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Is that a video of Lebron irl? Can't wait to play this next week when mine arrives! #1
Remember the phone game.... #74.1.1
Make it happen! I won't get my hopes up though, been burnt too many times on the hopes of Shenmue 3. #74
I wanted this game but wasn't sure about paying another $60 to pick it up, but then Amazon sent me a code for a free game and it's coming next week. Game looks amazing. #1.1
Already ordered my games, they sent me a code for a free one.

So this is retro-active, check your emails if you bought games through them. #14
"It Only Does Everything" (Bronze) - Pop a CD into your disk drive

"Touch Me" (Bronze) - Figure out a use for the touchpad on the DS4

"Step into the Light" (Bronze) - Figure out a use for the lightbar on the DS4

"Not Again" (Silver) - Be Online when PSN/PS Store goes down

"Does He Work, or is twitter his job?" (Gold) - Get a twitter reply from Shuhei Yoshida via your console.... #13.1
I don't get it, even with the captions on English. #20
That's going to be abused like crazy until it's fixed. #1
I did notice that, but I watched with no audio and assumed you were doing it.

(I posted it in the forums as well) #3.1.4
Thank You!

I didn't wanna blow up your spot and say you made it, but I knew you did.

You made it just for us <3

Don't tell if you didn't, let me think you did.

Seems to work fine, which begs the question of why haven't they shown it? #3.1.2
That's been around for quite some time now. #6.2
I know, my wife and I gameshare and I have ran out of accounts on my PS3 for that very reason. Mostly from when it was 5.

They had been releasing info that seemed to suggest it wouldn't be possible on PS4 so I'm glad to hear it will be. Not that I'll have 2 PS4 anytime soon though. #4.1.1
This is really long.

Gamesharing confirmed?
"Can I access content I’ve purchased on another PS4?
Yes, you can use content you’ve purchased on up to two PS4 systems simultaneously — simply sign into a friends’ PS4, and the content you’ve purchased will be available as long as you remain signed in."

"Can two people use my account’s content on two different PS4 at once?
Yes, this is possible."

Can'... #4
I stand up with a computer chair behind me so I can sit down when things cool off. Never once sat on the floor. #9
As always a good review cb. I very much enjoyed this game as well and I'm not a fan of the genre. Not gonna lie though, I had to cheat on a puzzle or two. #1.1
Idk if it's just these screens, but 2k wins; no contest. #1.2
Well that's what Microsoft said and what was reported at the time.

It sounds crazy, but it's really not. There would only have to be 1 copy of the game in the cloud so it's really not a lot of size compared to what they probably already have. Everyone could dl the same 1 copy as it's the same for everyone, It's not like a save where they are all slightly different. #14.1.1
FYI, it's not that interesting. Just a press event invite. #2
1 billion percent yes. #25.3
Don't think illegal codes exist, it's not a key-gen, it's a promo code. #25.2
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