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Woah, party up in here!

I am very thankful for my wife and son, loving parents and a new nephew on the way soon from my brother and his girl.

I'm thankful, to a slightly lesser degree, for a nice steady job, too many games to play and a general sense of happiness that escapes so many people.

Hopefully they can all find that this year as well.

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+1 for this article, I've been going crazy trying to figure out that MTU jargon.

Replaced router, cable guy came out, changed a million settings - facepalm. Will have to check again later.

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Tis fine, N4G itself doesn't have it, it's a couple of sites (that aren't common here) we link to. Higher ups will fix it with google asap.

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Those are cool, but they are more expensive to make and buy (not always). Ones like this are a good value as you get the 1TB X1 and a game (2 in this case), for less than it would normally cost.

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Rocket League is offended.


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It can be found before the 'disclosures' paragraph and needs to be highlighted to be revealed. He gave it a 6/10.

Everyone has different tastes and I get the feeling MGS was a bit too much for some people. Lots going on there...coulda made it feel a bit....convoluted I guess. The story wouldn't have helped that.

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I know your comment is about ranked, but they should really add something for non-ranked ones too.

I like Chaos so I play mostly un-ranked and almost every game has quitters. It's quite annoying and the habitual rage quitters should be punished somehow. Maybe habitual quitters only get put in lopsided games in progress until they actually finish some matches?

Idk, something should be done so I can keep playing Chaos more enjoyably. I won't quit a matc...

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Luck is my middle name :)

Dat spreadsheet though! - I can take care of that for you, well versed in excel. I swear to not adjust myself into 1st place at all.

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Let me be the first to say: Rigged! lol.

For real though, glad we got to see a lot of really interesting and unique games this month and also that we are able to give a large sum of money to help one of those teams out in making their dream a reality.

Congrats to all the other winners and take that cb!

Excellent work by the authors of the blogs too, couldn't have done it without them.

And lastly, Christopher deserves a wh...

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Last chance?

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No wammy, no wammy, no wammy!

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If you can't be motivated by caffeine and cat pics then there is something wrong with you, Rose knows wassup.

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Looks pretty odd, I could get down with this.

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Those kb's are so epic!

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Looks so well done, hope it's not too hard.

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Sounds like there is a lot of stuffs yet to be seen from Cuphead, look forward to hearing some more.

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Didn't know it had co-op, sounds awesome.

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Good luck to everyone! - This looks cooler than I thought!

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Always sad to here about devs getting laid off due to poor sales, but glad to here the studio made it through to the other side. Hopefully they can regroup and get bigger again.

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Lots of stuff going on there, seems very hectic.

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