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I think it's funny that every time the public is shown game screenshots, they're practically flawless. These screens are just showing us that the game is in fact...still a game. I'm sure it looks a hell of a lot better in motion anyway. Vanquish sure did. #29
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It'll become a niche item. This is like every great Little Big Planet community level you played. An open development platform is hugely powerful for some people. I sincerely hope it succeeds. #1.1
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I think a lot of people (namely Kotaku) are brushing past the fact that this new Tomb Raider title was written by RHIANNA PRATCHETT.

Just another exacerbated "controversy" by the media. #3
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I can't understand why new IP's don't get the royal treatment by gamers. I seek out just about any new series, and if they come across as flawed, so be it. At the very least, they're a fresh alternative from the increasingly stagnant sequel market.

Take a close look at the game Sleeping Dogs dropping in August. No big fanfare, no real anticipation for it, and I don't see it doing any sort of decent sales numbers, but I'm still sure it'll be an inte... #2
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This is actually an incredibly relevant story. Hacking and cyber attacking is hugely prevalent right now and I think Treyarch have made a bold move utilizing it within the Call of Duty franchise. I'm about as bored as anyone else with the idea of another CoD game, but you have to give them props for maintaining very solid science fiction ideals with the plot. #3.1.1
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Blame Konami for this gaff. The code they provided for the remake was actually a Beta version of both titles. Hence why there are a mutitude of performance issues. #2.2.1
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You're a cry baby of the highest order majie. Maybe it is a rip-off. This company isn't exactly Naughty Dog in terms of staff numbers or funding. These studios make games like this to get on the map, and by all accounts it ain't looking too bad. Uncharted was inspired by many games before it, and obviously, it's inspired this small Polish team in the same way.

Also, the Playstation All Stars defense is high order irony. #7.1.1
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Last of Us confirmed to be releasing in 2013. #1.1.1
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I think maybe Molyneux missed the point ENTIRELY on Molydeux's jokes. #1
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I work at a Gamestop subsidiary and would NEVER consider trading in unless the games I hard were mild curiosities or completely awful. In fact, I don't even purchase my own games there. Smart gamers buy and sell online. At the end of the day, it's a business, and a thriving one at that. Why? Because we target mothers and impressionable kids to pre-order, trade, purchase add-ons and give them reasons to come back.

Yes it's pushy and some customers are made uncomfo... #14
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SON, that joke went sour the day it was created (50 internet years ago). #2.1
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Almost thought it might need a kickstarter at this stage. Thought it was dead in the water. Glad to see it's working out. #3
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It was pretty much the true successor to the Final Fantasy series, and I only discovered it when I bought my 360 in late '09. Fantastic RPG and an essential for the 360. Definitely deserved to be released on both consoles. Alas, it meets the same fate as Xenoblade Chronicles. #1.3.1
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Can't stand Molyneux in the slightest, but the concept for this game is a smart one. I'm willing to bet someone will purchase the diamond pickaxe within seconds of the game releasing. Not sure about the "surprise" though. Knowing Molyneux and his "surprises", it could very well be a gigantic disappointment. #2
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Nice observation, except you completely gloss over the fact that Sucker Punch has the resources and talent behind it to make an EXCLUSIVE title for ONE console. Not to mention the deadlines Activision put in place for their developers without giving them the necessary time to polish and complete a title that needs to be released on THREE platforms.

Be objective about it. This story really doesn't have anything to do with Prototype regardless. This is about tearing down a... #39.1.1
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Well, the idea was to get "legends in the making". I think LeBron just about supersedes that by currently being the best player in the game and worthy of legendary status. The 3 that are currently on the cover are looking to form a dynasty within their respective teams, thus the "in the making". #10
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Prototype is what it is. At the end of the day, this industry is becoming a corporate machine, churning out the same product year after year and further distancing themselves from the average indie developer.

I can't say I was into Prototype myself, but I played a hell of a lot of The Simpsons: Hit and Run and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, and I'm hugely thankful that Radical Entertainment made those games. I'm also thankful Radical continued to make games that, whi... #32.1
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I disagree Derek. This is something a developer has NEVER DONE BEFORE, and should definitely be considered in future releases. To call Bioware careless or lazy is understating the enormous amount of work they've put into the series. Gamers act as if the ending ruined EVERYTHING, and thus made it a bad game. If I were to judge a game based on its ending, 90% of the games on the market would be considered underwhelming or complete garbage.

By all accounts, the original endi... #1.1.3
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It disappoints me that survival horror has taken a backseat for gamers this generation. They just don't make them as much, or as good any more. I honestly believe there are few gaming thrills or memories better than being frightened by something within a genre classic. I'm sure everyone has been surprised or scared in a game before and remembered the moment in great detail.

As for Dead Space 3? Well, I feel like I saw this happening from Dead Space 2. I'm probably... #5
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I quite enjoyed Vatra's take on the Silent Hill series with Downpour. It's a pity that the game is so crippled by bugs. I feel like I've been waiting an age after they announced the patch. #1
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