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No doubt Cevat Yerli really knows how to get his Molyneux on and pump his game up beyond any reasonable expectation, but what he's saying is slightly misconstrued.

CryEngine 2 is obviously a beast and probably extremely difficult to utilize on any current gen console, but outside of technical capability, you really have to judge performance, and that's one factor that crippled Crysis 2 on console.

I'll believe it when I see it I guess. #1.2.1
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It's seems there are some clashing: #2.2.1
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Second configuration is some really nice work. Will definitely be checking it out. #1
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It does proceed E3, perhaps avoiding a potential clash in revealing a new console? #4
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One of the most underrated titles released this year. #3
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Ugh, I watched a couple of minutes just to catch a few trailers (Last of Us, Lords of Shadow 2 and Bioshock Infinite) and although those trailers were great, it was set against some of the most embarrassing, over-produced garbage I've ever seen from an awards show. The way they blow it up for a mainstream audience rings so false. All awards shows in general are masturbatory/self-congratulato ry, but Spike takes it to another level.

Don't get me started on Geoff Keigh... #13
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No legitimate source for this info yet. #3
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I know a few people have turned off MSAA completely and just enabled FXAA in the Nvidia control panel. Have you tried that? #4.1
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I'll be interested to see what kind of workout this will give my 670. Hopefully it won't chew it up completely with the VRAM some of those textures require. #4
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Incoming: 4 page comments section. #22
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I can understand not liking Lords of Shadow, but I'll be damned if it isn't one of the most under-appreciated titles of this generation. It was frustrating in parts, no doubt about it, but it had so much ambition for a game that was just dismissed as a God of War knock-off. Unfair treatment. #3.1
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Infamous doesn't have to be reproduced on 3 different platforms with stricter publishing deadlines either.

Look at it logically. Far Cry 3 is a multi-platform title and unquestionably a much, much larger and more detailed world than either Infamous 1 or 2. Uncharted is made by a development team that know the console inside-out and better than anyone in the business because they produce games EXCLUSIVELY for it.

If people are annoyed by game installations... #4.3.5
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Far Cry 3 is already getting big props for Ubisoft Montreal's job on the PC version. #9.1
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Visuals aren't the game's prerogative, performance is. You have to sacrifice a certain level of visual fidelity in order to maximise frame-rate and control response times. It's as simple as at.

Look at any of the biggest multiplayer FPS's of past 15 years. Visuals come last. #1.7.2
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How many years have we been asking this question now?

Cod 4 was the greatest iteration of the series and will always be. #6
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You're right, it is an opinion. You have one as well and are completely entitled to it.

In my opinion, the game in no way lives up to the proceeding hype. It doesn't mean that I don't like it because it's a mega budget game, it just means that I don't have to like it if my experience isn't the same one echoed by others.

I think you're completely blowing that percentage of gaming journalists out of proportion. Consider Halo 4. Revie... #1.1
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I can understand why he might think the initial SET UP is silly, but the game looks to take ambitious story routes that few games tread, particularly when it comes to psychotropic drugs and the push for the insanity metaphor.

I enjoyed Far Cry 2 when many others didn't, and I see this game bridging the gap. Looks outstanding. #6.1.1
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Rofl, where did these Socom fanboys come from? Anyone who legitimately thinks Socom had the same impact on the online shooter that Counter Strike did is grasping at straws. #5
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Was thoroughly impressed with how polished Sleeping Dogs was. From the story to the hand-to-hand combat to the shooting to the side missions. It's all enjoyable. Any criticism levelled at it for being a "GTA clone" is totally unwarranted.

A great game that deserves a bigger base of fans. #7
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Dear God, what passes as an "outrage" amongst gamers sometimes. #28
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