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The game shouldn't really be judged too harshly on its shooting merits (which are no doubt average), but its story risks. It takes a dark turn and plunges deep into the human psyche like few games do, and like no military shooter ever has.

Incredible game with run-of-the-mill combat. It's ambitious where it counts though and definitely a rewarding playthrough for anyone that thought it was just another gimmicky sausage factory shooter. #3.1
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Couldn't stand Max Payne 3 for a multitude of reasons. A tiresome gameplay gimmick that was fun when Remedy made it almost 10 years prior. An obnoxious Tony Scott/Michael Bay-like filter over every single cut-scene just to bang the audience over the head with Max's alcoholism metaphor. Poor level design and tight spaces that rarely catered to your bullet time diving. I really have no reservation is saying it was one of the most tedious and disappointing games of the year.
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Don't often agree with Molyneux, but I think he nailed it this time around.

There's a fine line between derivative and inspired. Uncharted obviously draws from the latter to create something that supersedes its immediate predecessors. Not original when you break it down, but still carves its own niche. #1.1.1
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Amazing interview. Real hard-hitting journalism you don't often see in gaming. #3
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You'll always get straight answers out of Levine. He's one of the greatest modern game developers. No canned answers or pre-conceived points, just pure, unadulterated love for the games he creates. #3
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It's simple. Most of the early titles will run at 60fps, then a year later they'll revert back to 30. That is unless Gaikai and server streaming games is a success. That way they can offload some of the performance weight. It's interesting. This console generation has gone on for a long time, and I've since moved away from my PS3 and 360 in favour of PC gaming. They'll need something big from next gen hardware to really revolutionize the industy. #7
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I'd say a criminally overlooked game that didn't even make this list was Catherine. Fascinating story with an interesting and infuriating puzzle aspect. Loved Spec Ops and Binary Domain, but I'd also have Catherine in there. #10
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For anyone wanting to know what the PC version of the game looks like, check the screenshot with the monster holding a circular blade. The mega-textures are so botched on the environment that I could barely stand playing the campaign.

Rage disappoints me so much. At the core you have a game that plays better than most shooters on the market, and yet the game is crippled by ancient design philosophies and a texture system that rears its ugly head up close. #8
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No doubt Cevat Yerli really knows how to get his Molyneux on and pump his game up beyond any reasonable expectation, but what he's saying is slightly misconstrued.

CryEngine 2 is obviously a beast and probably extremely difficult to utilize on any current gen console, but outside of technical capability, you really have to judge performance, and that's one factor that crippled Crysis 2 on console.

I'll believe it when I see it I guess. #1.2.1
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It's seems there are some clashing: #2.2.1
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Second configuration is some really nice work. Will definitely be checking it out. #1
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It does proceed E3, perhaps avoiding a potential clash in revealing a new console? #4
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One of the most underrated titles released this year. #3
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Ugh, I watched a couple of minutes just to catch a few trailers (Last of Us, Lords of Shadow 2 and Bioshock Infinite) and although those trailers were great, it was set against some of the most embarrassing, over-produced garbage I've ever seen from an awards show. The way they blow it up for a mainstream audience rings so false. All awards shows in general are masturbatory/self-congratulato ry, but Spike takes it to another level.

Don't get me started on Geoff Keigh... #13
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No legitimate source for this info yet. #3
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I know a few people have turned off MSAA completely and just enabled FXAA in the Nvidia control panel. Have you tried that? #4.1
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I'll be interested to see what kind of workout this will give my 670. Hopefully it won't chew it up completely with the VRAM some of those textures require. #4
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Incoming: 4 page comments section. #22
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I can understand not liking Lords of Shadow, but I'll be damned if it isn't one of the most under-appreciated titles of this generation. It was frustrating in parts, no doubt about it, but it had so much ambition for a game that was just dismissed as a God of War knock-off. Unfair treatment. #3.1
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Infamous doesn't have to be reproduced on 3 different platforms with stricter publishing deadlines either.

Look at it logically. Far Cry 3 is a multi-platform title and unquestionably a much, much larger and more detailed world than either Infamous 1 or 2. Uncharted is made by a development team that know the console inside-out and better than anyone in the business because they produce games EXCLUSIVELY for it.

If people are annoyed by game installations... #4.3.5
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