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Yeah, I gotta say, I defended the living hell out of Rage before it was released, but what I got was an absolute mess of a game. The mega-textures looked great from a distance, but on close inspection were uglier than some of the earliest Source engine textures.

I can tell you that at the time I played it, I was using an Nvidia card (GTX 295) and the game still had absolutely atrocious texture streaming issues. I've since upgraded, but have no intention of ever playing Ra... #3.1.1
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Wouldn't take that as a given that it's almost 60 hours for the campaign alone, but I'll surely be dropping more hours into this than the original. #4
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There are a few, but Bioshock takes it for me. #30
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It's hard to argue with that, even if FIFA isn't your personal favourite. Can't say I've seen a more consistent reinvention of any sports franchise like FIFA. #7
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The multiplayer beta testing that is going on right now contains the most incredible sandbox shenanigans since San Andreas went online.

Also, if you don't own this game, do you not like fun or something? #7
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The exact problem I have with the game. Dead Space 2 wasn't a bad game by any means, but the scare factor is decidedly less inspiring.

There doesn't seem to be a way to market a horror game successfully any more. The best horror titles have been dwindling for years, whether it be poor sales numbers (Silent Hill) or an action orientated gore-fest (Resident Evil, Dead Space). It's a vicious cycle. #1.1
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People who are defending Uncharted and the like, THESE ARE OPINIONS.

I loved Uncharted 2, and would probably consider it Naughty Dog's greatest game, even over my favourite Crash Bandicoot title.

On the other hand, I found Uncharted 3 to be a regressive game in every way, and in no way close to being as good as 2. More bullet sponge enemy types, tedious early levels and an ending that almost directly pastes the Uncharted 2 climax.

You mig... #1.2.6
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Indeed. Mikami went about it in the right way, but it's evident that the series itself has become bloated and bastardized in a way that reflects the current trend of horror titles trying to appeal to the masses.

He's always been an underrated figure in the industry and balanced genres in a clever manner. Even Shadows of the Damned, which also had Suda 51 on it, was poorly received by consumers. The game itself is so interesting though. I get the feeling that Mikami st... #3.1
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I think it's funny that every time the public is shown game screenshots, they're practically flawless. These screens are just showing us that the game is in fact...still a game. I'm sure it looks a hell of a lot better in motion anyway. Vanquish sure did. #29
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It'll become a niche item. This is like every great Little Big Planet community level you played. An open development platform is hugely powerful for some people. I sincerely hope it succeeds. #1.1
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I think a lot of people (namely Kotaku) are brushing past the fact that this new Tomb Raider title was written by RHIANNA PRATCHETT.

Just another exacerbated "controversy" by the media. #3
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I can't understand why new IP's don't get the royal treatment by gamers. I seek out just about any new series, and if they come across as flawed, so be it. At the very least, they're a fresh alternative from the increasingly stagnant sequel market.

Take a close look at the game Sleeping Dogs dropping in August. No big fanfare, no real anticipation for it, and I don't see it doing any sort of decent sales numbers, but I'm still sure it'll be an inte... #2
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This is actually an incredibly relevant story. Hacking and cyber attacking is hugely prevalent right now and I think Treyarch have made a bold move utilizing it within the Call of Duty franchise. I'm about as bored as anyone else with the idea of another CoD game, but you have to give them props for maintaining very solid science fiction ideals with the plot. #3.1.1
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Blame Konami for this gaff. The code they provided for the remake was actually a Beta version of both titles. Hence why there are a mutitude of performance issues. #2.2.1
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You're a cry baby of the highest order majie. Maybe it is a rip-off. This company isn't exactly Naughty Dog in terms of staff numbers or funding. These studios make games like this to get on the map, and by all accounts it ain't looking too bad. Uncharted was inspired by many games before it, and obviously, it's inspired this small Polish team in the same way.

Also, the Playstation All Stars defense is high order irony. #7.1.1
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Last of Us confirmed to be releasing in 2013. #1.1.1
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I think maybe Molyneux missed the point ENTIRELY on Molydeux's jokes. #1
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I work at a Gamestop subsidiary and would NEVER consider trading in unless the games I hard were mild curiosities or completely awful. In fact, I don't even purchase my own games there. Smart gamers buy and sell online. At the end of the day, it's a business, and a thriving one at that. Why? Because we target mothers and impressionable kids to pre-order, trade, purchase add-ons and give them reasons to come back.

Yes it's pushy and some customers are made uncomfo... #14
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SON, that joke went sour the day it was created (50 internet years ago). #2.1
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Almost thought it might need a kickstarter at this stage. Thought it was dead in the water. Glad to see it's working out. #3
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