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The release schedule this year is ridiculous, no two ways about. I know people will argue for the upper echelon games to be the best of the year. The Last of Us, Watch Dogs, Killzone Shadow Fall, GTA V, but honestly, nothing comes close to this. The level of ambition is unmatched. Who the hell makes games like this? It has the technical prowess, the incredible art design, the rich world, the gameplay mechanics, the story, the enemy variety. I loved Bioshock, but Ken Levine and Irrational have... #4
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I'm kind of hoping someone doesn't read the article and writes a lengthy post, just to get disagreed into oblivion. #3
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This "article" is obscene. From the cherry-picked comments taken from N4G (the worst gaming community website on the internet) to pigeonholing an entire group of gamers. I play the majority of my games on the PC and I’m still thoroughly excited about the prospect of a new generation of consoles. I sincerely hope this is the only traffic this guy (seemingly the Bill O’Reilly of the gaming world) ever sees.

Seriously, how did any of the people over these 4 pages suck-... #95
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I'm pretty sure no one in this comment section realises that VRAM is different to system RAM?

None the less, that is quite a lot of VRAM. #13
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A lot of people also prefer performance over visuals. Killzone as a game and as a series is suited to the 30fps number because it's a little more methodical with its approach to gameplay. However, if someone said Killzone 2 ran at 60fps, (meaning better controller response too) I'd take it in a second.

It doesn't surprise me in the slightest that the game runs at 30fps nor do I think it's a problem. I'm sure it'll be a trend for the console. There will... #22.1
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Yerli's problem is that he only ever talks about the goddamn visuals. I loved Crysis and Warhead too, but the dude has to realise that he's digging bigger holes when he boasts ONLY about the tech and never the actual content of the game. #10
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I think a lot of people misconstrue Sterling as someone that doesn't like games because he's overtly "harsh" towards triple A titles. The man is just completely honest. He evidently loves the industry and The Jimquisition just goes to show how much he really does. Another great episode. #2.1
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Looks like DX11 has officially arrived.

Dat low setting. #4
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Silly article, but I can't wait for the new trailer. Marketing at its finest for a game that truly deserves it. Ken Levine is a genius. #4
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Here we go, another 4 page comment section coming up. #19
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Probably the most misguided comment ever? Short length doesn't suddenly make a game garbage.


MGS4, Journey, Vanquish, God of War 1-3 etc. etc.

Yah, those can't be masterpieces apparently. #1.14
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Visuals are one dimension of PC gaming. Performance is the key though. I derive a heap of enjoyment pushing my card and PC to its limits. A PC enthusiast is similar to a car enthusiast. You have to know what makes it run, what needs to be tweaked and what needs to be replaced. It's not about the cash you drop on it (you still have to be savvy), it's about an appreciation for new, refined technologies. #3.1.1
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It's Ridge Racer!

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Headline should read 'Dead Space 3 Producer on Puppet Strings:' #44
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Since moving from consoles to my PC, I've found so much enjoyment simply playing games in 60fps with a controller. I love my PS3 and 360 and wouldn't play certain titles any other way, but once you've played Hitman: Absolution, Sleeping Dogs or Max Payne 3 on PC with a controller, it's tough to go back. The feeling of having that responsive controller matched to fluid imagery is gaming bliss that everyone deserves to discover.

Steam Big Picture is absolute MON... #9
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The hunter game mode looks interesting. One thing I've always found to be lacking in Crysis is the fact that while you have some amazing tools at your disposal, you always feel limited by the energy you use. I love the concept of a 'Predator' like character that you have to team up for and kill. A seemingly unstoppable beast. Time will tell if it's well balanced, but I like it. #3
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Laughed at that too. He's like, only the biggest martial arts advocate the West ever saw. Jesus Christ Gamingbolt... #1.3.1
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I'm probably one of the few that somewhat enjoyed XIII, but who in their right mind actually likes Lightning as a character? Literally one of the most hollow, boring and alienating protagonists I've ever seen in a game.

The best parts of the Final Fantasy lead character was the playful nature of them and the discoveries that they made were always felt by the player. Lightning pretty much snores her way through any and all environments.

Whoever is work... #5
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Kind of bummed to find that I only have one of the games on this list in the form of Xenoblade.

I also have Demon's Souls Phantom Edition sealed, the Japanese import of Deadly Premonition (called Red Seeds Profile and never released in the West on PS3) and Pandora's Tower. Hopefully they'll be worth a little down the line.

Love this kind of stuff though. Even some of the most awful games become gems. NBA Elite would be an amazing one. #28
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Hicken logic:

"There are too many people that think this game is good because the formula is different, and not nearly enough people that want the same cookie-cutter scheme that was oh-so successful in numerous past iterations of the game. Dante's hair completely disrespects the series roots and thus the game is a travesty." #1.1.4
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