and the sequel so soon makes them look greedy-which for Valve is very damn sad as they usually really look after their PC gamers.

nnotdead3392d ago

i think most people are just use to this kind of business model. they being console gamers never fully understand the support PC gamers are use to. i do think people have a right to complain, but but with more and more games going multiplat this is going to happen more. on the plus side, this might mean Valve will take less time in between Half-Life episodes. okay maybe not :)

Brock Danger3392d ago

with all the things going on in the actual world, this is the rallying cry that gets you all heated up? We've got a failing global economy, a burgeoning flesh trade, flagrant missile tests in N Korea, a spreading HIV epidemic in africa, countless other critical issues, and THIS IS WHAT GETS YOU RILED UP? VALVE IS MAKING ANOTHER GAME?


zagibu3391d ago

You are on a gamer's website, idiot. You go outside and complain about whatever.

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RememberThe3573392d ago

But this is blatant. I mean, Dynasty Warriors doesn't even come out once a year. lol

I personally wasn't impressed by L4D and I didn't think it had much content to begin with. I'm sure this game will have just as much content. And I still wont see what the big deal is.

Syronicus3392d ago

This boycott is justified. TO be told that there will be much DLC released for the game and then see next to nothing prior to the announcement of the next release is tough to take. Also, seeing as how the game engine is only being mildly improved for the second release is tough to take as well. When you see or hear of no graphical upgrade you wonder why it did not just get released like Wars did for Crysis, an inexpensive expansion pack rather than a full retail title.

I played the first L4D and was unimpressed as well and won't bother buying the second. Perhaps a rental for me but I can feel for those on the boycott. I just hope that they stick to their guns no matter the outcome. There is nothing worse than a boycott that goes south and the signing members give up and buy the game.

Erdrick3391d ago

seriously, what a rip-off. when i buy a valve game i expect it to last, not become obsolete in a year.

Nelson M3392d ago

And here is my Response !
Stick it up yer Ass Gabe !!
You Barny Gumbal Looking Freak !!!

danielle0073392d ago

Why though?
Because it's going to KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF with ahmaaaaaazingness and you just can't handle it?

Fine, keep your socks on, kid, I'm sure noone will miss you. :D

Ace Killa 083392d ago

how the hell are you going to boycott

nelson i do see your comments on the open zone you seem to be a troll for xbo360 news and always bash on them now i do hope u have a pc and you play l4d if not then your fanboyism is showing please prove me wrong

xGrunty3391d ago

Valve cares about 16,000 ppl not buying the game.

You guys better rethink your thoughts.