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They've been distributing Xbox One codes out to PC players accidentally. I was absolutely ecstatic to see a Titanfall Beta email only to discover that it wasn't for PC.

Two very different kinds of emotions in the space of 10 seconds. #33
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This is a forgiving mindset, but one that still doesn't justify exactly what they are doing here. Stand up for yourself as a gamer and as a consumer. It's okay to say that something isn't good enough because at the end of the day, constructive criticism is what drives a product to be better.

It doesn't matter what the series is. A $40, 2 hour Triple A title is inexcusable and vain. They're expecting fans to just eat that up "because it's MGS". #4.1
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I used to replay PSOne demo discs because they offered so much.

If you ever got the Autumn demo release with 'Tomba!', it might as well have been the full game. #1.3.2
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I maintain that video-game horror is one of the rawest, liveliest and best way to experience video-games. NOTHING compares to the immersion of a good horror game. A shame that the well has virtually dried up in recent years, but Outlast definitely has its moments and well worth a play.

I feel sorry for those that are frightened to try certain games out, you're missing out on feelings that can't be replicated in any other way :) #8
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Love this kind of comparison. Gaming visuals nowadays don't really have the same kind of generational impact that they did back in the mid-90s or early millennium. Two of the games that absolutely shattered my mind were MGS2 and Final Fantasy VII before it. The opening cutscene of FFVII, seeing it for the first time, would have to be my most unforgettable gaming moment. Of course, seeing the E3 trailer for MGS2 is definitely up there as well. It's a feeling of "I can't believ... #35
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The steam box was never intended to compete against the console market, it can't and it won't. It's designed as a middle-man to get console gamers to dip their feet into PC gaming without the overwhelming sense of "What the hell am I doing building this thing?".

Basically, it cuts out the hassle of designing a PC that fits your budget. With the steam box you have everything built to spec, at a price that won't rip your wallet apart like Alienware, wi... #5
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People need to realise that many aspects of a game's multiplayer are tuned towards the best experience.

6v6 seems small, but in a game like Call of Duty, it's completely appropriate when you look at things like map design, weapon balance, spawn points etc.

If you want to play Battlefield 4 because of the scale, then all power to you, it's designed for that. Titanfall is geared towards fast-paced combat, close-quarters action and versatile movement... #16
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Laughing at "FamilyGuy" being worried about a review potentially dragging the metacritic score down as if it hurts him personally.

Everyone should be allowed to play this game, thus, it gives the consumer an honest, rounded opinion of what might be in their interests.

I can't even tell you how little I care about the Gran Turismo series, it is simply not for me. I'm sure its a great game to the average car or driving enthusiast, but does it... #2.1.2
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GTA V should not take GOTY. Would have to be a two horse race between Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us. Everything else is just okay by comparison. #14
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This comment section is embarrassing. The article is interesting in the sense that it offers a design perspective from a team that also produced a successful console. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm sure if they were to look at the original Xbox in retrospect, they'd take issue with its grotesque appearance.

If the article nitpicked less, it'd be deemed shallow by the vast majority of reactionary users here. Take it for what it is. AN OPINION. #33
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Although both consoles in the long-term will stretch out and deliver, anyone who buys a console at launch is wasting their time and money. Even as an avid player of games on all platforms, you're obviously wasting time with the smallest launch line up for any two consoles ever. By the time March rolls around, you'll probably have a cheaper product and a more extensive library of games to use Playstation Plus or Xbox Live on as well. I'm sure Shadow Fall is a solid title, as well a... #57
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Can people please read articles before buying straight into what they want to hear? That's not a ratio average for every Gamestop store, just his. He says the PS4 is beating it in most stores, which is probably true, but is he really anywhere near correct in his approximation? Probably not.

Let's not forget the source for this is ONE GAMESTOP MANAGER.

People on this website are too easily swayed by article titles and never actually read the content of... #120
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Call of Duty 4 is a rare breed of game and a total classic. Always hoped new iterations of the game would surpass it. So much so that I stuck around with the multiplayer of every title up until MW3, when I knew it was done.

While now the title is overtly complex online, Cod4 had a minimalist and streamlined design that revolutionized online shooters. It's a joy to pick up and play, even now. The maps are just extraordinarily good when you think about it. A masterwork of d... #11
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This is because Jim Sterling doesn't sugarcoat his reviews to coincide with the vast majority of pleb critics.

He legitimately enjoys most of the games in the series, but it doesn't mean he'll give them all a free pass. #7.1.2
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Anyone that thought this picture was initially real needs to consult a doctor. #19
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The damage control in this comments section is embarrassing. #2.2.3
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People need to realize that the lifespan of the console won't allow for games to maintain 60 fps after the first two years of life, maybe even less. Fair play to any developer that wishes to make it a target, and I'm sure a huge number of indie games will be a testament to that, but consoles are designed for longevity. Thus, the expectation is a playable framerate of 30 fps.

I'm sure both consoles will crank out impressive visuals for their lives, much like the PS... #23
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The only thing that teaser had going for it was the 'Run the Jewels' track that they played. #16
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There comes a point where you've legitimately purchased everything you'll ever want in steam sales and still haven't played 90% of those titles.

I, ladies and gentlemen, have reached this very sad peak. #9
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In a lot of ways this is true. The PC no longer dominates the gaming market like it used to. The reason they don't produce games exclusively for PC nearly as much is because they mostly consist of niche titles with large fan bases (Blizzard or Valve).

Console generations are what cause the PC to roll over. Most of the technology has been readily available for years, but console cycles are beginning to slow down, hence, we've seen probably the smallest jump in the sp... #6
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