Left 4 Dead Glitch Turns Gatling Gun into Launching Pad

Grundy the Man writes, "Everybody loves a good glitch once and a while, especially when the glitch works in the player's favor. Apparently there is a glitch in Left 4 Dead on PC and Xbox 360 that will allow you to turn a Gatling gun into a launching pad, sending you catapulting across the the map. It is something that you really have to see with your own eyes to believe. Check out the video proof here..."

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bgrundman3636d ago

I am going to have to see if this really works.

player9113635d ago

lol, that is crazy but not what I thought. Before I watched it I thought it would send you WAY Far away... not just down the street a little.

I wonder what would happen if you held the button down and left your character swinging for a while... since it seems to have a better impact the longer he hit the gatling gun

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The story is too old to be commented.