Crysis Killers of 2008 gathered screenshots of games that are scheduled for 2008 and could have better graphics than Crysis.

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Ghoul3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

i hate pcgames mag its awefully written, awefull ratings for games (far overrated) and this whole crysis mania is getting on my nerve :D

proof ?

tomb raider
cod world at war
ghost busters ?

these dont even come close to crysis engine, but yet they still make an obsolete article about the possiblity of 10 upcoming games beating crysis in terms of graphics.

shazam3705d ago

It's already dead.

Unless you have a really high end PC.

Crysis is only fun when it has good graphics. Try playing it on low or medium or even medium-high; it fu*king sucks and is boring as hell.

incogneato3705d ago

Very true. Dumb dumb list. The only game that rivals or beats Crysis is Killzone 2.

stevenhiggster3705d ago

It says Turok had better graphics than Crysis??? On what planet? Turoks graphics were mince, Crysis was in a different league!

JsonHenry3705d ago

This article is bullshit. Why? Because STALKER: Clear Sky was not mentioned once.

JsonHenry3705d ago

Even running on medium settings the game looks great. You obviously have not seen it running on a screen in front of you or else you would bot have made such a dumbass statement.

Bolts3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

How is Crysis dead? You can play it on a $300 ATI 4870 video card. If you can afford a Xbox 360 then you can play Crysis. Quit living in the past, in the PC word what is highend 3 months ago is mid range today.

TheIneffableBob3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

JsonHenry, Clear Sky has two pictures in the gallery, and I agree that it looks phenomenal. It will probably be the best looking game in 2008... or at least the most atmospheric.

Millah3705d ago

LOLOL WTF that was the worst article I've ever read. Assassins Creed and Turok look better than Crysis? Really? Ghostbusters is going to be a game thats more powerful than Crysis? Really? Is this article a joke?

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Fishy Fingers3705d ago

Pointless exercise, it will be 2009 before we see anything that stands up against Crysis.

Far Cry is certainly the best comparison in there if you ignore Warhead as it's essentially the same engine.

mfwahwah3705d ago

2009 will have at least Killzone 2 and hopefully God of War 3 to rival it, but this year there's not much other than Far Cry 2.

Fototherapist3705d ago

Most of those other games don't even come close based on the screen shots. Warhead looks amazing and is supposedly playable on more "average" machines. I'll definitely be getting that one. Far Cry 2 looks good as well. It will really be interesting to see how Killzone 2 measures up to Crysis.

mistertwoturbo3705d ago

Nothing can be compared to Crysis Graphics IMO. And nothing SHOULD be compared. Reason being that crysis can theoretically be ran at true 1920x1080 resolution (or even greater).

Console games should be compared to console games only.

Bolts3705d ago

Crysis is one of those games that will define the standard for graphics for years. In every generation there is one such game, but it's good to see a top tier graphic engine that isn't dominate by Id or Epic.

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Ghoul3705d ago

definatly the tech5 (rage) engine :D

dude_uk3705d ago

what about the RET 1080 engine????

TiKiMaN13705d ago

Ghostbusters better than Crysis? WTF? LOL!

Daishi3705d ago

Yeah, I was expecting to be Rick rolled at any second...

CNIVEK3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

"It's halftime in 2008. Assassin's Creed and Turok are the only games, from a list of (possibly) high-end graphics titles that could beat Crysis..."

Turok??? This is a joke, right?! 0_o

EDIT: Hahaha...some moron actually disagreed with me. :D

Skip_Bayless3705d ago

You PC elitist can die in a fire. I wouldn't care.