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From what I heard at the Vendor show I went to for EB Games, they expect to reveal the PS4 at Destination Playstation on Feb 28th. The next XBox is scheduled for E3.

Wouldn't be surprised for both to be very soon though. There aren't too many big releases for Q3,4 in 2013. It looks like they're getting their last hurrah out in the forms of The Last of Us and Gears of War: Judgement.

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Anyone see the Invisible Walls episode where he defended Resident Evil 6 to the hilt? An unbelievably embarrassing reaction to popular opinion. He wouldn't let anyone else on the panel say a bad thing about it.

Shane was rubbish.

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Haven't seen any one come along with their arbitrary complaints since this game has been receiving good scores? Goes to show what a mob mentality can lend to game that they haven't played and haven't given a chance to.

I think Jim Sterling's review said it best:

"There is an argument to be made that, when judged alongside the rest of the series, DmC is a bad Devil May Cry game. The suggestion may be debatable, but there's a potential ...

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"There is an argument to be made that, when judged alongside the rest of the series, DmC is a bad Devil May Cry game. The suggestion may be debatable, but there's a potential case to be made. It's more streamlined, it's not as challenging, and ultimately it has stripped away what a significant portion of the fanbase love most of the series. However, even if one sides with the argument that this is a bad Devil May Cry game, that does not preclude it from being deemed a terrifi...

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I think they're in a fairly comfortable position. Steam is thriving and they've made the PC more versatile and accessible than ever. Plus, fine art takes time. They'd no doubt be in a powerful financial position, but they can still make classics with a 10 year old engine. We'll surely be seeing some big steps in the next 2 years I think.

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This guy has obviously never seen Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell and makes some wild accusations on a trailer that he also says has "no context".

Quite simply, a laughable "article".

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Famitsu has always been total rubbish, but the amount of people that literally want this game to do terrible makes me laugh.

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The point here is, Kotaku deliberately wrote up an inflammatory headline, something that has been prevalent in gaming media now for the past few years. Thus, it skews the article to promote a certain view, despite the fact that as an article, it sits on the fence.

You can argue that Kamiya wasn't particularly professional in his response, but the title was designed to cause trouble.

Gaming media is dangerous because low-level sites will realise that most ...

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Piston is an interesting name that may allude to more "pistons" being connected together?

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Really glad they included Downpour. Such a pity that it's crippled by technical issues, because it's a great old-school horror game and very much worthy of the old Silent Hill cannon. If only Konami gave Vatra the time to turn it into something a little more polished.

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Refusal of classification under the new rating system would be something like Manhunt getting banned, which I can understand. I'm from Australia and I can tell you that this is a HUGE win for gaming adults and something that should have been established a very long time ago. Hopefully we'll see a Left 4 Dead 2 patch, Syndicate, Mortal Kombat and a number of other titles finally reach our shores.

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No one is asking you to care. At the end of the day, you clicked the link, you commented on the post. Why waste your time if you don't care?

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Bought Thirty Flights of Loving on steam from the sale. One of the most interesting games I've played.

Always good to hear Jaffe's top 10 of the year. The man doesn't suger-coat his thoughts. Always honest, always interesting.

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It doesn't come under the "numbered" saga, thus, you don't have to treat it as part of the franchise, just cannon. I love it when people swipe at a game without having played it. Pre-conceived notions will forever tarnish the gaming community.

This is an action game made by Platinum Games. The team behind Bayonetta and Vanquish, some of the coolest action titles that have been brought to the forefront without actually being sequels.

This isn...

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The game shouldn't really be judged too harshly on its shooting merits (which are no doubt average), but its story risks. It takes a dark turn and plunges deep into the human psyche like few games do, and like no military shooter ever has.

Incredible game with run-of-the-mill combat. It's ambitious where it counts though and definitely a rewarding playthrough for anyone that thought it was just another gimmicky sausage factory shooter.

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Couldn't stand Max Payne 3 for a multitude of reasons. A tiresome gameplay gimmick that was fun when Remedy made it almost 10 years prior. An obnoxious Tony Scott/Michael Bay-like filter over every single cut-scene just to bang the audience over the head with Max's alcoholism metaphor. Poor level design and tight spaces that rarely catered to your bullet time diving. I really have no reservation is saying it was one of the most tedious and disappointing games of the year.

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Don't often agree with Molyneux, but I think he nailed it this time around.

There's a fine line between derivative and inspired. Uncharted obviously draws from the latter to create something that supersedes its immediate predecessors. Not original when you break it down, but still carves its own niche.

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Amazing interview. Real hard-hitting journalism you don't often see in gaming.

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You'll always get straight answers out of Levine. He's one of the greatest modern game developers. No canned answers or pre-conceived points, just pure, unadulterated love for the games he creates.

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It's simple. Most of the early titles will run at 60fps, then a year later they'll revert back to 30. That is unless Gaikai and server streaming games is a success. That way they can offload some of the performance weight. It's interesting. This console generation has gone on for a long time, and I've since moved away from my PS3 and 360 in favour of PC gaming. They'll need something big from next gen hardware to really revolutionize the industy.

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