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Kinda reminds me of Tomorrow Children too, but most people haven't played that yet.

Procedural survival game with lots of joy? Sign me up.

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Man, those faces are creepy.

I like that last answer.

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My body is ready

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Awesome stuffs! IGM steppin it up this year.

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Ahhh snap, I don't really need one of those, but I sure do want it!

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Loved last year and it's great to get some money in some needy hands. 13.5k is no joke for smaller studios. Nice sponsors too!

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Broken embed code breaking the rest of the page, fix it up.

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That's exactly how I feel about Mobile/F2P games. I will gladly pay if you don't make me and I like the game. If the game isn't good or they force the micro-transactions on me then I'm out. If I'm enjoying a game then the people that made it deserve my money.

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Pretty sure Ubi knows they dun goofed a lot lately, hope/bet they try and make up for it somehow.

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Looks great!

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Reminded me of Brink and wasn't surprised that they also made it. Feels very similar.

Just kind of felt generic and samey (apparently a real word?). I really don't see a reason to play it over much more polished shooters that do the same things and more. It was just okay, but I'll keep playing it from time to time to see how it moves along.

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I just don't understand how they plan to get people to buy these....

You can make one yourself by using one of built-it sites so much cheaper AND get better performance. They are more expensive than a similar spec'd PC and cost way more than a console. Even the cheap ones are worse than a console perf wise and still more expensive. I really can't see these going anywhere, but then again it's just another PC so it's not like they have a ton of proprietary ...

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Uncharted isn't 'open world' in any way. You should probably look into it more before dismissing it.


I watched but never played 1, 2 was great and I barely started 3. Might have to grab this, but I'll probably wait for it to be about $20-40 first.

Don't really care about MP as I wouldn't have played it anyway. But, was it left out for disc space maybe? I don't recall, but wouldn't be surprised if 2/3 took u...

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I'd respectfully disagree with every part of that. Rarely do articles get failed for that reason. Obviously it does happen, but don't make it sound like this is an all the time thing. And even when they do get failed it's because they are actually flaimbait and the community generally steers us to that decision.

I watched this and there is nothing like that. It's a guy saying he doesn't play them so he's selling them. I don't really see the offens...

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They put it up first, that is usually why (probably a marketing deal). When submitting stories it's first one up is the one that's approved, so this one went up as it was submitted to N4G first.

It's tagged with PC/X1 as well. So people should see it if they plan on reading past the title, but I think that's a whole other can of worms.

OT: Should been underground :'(

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I would recommend trying Battle Royale and Epoch if you haven't checked this out yet. BR's been kinda dead lately though.

Not really sure how the controls would translate to a console , seems like it would be difficult. Although that's not exactly what you're suggesting.

Steering wheel support for vehicles is a good time too, to add on to the peripheral support you mention. Didn't even know it had those.

I'll have to c...

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'The table will bring the blockbuster action of the film to Zen Pinball 2 on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita on April 21st.'

It's an add on just like all the rest of their tables, it's right there in the description. Not to mention there is no price listed.

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They already did -

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It's actually based off the book of the same title, which just so happens to be the basis of a movie, which is free on Xbox atm. - Source: I've talked with the dev, PlayerUnknown, on twitch frequently.

Really nice guy. SOE/Daybreak could have easily have just made their own version of this, but they saw his work in Arma2/3 with this mod and brought him on board. Now he's ...

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