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This is because Jim Sterling doesn't sugarcoat his reviews to coincide with the vast majority of pleb critics.

He legitimately enjoys most of the games in the series, but it doesn't mean he'll give them all a free pass. #7.1.2
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Anyone that thought this picture was initially real needs to consult a doctor. #19
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The damage control in this comments section is embarrassing. #2.2.3
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People need to realize that the lifespan of the console won't allow for games to maintain 60 fps after the first two years of life, maybe even less. Fair play to any developer that wishes to make it a target, and I'm sure a huge number of indie games will be a testament to that, but consoles are designed for longevity. Thus, the expectation is a playable framerate of 30 fps.

I'm sure both consoles will crank out impressive visuals for their lives, much like the PS... #23
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The only thing that teaser had going for it was the 'Run the Jewels' track that they played. #16
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There comes a point where you've legitimately purchased everything you'll ever want in steam sales and still haven't played 90% of those titles.

I, ladies and gentlemen, have reached this very sad peak. #9
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In a lot of ways this is true. The PC no longer dominates the gaming market like it used to. The reason they don't produce games exclusively for PC nearly as much is because they mostly consist of niche titles with large fan bases (Blizzard or Valve).

Console generations are what cause the PC to roll over. Most of the technology has been readily available for years, but console cycles are beginning to slow down, hence, we've seen probably the smallest jump in the sp... #6
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Oh sweet, I finally get to play on the monolith from 2001: a space odyssey. #24
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8.5/10 is considered a troll review? Some of you guys need to gain perpsective here. #4
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I've always thought the argument against the Call of Duty games was silly and it's further vindicated by the fact that great developers like using dynamic engines, regardless of how old they are. Look at Valve and Rockstar. Look at how little Crytek has achieved despite the fact that they frequently upgrade their engine. Yes, Call of Duty always looks the same, you know why? Because it appeals to a market that expects the experience to be a certain way, every single time. You think Ca... #36
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On the same token, most of the posters on N4G are entirely humourless, rarely pick up on the sarcasm in a huge number of articles and are generally conservative mugs that adhere to a strict outline of what is good and what is bad without allowing for any "against-the-grain" opinions.

Two can play that game. #1.1.2
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There isn't any real reason to hate him anymore, but people choose to stubbornly despise his success. He's the best player on the planet, pure and simple. After game 6 against the Celtics last year, I think people need to look at the kind of phenomenal player he is. Yes, I think he should have a cover and I'm a Blazers fan. #11
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I think the misconception with 60fps is that it apparently doesn't offer the "cinematic" experience of 30fps.

This video is impressive, but it still doesn't translate to really playing the game at that clip. It is unmatched, poetry in motion when you get to feel that detail at it's very best. I'll always have a place for consoles, but when a game comes along with this much mouthwatering destruction, I like to appreciate it at 60fps. I sincerely hope... #12.1
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DS3 needed to sell about 5 million units to be profitable for EA. I doubt it'll get there. A testament to EA's destruction of a potentially classic franchise. #1.1.1
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I worked for EB Games last year (Australian GameStop contingent), and staff go to varying lengths to pre-sell (getting pre-orders and creating hype) the product to customers. The store I worked at was consistently in the top 12 in the company, a lot of that came from the number of pre-orders we made on Assassin's Creed 3. Our numbers were so good that each member of staff got a free copy of the Freedom edition from Ubisoft. We're not supposed to tell customers this, and I'm not su... #6.1.3
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Welcome to the EA sausage factory, where everything is churned out repeatedly like clock work to satisfy to lowest common denominator of weak-willed gamer.

I love Battlefield 3, if only because the gap between 2 and 3 gave the second game room to grow. Now that EA has officially killed Medal of Honor (a fine example of a robotic, shell-like, market-meeting criteria title) they've turned to their genre staple to wave the flag for run-into-the-ground, disposable, annual rel... #1.1.7
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The problem with the Vita (and the issue the PSP had) was that publishers look at the device as a "me too" gaming system. The games released for it are lesser incarnations of their console brethren. I'm not at all bashing the system, but unless they can market amazing games like Gravity Rush to appeal to the masses, it isn't going to get the required funding or full support from its developers.

The DS is treated by Nintendo as one of their strongest platform... #2
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Has anyone read or seen The Road? I'm surprised no game journalist ever mentions it as a comparison to The Last of Us. The similarities are there and I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest to find that the story unfolds in the same way.

Yeah, you should read The Road. Amazing book. #11
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The way Levine dealt with it is important. He didn't shun the guy because of his beliefs. They both sat down to gain perspective. That's something the gaming community needs to take with them. I'm not even remotely religious, but this helps me understand that you can't go and dissuade others when they can provide a different angle for the game.

Props to both parties here, we have a better game because of it. #12
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The release schedule this year is ridiculous, no two ways about. I know people will argue for the upper echelon games to be the best of the year. The Last of Us, Watch Dogs, Killzone Shadow Fall, GTA V, but honestly, nothing comes close to this. The level of ambition is unmatched. Who the hell makes games like this? It has the technical prowess, the incredible art design, the rich world, the gameplay mechanics, the story, the enemy variety. I loved Bioshock, but Ken Levine and Irrational have... #4
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