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Jesus Christ I love this series. #3
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@Series, just did it now and about to update my driver. Should be all good! #1.2.1
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I have a GTX 670 and PhysX is taking a big ol' dump on it. Admittedly, all of my settings are at their highest. When things break and melt though, it looks amazing. #1
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Without the cel-shading I doubt the game would have sold nearly as much, nor would it have spawned a sequel. It just goes to show, art design is incredibly important when you're producing a new IP. #8
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Great article. I was completely unaware that Gearbox had made a Dreamcast port of Half Life. It would be worth an absolute tonne if Gearbox ever went bust. #3
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Paul W.S. Anderson is by all accounts a god-awful hack of a filmmaker. With that said, people need to stop paying to see this garbage. I mean, do they think the series will get better at this point or something? #6
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I've played the first game through twice. Was simply not for me. Co-op was a little more fun the second time around, but if it's essentially being marketed as a single player experience, it should stand on its own. The bland areas, weapon types that weren't all that different, a lack of storytelling, enemy types and character traits really bogged it down for me. Not to mention the thankless nature of the ending given all the grinding.

That's my thoughts on it... #2.1.2
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They basically nailed it with this article. I'm excited to pick up Borderlands 2 despite not enjoying the first game at all, with the reasons specified. Massive overhaul indeed. #2
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Dude just provides a niche opinion on why he quit PC gaming. Fair enough, but sensibilities change, it's the nature of an evolving medium. To outright say "F**k PC gaming" is doing a disservice to the vast community of players, modders and developers that still support it, and contrary to popular belief, PC gaming is FAR from dead. #5
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Well, I think he puts himself behind the 8-ball from the beginning when he says that he doesn't know what a 4K resolution is.

He also states after viewing the Unreal Engine 4 demo that graphics have hit a ceiling. By all accounts, this is the first next-gen showing we've had of an engine. You can probably argue in favour of the Cry Engine 3, but we haven't really seen it flex its muscles just yet. Look at the reveal for the Unreal Engine 3. Impressive for the time... #7.1.1
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This opinion piece is a mess. It could have warranted discussion if it wasn't so entirely unfocused, unfounded and short-sighted. #7
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You can only ADS on weapons with scopes. This is an old-school shooter through and through and paved the way for many that came after it. Of course, it doesn't have the high-tech visuals or XP numbers flashing on-screen like most modern shooters, but it still satisfies the absolute hardcore of multiplayer shooting fans.

At launch GO has a whole host of issues, but I can only speak for PC. I'm sure they'll be ironed out at some point, considering the game plays far... #1.1
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Not exactly "leaked". It's been on gametrailers for a few days. #6
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By all accounts it looks like they've done a better job this time around to make a more "complete" game. That said, the tessellation on DX11 will beat down on any strong rig, even in '2033'. #1.2.1
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It's another media bang-up that stopped it from being released because it coincided with the words "video-game". The moment they take 'Fallujah' out of the title, it'll probably get released without anyone thinking otherwise. They took a gamble that sadly, didn't pay off.

Look at Spec Ops: The Line. It was marketed as a generic military shooter to appeal to the masses, when in fact, it had much more to say. If they'd highlighted some of the h... #11
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Meanwhile, at the offices of Konami.... #5
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See this as a missed opportunity more than anything. Cross-play for Cod would have been a master stroke for both the Vita and the franchise. In all, it looks to be a pared-down copy and paste of Black Ops.

Disappointing. #9
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If this is revealed on Source 2 I will make a shrine for Lord Gabe. #17
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I thinking modding will find a place on consoles when the next generation rolls around (or if the Ouya sees success). Modding scares a lot of people that think it's complex or difficult when it really isn't. It's one of the greatest aspects of PC gaming and generally strengthens the community as a whole. #2
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Aside from the last two pictures, this reminds me of the book/film The Road, more so than The Last of Us. Both draw parallels to The Road, but this looks to take place in a barren forested area similar to the book.

Hard to know why it might have been buried by Crytek (maybe EA thought a Crysis 2 sequel should take precedence over a risky IP proposition), but it's interesting to note that Kuciara joined Naughty Dog. Could have definitely come to an agreement with ND where... #4
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